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$$====COMPREHENSIVE DD <u>REVO</u> SS a/o 04/15/2013====$$

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REDZONE   Tuesday, 04/16/13 10:58:46 PM
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$$====COMPREHENSIVE DD REVO SS a/o 04/15/2013====$$

Company Website http://www.revolutionaryconceptsinc.com/

IPO when they started $1.25/PPS

Revolutionary Concepts Incorporated (RCI) is a generator of sophisticated, ground-breaking concepts of cutting edge, 21st century applications. Through innovation and ingenuity, our patented and patent-pending products impact broad markets and represent superior design concepts that meet the need and demands of our technology-driven world.

Our analysts believe the current trading of RCI shares is significantly undervalued and the future estimated value of RCI shares should be in the range of 0.23 to 0.31 cents per share based on a fair multiple of 20, $3.5 million in earnings, and the number of shares outstanding. (NOW this pps projection does not include patents, EYETALK, and the new Toy Product development)

Navada Corporation ACTIVE

Eyetalk is the only technology of its kind to offer remote, real time two-way audio with video communication, which incorporates a camera, built-in Web server and network interface. Eyetalk has the capability of managing areas of importance independently by providing programmable audio or by alerting designated users via an audio/video transmission to a smart phone or other compatible device.

We expect to compete with much larger and better financed companies in the remote monitoring industry, all of which have superior name recognition, such as ADT, Alarm Force, ATT, Pinkerton’s and others. RCI owns the patent by which many of the aforementioned companies will be dependent upon and “MAY” already be infringing in some manner. from 10K page 25 http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&article=57177025

Grant - Filed Dec 29, 2006 - Issued Mar 27, 2012 - Ronald Carter - Revolutionary Concepts, Inc.
Original Assignee: Revolutionary ... Oct 30, 2007, Revolutionary Concepts, Inc. Detection and viewing system. Claims. 1. A method for two-way audio-video http://www.google.com/patents/US8144183?dq=Revolutionary+concept+inc&hl=en&sa=X&ei=rz_SUIS_B4W02wWruoDADw&ved=0CD4Q6AEwAg

10K Audited Financials by 04/15/2013 should be interesting, and confirm everything...

Update on IQmagine LLC 01/31/2013 Toy Product Development http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&article=56085329

We currently hold the IP that provides the use of a wireless camera and it’s interface with other devices enabling monitoring. The IP is very relevant to a multi-billion dollar industry. We plan to offer licensing opportunities to companies who wish to utilize this technology and aggressively defend its patent rights. The company has identified an industry expert that it plans to engage to assist with the licensing to companies within the security industry.

Partnerships with reputable vendors such as The Geek Squad, will be formed to insure professional installation at residential/commercial sites around the country.

Letter from CEO 03/2012 http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&article=51619418
"The EyeTalk® Technology represents a leap forward in wireless monitoring and entry management. The advances in wireless mobile capabilities, fueled by companies like Apple and Google and products like iPads and Androids, make it possible to do things only Revolutionary Concepts could conceive.

Imagine the ability to be in two places at once, or maybe even three or four. Now, Imagine EyeTalk. As you read this, consider that you are essentially 5 senses governed by a control panel in your head. Hearing, Seeing, Touching, Tasting, and Smelling are the human senses. Of the 5 senses, the EyeTalk technology has 3, Seeing, Hearing and Smelling. We've added a brain.

Share Structure

Shares Outstanding------335,079,460----a/o April 15, 2013
Float-------------------263,798,271----a/o April 15, 2013
Authorized Shares-------1,000,000,000--a/o April 15, 2012

Insider Transactions

Preferred stock 10,000,000 shares authorized, none issued a/o Nov 19,2012

Name and Position Shares Percentage (from 10K 12/31/2012) ITEM 12 http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1320767/000126493113000234/revo10k2012.htm

Garry Stevenson, Vice President, CFO, Director=2,908,517
Bethiel Tesfasillasie, Director================1,534,800
Solomon Ali, Vice President, Director=========10,600,405
Totals=======================================41,060,727 12.22%

$=$=$=$=Importance of the Patent=$=$=$=$

Breakthrough patents, which explore whole new areas of technology, or are the first to find answers to long-standing problems, are the most valuable.

In these cases, the patents would be so innovative that they give the owner a complete monopoly over an entire industry and are extremely valuable, often worth billions of dollars. Although most patents never reach these heady heights they are nevertheless valuable in that they can force a competitor to start innovating to keep pace with new and improved technologies and products in the market, or conversely to a license from a patent owner who has will to do so. Incremental patents, which make only small advances over existing products, are usually the least valuable though this may not be always so. A question that is often asked in relation to an incremental or breakthrough patent when endeavoring to put a price on it is 'How much would my competitors pay to use my protected product or process?'

The following additional patents have now been awarded:

U.S. Patent 8,139,098

Revolutionary Concepts Inc. of Charlotte, North Carolina, has recently been awarded U.S. patent 8,139,098 covering a method for receiving a person at an entrance

U.S. Patent 8,144,183

Revolutionary Concepts Inc. of Charlotte, North Carolina, has recently been awarded U.S. patent 8,144,183 covering a method for two-way audio-video communications between a first person at an entrance and a second person.

U.S. Patent 8,144,184

Revolutionary Concepts Inc. of Charlotte, North Carolina, has recently been awarded U.S. patent 8,144,184 covering a detection and viewing system. The system includes a wireless device associated with a door.

U.S. Patent 8,154,581

Revolutionary Concepts Inc. of Charlotte, North Carolina, has recently been awarded U.S. patent 8,154,581 covering an audio-video communication system. The system includes a wireless exterior module located proximate an entrance and a computerized controller.

U.S. Patent 8,164,614

Revolutionary Concepts Inc. of Charlotte, North Carolina, has recently been awarded U.S. patent 8,164,614 covering a communications and monitoring system.

U.S. Patent 8,016,676 B2

Revolutionary Concepts Inc. of Charlotte, North Carolina has been awarded U.S. patent 8,016,676 related to Child Car Seat Assembly enabling access to remote gaming applications and two-way person-to-person communications.

We have patent pending applications related to; (a) video system for individually selecting and viewing events at a venue; (b) medical monitoring; and (c) real estate audio-video monitoring.

the key here they have everything protected camera design and features this gives the product FULL PROTECTION.

What makes this technology unique to the industry?

Admin Portal Management
Motion Activated Connectivity
Two-Way Audio
Remote Control of PC-Controller and Camera
Archival System
Multi-Level Reporting Capabilities
Expandable Software Platform


Real time, two-way communication via computer, cell phone or PDA
Pre-recorded messaging capabilities
High-level security
Convenient, flexible communication
Instant identification
Data collection and reporting
Archival system

Eyetalk For Home

EyeTalk Communicator is equipped with a low-heat camera and sound system, both activated by proximity sensors. Subscribers have the opportunity to leave pre-recorded messages or view and talk in real time. So whether the user is lounging by the pool or traveling on business, he/she can instantly communicate with their property.

Provides instant or pre-recorded verification to US Postmaster, UPS and Federal Express
Offers remote flexibility to update or customize messages

Motion detectors sense activity within up to 6-10 feet of the unit (instantly triggered). EyeTalk's pan, tilt, zoom camera can clearly record and archive all visitors--wanted and unwanted--to a home entry way. Subscribers are alerted immediately. Video captured and archived.

Prevents false-alarm calls to security services and municipalities (eliminating associated municipality fees)
Conversely saves city tax dollars by reducing "immediate response" dispatches

According to the FBI, crime is up 1.3 percent over the previous year.

72 percent of Americans state the desire to monitor property while away, reported Z-Wave Alliance and Kelton Research.

The "smart home market" (now estimated at $1.3 billion) is expected to reach $10 billion worldwide by 2010, according to Frost & Sullivan.

cEyetalk For Business

24/7 Communication
EyeTalk allows executives to view businesses and communicate "virtually" any time of the day or night. Archival system and database track and monitor employees, inventory and property.

Acts as a virtual receptionist (respond to anyone who comes to the front entrance)
Provides instant or pre-recorded verification to US Postmaster, UPS and Federal Express
Monitors back entrance deliveries for restaurants and industrial businesses
Prevents false-alarm calls to security and municipalities (eliminating additional human resources burden)
Conversely saves city tax dollars by reducing "immediate response" dispatches
Records employees' arrival and departure
Monitors equipment and office supplies
Tracks inventory

47 percent of all US businesses have 4 or fewer employees, according to US Census, 2004.

Labor costs rose 1.8 percent while productivity declined, accroding to a June 2007 Bloomberg News report.

Eyetalk For Education

EyeTalk allows parents to view their children from a computer, PDA or cell phone in any controlled, designated area in which the daycare has installed a communicator device. Adds value to the daycare/pre-school as a service to parents. Daycare/pre-schools can potentially sell subscriptions.

K-12 & Independent Schools
Imagine giving parents the ability to have parent/teacher/student conferences without having to leave the office. With the EyeTalk and communicator device, parents can talk and view remotely. The school has the ability to limit viewing to designated areas.

Higher Education
The horrific Virginia Tech incident is a sad, but logical reason EyeTalk has an important place on today's college and university campuses. EyeTalk can monitor the exterior of a dorm room and provide video (for immediate identification), as well as traffic counts, via motion sensor reporting. It acts as a virtual security guard, tracking entrance to the buildilng. Alerts can also be broadcast system-wide.

28 percent of primary schools, 42 percent of middle schools and 69 percent of high schools use security cameras to monitor.*

83 percent of all public schools controlled access to schools.*

The Center for Disease Control reports 29.8 percent of students had their property stolen or deliberately damaged on school property.

*National Center for Educational Statistics/2003-2004

Eyetalk For Senior Living

Vulnerable seniors are often targets of crime and scams. Acting as a virtual doorman, EyeTalk provides a security buffer between the senior and any stranger at the door. All encounters are recorded and archived. This service is a logical deterrent to criminal activity.

Subscribers can check the door without ever having to leave their easy chair.

Peace of Mind
EyeTalk gives remote caregivers added comfort and confidence via the ability to have real time, one-on-one communicaiton.

Pre-recorded messages can provide medication reminders throughout the day
Gives subscribing caregivers and seniors 24/7 communication in any emergency situation

The National Institute on Aging reports 72 percent of the population 65+ lives alone.

The National Council on Aging/2006 indicates 21 percent of the population 85+ reside in assisted living homes.

Eyetalk For Realty

EyeTalk is a particularly dynamic and exciting technology for the burgeoning real estate market. Currently, the best way for developers and real estate partners to interact, profile and track potential buyers is by physically manning each and every model home. Imagine if agents were able to communicate with buyers behind the scenes. Here's a taste of what EyeTalk technology can offer:

Pre-recorded communication with model home guests with option to schedule one-on-one
Pre-recorded greetings room-by-room
Ability to collect video/archive all visitors and vehicle-types
Provide accurate traffic counts by home and interior rooms
Detailed reporting capabilities

US Census 2006 determined 6.8 percent of all US homes are new construction.

Emerging technology began changing communications habits among 96 percent of real estate professionals in 1999 with cell phone acquisitions.

Eyetalk For Medical

EyeTalk can give medical staff "virtual" access to a patient via a handheld device and/or computer. Through the EyeTalk Communicator technology, patients can be observed and monitored in real time from an established station and/or handheld device.


Transmits real-time images for more scheduled monitoring of patients
Motion sensor can detect activity of patient and instantly trigger EyeTalk's pan, tilt, zoom camera
Captures and archives video (if necessary)
Real time, one-on-one communication
Increases response time to patient calls

The Bureau of Health Professions predicts the current shortage of 150,000 nurses nationwide will grow to 800,000 nurses by 2020.

According to the Lewen Group for the National Center for Health Workforce Analysis, an adequate supply of nurses is essential to achieving the nation's goals of ensuring access to affordable, high-quality healthcare.

A Cornell University study, using American Hospital Association data, found that eight out of 10 hospitals that have launched restructruing programs have reduced nursing staff.

Our management team is led by Ronald Carter, whose prior experience includes administrative positions with the City of Charlotte, N C (Chief Housing Development Specialist), City of Winston-Salem, NC (Rehabilitation Project Supervisor), Greensboro Housing Authority (Section 8 Director) and Fayetteville Housing Authority (Assistant Director of Leased Housing). Among his accomplishments, he was honored with a Presidential award for Housing Development and Program Design and with the support of the US Department of HUD, founded and served as President of the Professional Housing Rehabilitation Association of NC. Ron experience in managing key operations in city government has contributed to his success with Revolutionary Concepts.

01/31/2013 Revolutionary Concepts, Inc. Joint Venture Completes Toy Product Development

01/14/2013 $15 Million Acquisition to Support "EyeTalk" Development

Sep 18, 2012 - Revolutionary Concepts, Inc. Secures Interface Patent Strengthening Its EyeTalk Platform

Aug 29, 2012 - Revolutionary Concepts, Inc.Secures Patent to Protect Smart Camera Technology

Aug 28, 2012 - Revolutionary Concepts, Inc. Awarded First in a Series of Patents Establishing Dominate Position in Two Way Communication

Jun 7, 2012 - Revolutionary Concepts, Inc. Anticipates Profitable Gain With Five New Patent Awards

Mar 14, 2012 - Revolutionary Concepts, Inc. President Ronald Carter Comments on EyeTalk's Boundless Technology

Mar 13, 2012 - Revolutionary Concepts, Inc. Aims at Future Generation of 2-Way Communication by Securing Additional Patents for EyeTalk

Mar 12, 2012 - Revolutionary Concepts, Inc. Awarded Additional Patent to Develop Communication Products for EyeTalk 2-Way Device in Billion Dollar Infant and Toddler Market

From Quarterly Report out 11/19/2012:

"Over the next 6 - 12 months, we will be looking for the ideal acquisitions that will enable our company to take advantage of an existing customer base. Our management will also pursue appropriate Letter of Intents and Joint Ventures that will position our company to move its products into these ventures when successful production is completed".

Sales Strategy

Our management plans to utilize multiple sales and distribution channels.

Direct Sales

The EyeTalk® technology can be introduced to the market in a variety of ways, given the unique applications it provides. RCI looks to engage a direct sales team of over 2000 sales personnel to launch the residential and commercial versions of the EyeTalk® technology. A nationwide, direct-sales team can be assembled, provided the necessary training and tools, to introduce the products to the consumer. Partnerships with reputable vendors such as The Geek Squad, will be formed to insure professional installation at residential/commercial sites around the country. Infomercials have been proven to be effective also in generating massive appeal quickly. A well-produced infomercial can reach hundreds of thousands of consumers and lead to enormous volumes of sales in a relatively short period of time.


We currently hold the IP that provides the use of a wireless camera and it’s interface with other devices enabling monitoring. The IP is very relevant to a multi-billion dollar industry. We plan to offer licensing opportunities to companies who wish to utilize this technology and aggressively defend its patent rights. The company has identified an industry expert that it plans to engage to assist with the licensing to companies within the security industry.

Internet Sales

Management expects to sale a significant percentage of the EyeTalk® technology via direct internet sales. We are currently developing 3 commercials that will be airing of television networks, YouTube and our website. It is anticipated that these commercials will generate interest and sales.

Existing Security Companies

The use of wireless camera technology is so effective and efficient today that every security company will have to include the technology in their product offerings in order to remain competitive. We will not only offer a wireless camera technology, but one our management believes will be vastly superior because of its smart capabilities. We are in the process of developing key relationships with industry leaders to identify the fortune 500 companies we will target.

Commercials and Advertising

We have engaged the services of two individuals to assist in the development of its first 3 commercials to be aired on television networks, internet sites and the company’s website.

I am not suggesting you buy or sell just cited facts for shareholders, so that they can make a better decision based on facts.

http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/addPersonMrk.asp?user=205909 (CLICK IF YOU LIKE THE 777)

We Watch We Wait We Learn
Do Your Own due diligence
Only you can decide

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