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Best MJ Stock Soon JUMP To $ 1 !!

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Doc.007   Sunday, 03/02/14 11:59:41 AM
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Best MJ Stock Soon JUMP To $ 1 !!

Bio·Vegetable & Marijuana- Hemp & Green Tech - TRTC Terra Tech Corp.
USA . ( Also Leading In MJ Medical Field )

Additionally Many Good News By Facts Introductions Now Preparing ! !

TRTC New Medical Cannabis Opportunities - WSJ February 26th :
Already One More New Growing Contract In Florida By A Big 10-Acre
Hydroponic Greenhouse, See WSJ Wall Street Journal - February 24th :
TRTC Right Now Has Big Potential By 55-Acres of Greenhouses !!
Many More Growing Contracts To Follow As Also Seen by the Link
US “National Expansion Plan” Based On The Vande Vrede Family
3 TRTC Directors Huge Potential As New Investors Presentation :
Just Now We Can Understand The Reason of So Many New Directors !!

TRTC GrowMass Program For National Cannabis Growing- and
Dispensaries- Chains All Across The US. For By The Masses
of Population TRTC To Grow A Mass !!

WSJ Wall Street Journal - February 6th

TRTC New Strategic Partnership & Ideal Profit Synergy !!
WSJ Wall Street Journal - February 4th

TRTC Be First Public Traded Company With US MJ Grow Licenses !!
Huffington Post - January 28th
WSJ MarketWatch - January 29th
TRTC Did Set-Up The Best Qualified Team For The MJ Matters !

$$$ ATTENTION - 50/200dma Golden Cross $$$
Technical Indicators - Overall Bullish - MACD +0,06 !!!
TRTC Now Grow High- CBD Hemp at NJ 120-Acres - Its Fed Approved !!
TRTC Right Now Built Cannabis Greenhouses All Across US Country !!

See Bloomberg Link :
TRTC‘s WSJ Wall Street Journal Confirmation - January 9, 2014
TRTC Right Now On Nevada For Marijuana & Bio·Vegetable & Herbs !!
See Link :
TRTC in May 2014 will have the NV Medical MJ Grow- License !!
Comparisons TRTC vs. PHOT, Etc. In The MJ Field !!

Its Now Confirmed ; TRTC & GWPH Are The US
Leading MJ Companies And Only One To Trust !!
Resulting TRTC more stabile Trades by its Own.

Its surprising all too obvious by Reality Facts as shown
at below Links and where Investors generally take the
Company’s Conditions of 6 - 12 Months Up- Front !

After 2014 Q1 it should even JUMP to above $ 2 !

That’s not opinions, but based on available Fundamentals & Facts
& Mathematics by the usual Stocks Valuation Standards applied !!

Any other Stocks with Nothing To Compare As TRTC Has,
have a Much Higher PPS & Market Cap. To Think About !
Its Definitely About 10x Undervalued by Fundamentals.

This Even Without Any MJ or High- CBD Hemp Growing Soon
or Many More Growing- Contracts as Below following !

Here TRTC Growing- Contract With Big 30-Acre Greenhouse !!
Reality Example To Imagine TRTC’s Near Future :

Bloomberg TV - Talking Stock - By Terra Tech Corp. - January 8, 2014
Terra Tech's Director of TRTC‘s Northeast Cannabis Division Evan Nison,
TRTC Right Now Built Cannabis Greenhouses All Across US Country !!
Important TRTC‘s Wall Street Journal Confirmation - January 9, 2014

TRTC Outstanding Conditions !!

TRTC Key Money Events !!

TRTC Stock- Price Calculation !!

TRTC 2014 Stock Price Valuation !!

TRTC Info Credibility Rating & Summary !!

Important TRTC Investors Matters !!

TRTC Has Nearly NO Dilution !!

1 ½ hour Derek Peterson TRTC CEO Interview by Alan Brochstein !!

TRTC Overview & Up- Dates !!

Keeping The Big Picture In Mind Is Important ! ! !

TRTC Investors Advices - Trade Strategy To Follow Essential !!

Technical Indicators - Overall Bullish !!!

For TRTC Stock Price History Google “ TRTC Info Confirmation “

PS :
PHOT Company by 96% Mainly Soil- Based with all its known Problems
and additionally not for the Population Healthy Food, by also $ 40 Mn
to Pay- Back and increased Stocks 4x to 3 Bn, could resulting never be
a competitor of Pure Hydroponic TRTC by nothing to compare with also
healthy financials. The same but even as Pure Soil- Based at GRNH, Etc. !
Soil- Based means Very Toxic Pesticides, Bacterial, Parasites, Funguses,
Fertilizers with reduced Pesticides and Fungicides, Etc., just everything
as of Today by provoked Health- Problems not accepted anymore !!

Very Toxic means here, the applied Substances provoke Cell Mutations
and by this create an increased Potential For Cancer and increase the
Female Hormone Level by Males as result have Fertilization Problems.
The Substances get into the Plants, the Soil, the Ground- Water and
from there Everywhere. Not to scare Population, the Gov’s not inform !!
That’s why TRTC Hydroponic does not apply Soil, only Nutrition Liquid.

Considering only The MJ Sector, as many do Is Short Minded !
TRTC also in US Bio·Vegetable & Herbs strong growing $ 22 Bn Market !

US MJ Market $ 5 - 10 Bn ( By Laws Numbers Varying ).

FINRA Original - Warns Investors of Marijuana Stock Scams
by Companies Not SEC Registered - Therefore Resulting As
Preferable Remains Only TRTC, CBIS, GWPH ( CANV ?? ) :

Herewith Invited all MJ’s MJNA, ERBB, MDBX, PHOT, GRNH, Etc.
Too Many to become Just Real SEC Certified TRTC Investors !!

TRTC 2014 Grow Report !!


Some quickly came up with, Oh but TRTC always told
New 5-Acre Greenhouse annually $ 10 Mn and now
what’s the matter, because they need every Quarter or
3 Months to complete an other Section with Seedlings
until end of 2014.
This where the Seedlings depending on the Kind of Plants
will take 8 - 12 Weeks to be ready to generate Profits
by Products To Sell !!
It was not correct of TRTC to inform April 2014 5-Acre
Greenhouse ready at Full Capacity. Need to Say This !

But don’t worry this means not “No Profit”, contrary.
As said, it depends also on the Kind of Plants, for
example “Lettuce” under intense daily 16 hours Day-
Light also by LED- Lights will be ready after 8 Weeks
and otherwise about 12 Weeks Grow- Cycle and then
the Plant is gone and sold with the Roots.
At for example Tomatoes, from Seedling to Products
to Sell it takes about 8 - 12 Weeks and the Plants can
during 10 Months produce Tomatoes under busy Bumble-
Bees Support and get about 15 Feet High !
See Here :
As seen here at Thanet UK’s world biggest Hydroponic
Greenhouse of 220- Acres, they produce Tomatoes from
February to November 10 Months and during 2 Months
by Seedlings will completely reconditioning with New
Plants for at February to Start the next 10 Months
Products Profit Cycle !!
Means at Thanet, the way they have organized the
Production, depending on the Kind of Plants they
have every year 2 - 3 Months of not any Plants
Profits, but at Edible Garden it looks different the
way they organizing the Production for All Year
Around which is also possible by within the Green-
house to have always ¼ of 3 Months with Seedlings
and ¾ or 75% as under Profit Production Condition
and this resulting to Annual Revenues of $ 10 Mn !

Resulting to above it means only for the New 5-Acre
Greenhouse to Start, do we have in 2014 the situation
of per ¼ = Revenue $ 3,333 Mn, from April to September
for 2/4 = Revenue $ 6,666 Mn and the last ¼ October
to December will be for Profits as from January 2015 !!
At the Indiana 30-Acre Greenhouse they started already
in November 2013 and the former Flower- Production
where the Plants usually not longer than 3 Months last,
can relatively quickly cleaned and with Bio-Vegetable
and Herbs reconditioned ! For sure as from February
2014 Indiana Revenues will start to flow and by the
Hydroponic completion at GrowRite as from January
2014 the Revenues will also be increased with the
same also by NB Plants and not to forget Florida !
We should also get TRTC reconfirmations of above.
TRTC’s Edible Garden Corp. Av. Margin is 18,5 % !!

When we look now to all this, sure somebody would
come and say, well but in that case Butterfly should
modify his 2014 Stock- Price Valuation, as principally
correct. Sure I will do it as soon I have the time for,
but please keep also in mind, at that Valuation there
are so many things not taken into calculation to be
save and additionally for a Penny Stock PE 60x is
more like a Joke, about middle of NASDAQ, because
much too low compare the Reality when we generally
look and compare the PE of Penny Stocks, Right ?!
TRTC 2014 Stock Price Valuation !!

End of Report.

TRTC Investors Advices - Trade Strategy To Follow Essential !!

It’s The Plants Where The Money Is !!

Biggest US Marijuana Field Mistakes !

The US States or Population should have Voted Only for the
Recreational Marijuana Matter To Grow Plants for Dispensaries,
Shops, Etc., But Not For General MJ Products Related Items also
with Wellness Products ; To Keep Out the Big Global Players such
as Nestle, Unilever, Red Bull, Etc. with Markets Opportunities only
They In Possession and have them only remaining in small 10 - 20 %
Medical FDA Approved Markets Segment !

At US Fed. Level Any MJ-THC Content - Edibles or Wellness Products
will remain Prohibited, only MMJ by Dr.- Prescription Will Be Allowed
and There The CBDs Only !!
THC Will Be Declared None- Medical !!
The USA by this also fulfilling the international “Drugs Control Act”
they did sign ! This is what we will Need to Expect.

One FDA - Approval for each Product with all the 3 Phases
of Clinical Trials cost about $ 50 Millions per Product, the
small US Medical Marijuana Companies simply don‘t have !
The above shows, that most of the present US MJ Companies
will not been able to survive and any contracts with Foreign
MJ Producing Companies will not work. For example as seen
right now where Canada has Shortage of Cannabis for its own
demand, the first they do is Suspending The Export Licenses
and the US Companies as PHOT, Etc. get only Affected By !

It also reconfirms The Perfect Strategy & Business Model only
TRTC has, because they independent US Locally Produce MJ
in Best Med. Quality & Volume to Satisfy the Complete US
Market and by doing so have finally nearly An Exclusivity !

TRTC Right Now Built Cannabis Greenhouses All Across US Country !!
See Link :

Its Surprising, but Derek Peterson TRTC CEO must be Very Clever.

This For The Happy TRTC Investing Only

PS :
For Any SEC Inquiries Use Only The Below Original Complete
Link With All Filings Attachments and Notices of Effectiveness :


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