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Makism3D (MDDD) - Here's the promotion I got today:

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Daenerys   Monday, 12/02/13 03:26:15 PM
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Makism3D (MDDD) - Here's the promotion I got today:

Forward-looking investors can make a ton of money in 2014 by moving now on 3D desktop print technology...

Here’s a tip to get you looking in the right direction...

Makism3D (MDDD) debuts game changing technology that could make it the best-selling desktop 3D printer in the world!

MDDD could leap 300% to 500% for investors who get in today for around $1.00/share!

New Wideboy 3D printer smokes competition, but don’t wait for the Wideboy to hit store shelves. MDDD shares are an immediate buy!

Here’s where it gets really exciting...

Makism3D is screaming for a big-ticket buyout. Key indicators point to Hewlett Packard as the technology giant that could send MDDD on a chart-busting tear!

To My Fellow Investor:

3D printing has become the fastest growing new technology in years. 3D printer sales have soared 43% over last year and are projected to double in 2014...triple in 2015!

No matter where you do the research, one thing becomes abundantly clear...this is a tremendous opportunity to catch a technology revolution on the ground floor!

Now is the time to seize the profit opportunity in MDDD... before 3D printer sales take off in 2014!

Makism3D (MDDD) made its recent announcement of the Wideboy 3D printer in the professional consumer price categories at $1,500 and $2,500 and $4,000...a market that is wide open for this next-gen breakthrough!

MDDD shareholders can expect steady gains from growing product sales, but even faster gains can be expected in what I see coming in the second quarter.

Makism3D could be acquired by a major printer the top of my list: Hewlett Packard and I’ll explain why next.

MDDD hit my radar screen as one of the most obvious buyout opportunities you’ll find in the market today!

An explosive entry into the market from Makism3D can make it a prime target for acquisition by a global technology firm.

There may be plenty of suitors, for MDDD but one stands out as a prime candidate:

Hewlett Packard (HP)!

Today, of the leading names in printing on paper, Canon, Brother, Epson, Xerox and Hewlett Packard, not one has a 3D printer that I can find now selling in the pro-sumer market.

Later in this report, I’ll get into more details why Hewlett Packard made it to the top of my list for an MDDD buyout.

First, it’s important to get your head around how big the market for 3D printing is shaping up to be.

What’s more, it’s going to shape up fast. Over the next 2-3 years, 3D printer sales are projected to double, even triple over 2013 figures.

Driving this growth will be next-generation tech that makes 3D printing affordable and practical.

That’s the kind of tech that Makism3D brings to market in the coming months. Believe me, this is next-generation technology at its best!

Price/performance breakthroughs introduced with the Makism3D Wideboy printer simply cannot be matched for the money in current tech. Here are the key reasons why the Wideboy is on the verge of revolutionizing 3D printing.
1.Wideboy prints higher resolution.
2.Wideboy prints larger structures.
3.Wideboy prints more materials.
4.Wideboy prints out of the box.
5.Wideboy is priced for consumers.

No other printer I can find anywhere now or on the horizon comes close to these five key features.

Here‘s why you should invest in Makism3D (MDDD)
before the end of this year.

In 2014, the market for professional grade, consumer-priced 3D printers (in the $2,500 to $3,500 price range) is expected to skyrocket.

Like any breakout technology, the initial profits made by early investors can be staggering.

300%....500%...1,000% or more. These are realistic growth figures that can occur in a span of just a few months, which is why Makism3D (MDDD) should be on your buy list right now.

Makism3D (MDDD) has announced a game-changing breakthrough in 3D printing that brings the most desirable features and performance of machines selling over $50,000 to a price point of around $3,000.

These changes from Makism3D could hit the market in early 2014. It will be highly unlikely that you could stake a ground floor position in MDDD at that time.

Today, MDDD trades in the $1.00 range. By early 2014, it could be over $3.00. By the end of the year, over $10.00!

3D printing is coming fast and hard.
The time to make your move is now.

This is a brand-new market. Nobody owns it and there are billions of dollars on the upside...

You can be certain of this: companies like Hewlett Packard, Canon, Brother and others won’t be sitting on the sidelines.

They’ll be fighting tooth and nail to cash in on the 3D printing boom. Sitting on the bench just isn’t going to happen.

It’s clear to me that these tech giants have watched closely to see how the 3D printer market shapes up... now they’re ready to move.

The date to watch: March 10, 2014

That’s the date the 3D printing world will descend on its annual trade show in Berlin, Germany.

This is the trade show that new products are made public and Hewlett Packard appears to be making the first move in what could become an explosive technology buyout frenzy.

HP plans to make its debut in the 3D printer space next year. CEO Meg Whitman made the announcement at the Canalys Channels Platform in Bangkok, where she said the company will focus on speed and cost.

Here’s where this gets interesting and why MDDD could be such a key buyout target for HP.

HP has no significant internal R&D in place to introduce a new technology by a rollout date in 2014. To meet this objective, they must acquire the technology from outside. MDDD stands as a potential target for such a buy.

MDDD has developed the first of its kind product that approaches the speed and performance of high-end 3D printers costing five- to ten-times more. This appears to be exactly the tech HP is looking to acquire.

The MDDD 3D printer line specifically targets the wide-open market in the $1,500 to $4,000 price range. This enormous unmet market could be worth billions and the first major player that enters this space, like HP, could quickly achieve dominant market share.

The share price premium for MDDD could be enormous for MDDD shareholders, while being a drop in the bucket to a giant like HP.

Low-end 3D printers average around $1,200 a machine, but the quality is novelty at best, on par with dot-matrix printers.

Professional quality 3D printers, the kind that produce the products that will ultimately propel 3D printing to a multi-billion global business, are loaded with entry barriers to mainstream markets.

That’s about to change in a very big way.

Makism3D (MDDD) beat every technology giant on the planet to a number of key technical breakthroughs in its Wideboy 3D printer technology.

Makism3D (MDDD) cracks key price barriers in 3D printing, making MDDD ripe for a buyout!

I’ll cover the details of this breakthrough in a moment; here are what Makism3D reports as key points that can make their Wideboy technology highly attractive to acquisition.

The Makism3D Wideboy 3D printer is:

1 Affordably priced between $1,500 and $4,000 a unit. This is a fraction of the cost of machines with similar material capabilities and is scalable to global market potential.
1 Plug and play, out of the box. Just plug it in, load software and start printing. No other printer can match its ease-of-use and user-friendly interface.
1 Extra large print platform allows user to print larger models. This can be an essential feature in professional applications.
1 Temperature controlled to prevent warpage and shape distortion. An essential requirement for CAD-based modeling or one-off parts production.
1 Capable of printing a large variety of materials at high resolution. This may be the only printer in this price range capable of mass printing finished manufacturing parts.

All this and more in a consumer-priced 3D printer? Unheard of until now!

This is the kind of user-friendly, consumer level technology that can break the entire segment wide open.

I remember the day when my department bought its first color printer...a $26,000 “professional” behemoth that used heated wax to build a color image!

Ink jet technology destroyed that technology both in performance and price.

I see Makism3D doing the same to the existing market for professional 3D printing.

Printer manufacturers recognize that when technology merges high-end performance with low-end prices, the door is opened to enormous new market penetration.

Makism3D may be the breakthrough product that makes the middle ground.

Makism3D (MDDD) can quickly soar from two powerful forces.... organic growth in the market and/or acquisition by a major printer name wanting to fill this space immediately. Either way...

You could win big from a MDDD buy today!

In one swoop of technological achievement, Makism3D could obliterate the market for printers costing tens of thousands of dollars.

And here’s the key point...

Just like the price/performance breakthrough did for color printers...

Makism3D’s price breakthrough means the market for its printing technology can be ramped up from niche to broad market scale.

This is the key component that will attract a buyout move from a global giant like Hewlett Packard.

The $2,500 3D printer space is lead by the Makerbot Replicator 2X. To put it bluntly, specs released on the Makism3D Wideboy absolutely smoke the Replicator.

At left is a brief comparison chart that quickly illustrates my point.

Bottom line:
Even though Replicator was bought out for $403 million in June, 2012...its current product version appears to be outdated!

“...the market for 3D printing and related services will triple in the next five years...”
~ Forbes 8/27/13

The company, Stratasys, which scooped up the Replicator may have moved a few months too soon. Stratasys now owns the Replicator, but the next-generation in 3D printing appears to be moving beyond this performance level.

Even while the ink on the Stratasys $403 million deal is still drying... the technology it bought could be out of date.

Saddled with yesterday’s technology, their current product offerings could be quickly bypassed as consumers move to Makism3D’s next-gen tech.That’s even more likely should Makism3D tech show up with a brand label from HP, Brother, Epson, etc.

A top-secret buyout in the works?

The Makism3D Wideboy could crush any product now selling in its price category!

There is no question that global technology companies are on a massive technology buying spree. Innovation is being shopped and the price tags have been staggering.

It’s remarkable to think that as quickly as the 3D printing industry is projected to grow, the majors are simply not to be found in the mix.

Why is that?

They’re probably not designing a new product... they’re buying it!

I have no doubt that with the innovation Makism3D brings to the 3D printer market it could take a big place in the future market for its printers.

However, from an investor’s perspective, I see a bigger opportunity that could pay off quickly and handsomely.

I do not expect Makism3D will build this business on its own. That could take years and the market for 3D printing is soaring much too fast.

Today, I can’t find a single consumer-priced 3D printers sold by a major manufacturer. Not one.

Simple reason: These guys are waiting for the technology that can seriously penetrate a global market.

MDDD is a prime acquisition target that could cement a major tech company’s hold on a multi-billion-dollar global market.

You can take this to the bank...

The 3D printing market is wide open and whoever is first in with the best product is going to grab a huge piece of this market right out of the gate.

MDDD is a grab-it-now opportunity that could quickly pay enormous buyout premiums to early investors. Now is the time to make your move and get MDDD in your investment mix.

You see it all around you. New ideas are creating overnight billionaires.

Majors are paying billions in a mad scramble to dominate the next generation of technology.

This is the technology that could make high quality 3D printing as common as fax machines, scanners and color printers.

Somebody is likely to snatch this up soon and if you beat them in, you could pocket a fortune!

Stratasys bought Makerbot for $403 million...and that’s for a $2,200 printer that only prints in plastic!

This was a big score for Makerbot shareholders, but Makerbot fell short of key requirements for broad market penetration.

It’s just too darn complex for non-technical or inexperienced users.

Stratasys makes it clear that the complexity of owning and using its Makerbot Replicator 2x printer should be considered in advance of purchase. Quoting the website...

‘Nuff said?!

I can all but guarantee you that a global company won’t go near a product like this!

In fact, no one with any concern for backend customer service wants to be saddled with a machine designed for “daredevils and experts” only!

This is a key reason why the Makism3D Wideboy printer has such enormous potential for being labeled by HP, Brother, Epson, or whoever else lines up for a shot at this tech.

The global market for 3D printing is soaring to tens of billions of dollars. You can be certain that at least one major player is going to move on this aggressively.

The Makism3D Wideboy printer appears ready to go global and as an MDDD shareholder, the value of your shares is staged to skyrocket!

I strongly recommend that you get some money on the table right now. Don’t bet the farm, but get in now for the upside I see coming.

What’s more, you don’t have to depend on a buyout to get in on the potential profits. Even if Makism3D goes it alone, the Wideboy printer can be a flagship product that quickly penetrates global 3D printing markets.

1. Organic Growth...

Over the next 24 to 36 month, sales of 3D printers are expected to soar. 2014 should be the breakout year. 3D printer sales are expected to double over this year and a rapid growth rate can be expected to continue through the end of the decade.

By far, the fastest growing segment of the overall 3D printing market should be high-quality machines that can serve in professional environments while selling at consumer-friendly prices.

The Makism3D Wideboy printer smashes through the technology limitations of previous generations.

2. Technology Buyout...

As reported earlier, the Makism3D Wideboy could soon be marketed under a new name. My top candidate is Hewlett Packard. Here’s my outlook:

HP should enter the 3D printer business in 2014 and they’ll get there through acquisition!
Makism3D’s breakthrough technology is now prime for acquisition by a company looking to enter the 3D printer market ahead of other tech giants!
This news can be worth a fortune to Makism3D (MDDD)... and you can still get in at the ground floor level!

Maybe it will be Brother, Epson, Xerox, or any number of potential suitors.

Does it really matter? I think not. Somebody could make a ton of money from any one of these guys and it may as well be you.

HP is my top pick to buy MDDD outright.

Hewlett Packard has already announced it will enter the consumer-priced 3D printer market in early 2014...they’ve even telegraphed that they’re buying rather than inventing!

If Makism3D (MDDD)is bought out by HP or anyone else, early MDDD shareholders are positioned for enormous profits.

How soon should you move on MDDD? I recommend immediately!

March 10, 2014... If you’re not in by then,
you’re probably too late!

In first quarter 2014, you can expect a flood of news to hit the 3D printer marketplace. New products, acquisitions, and soaring investor interest...all this and more can be pushing MDDD shares north.

I expect this to culminate in one event, the “Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo” opening on March 10 in Berlin, Germany.

2014 ushers in a run of 3D print expos worldwide. In addition to the Berlin expo, subsequent expos will be held in New York City, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Seoul, South Korea; Melbourne, Australia; Shenzhen, China; and Santa Clara, California.

What to do now.

Over the next few months, I firmly believe that a new face will emerge in the 3D printing industry and that could easily be Makism3D with its breakthrough product, the Wideboy 3D printer.

Given the enormous market growth forecast for 3D printers in 2014 and 2015, Makism3D (MDDD) is positioned for stunning growth driven by next-gen technology in an atmosphere of buyout fury.

I can readily project MDDD at 300% to 500% gains through the first quarter of 2014.

In spring of 2014, with the opening of the 3D Print Expo in Berlin, the ground floor entry to Makism3D (MDDD) will probably have vanished.

I expect MDDD to be selling in the $3.00 to $5.00 range by then, perhaps even higher should buyout news emerge.

You do not want to adopt a wait-and-see strategy at this early-entry moment.

If you share my view that there is a lot of money to be made in 3D printing, then I strongly recommend you make your first move on Makism3D. This is an aggressive move in the 3D printer market that could pay stunning profits next year.

If you wait until then however, you may miss it.

In fact, given my track record over the last seven years, and given the fact that I’ve never delivered less than 125%...and with a technology opportunity like Makism3D Corp.(MDDD) available now... it’s no time to dilly-dally.

Best wishes,

Andy Chambers
Editor, Market's Line in the Sand Newsletter

*NOTE: Stock and option trading have large potential rewards, but also large potential risks. You must be aware of the risks and willing to accept them in order to invest in the market. Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose. This is neither a solicitation nor an offer to buy/sell any stock.

Third Party Advertiser IMPORTANT NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER: Blackrock Media Group Inc., (BMG) has received a total of $2,750,000 USD as of November 30th, 2013 from its client Edge Strategies, LLC., the third party advertiser for this advertising in an effort to build investor awareness for Makism 3D Corp. (OTCQB: MDDD).

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