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Various MJ stocks and what they do:

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mcvaugha   Friday, 02/01/13 04:54:30 AM
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Various MJ stocks and what they do:

What I am about to post is just my opinion. I am not encouraging anyone to buy any stock without doing their own DD.

I have been trading in this sector since 2009. I'm going to list a few of my favorite companies, and highlight a few things that have been said about them by various PR's and other sources of information. I am going to try to keep this as brief as possible.

Obviously, you know about MJNA. They were the first publicly traded MJ company. They were originally started by Bruce Perlowin, who is known as the 'King of Pot'. Perlowin once had a fleet of ships bigger than some countries navies. Arrested for being a 'drug dealer', he took sole responsibility for his alleged crimes. Although hundreds of people may have worked for him, he accepted all of the responsibility. He went to jail for bit, did his time, and got out. After being out of jail, he was able to get back into the industry legally. MJNA currently seems to be doing well from their line of edible products, 'Dixie Elixers', among other sources of revenue.

HEMP. Marijuana Inc. HEMP is Perlowin's current project if I am correct. There are many uses for marijuana other than inhaling it or ingesting it to get 'high'. If I am correct, then HEMP is preparing to take the market by storm once legalization occurs. I heard once that HEMP may even have operations in South America. Hemp rope, clothing, and paper are just a few possible uses of the versatile plant that this sector is based around.

CBIS: Cannabis Science Inc. This company may have cured a form of skin cancer. Basal cell carcinoma is one of the worst types of skin cancer. It causes boils and lesions to form on the skin. From what I read, a cream was made from cannabinoids extracted from the marijuana plant. The cream is placed on the cancerous lesion on the skin, and covered with a bandage. The boils recede and the cells are left cancer free. Also, I saw a piece of information saying that Harvard medical school retraced the steps of the research and came up with the same results. They also appear to have cured a different type of cancer that is only caused by aids. There may be many medicinal uses for this plant, and CBIS seems to be on the front lines of finding them.

MWIP: Mediswipe Inc. This company has created a 'closed loop cash remittance system'. They have been around for a while, formally trading as CMSI. Basically, when dispensaries first started opening up, it didn't take long for people to realize that you do not want a bunch of marijuana and a bunch of cash to be in the same place. It makes it an easy target for criminals, and also makes the business susceptible to black market or under the counter sales. It makes sense why a dispensary owner would not want someone to come in and just pay with cash. The closed loop cash remittance system allows for dispensaries to operate as cashless venues. They recently developed an app for your smart phone to make this even easier. The system is 'closed loop', which protects your information and your privacy. Also, the right taxes automatically go to the right people. I like MWIP because 'the man' gets their cut, and I feel like that may be what it is going to take for legalization to perpetuate. MWIP recently opened a head quarters in Michigan.

RFMK: Rapid Fire Marketing RFMK has developed a smoke-free, vapor-free electronic marijuana cigarette. There are many advantages to this device. There seems to be no carcinogenic affect when medicated, as opposed to a 'smoker' having to breath in harmful smoke. Also, there is no smell or second hand smoke. This means that a patient may medicate anywhere. A person who is prescribed medicinal marijuana for anxiety who is on an airplane for example, would be able to quickly medicate if the thought of being so far above the ground caused them to have an anxiety attack. Or, if a patient had young children, they would be free to medicate in their house without exposing their children to second hand smoke, or the distinctive smell that comes from actually smoking the plant. Conservatives may like the smoke-free, vapor-free medical delivery device, because it erases the stereotype of a 'hippie rolling up a doob'. It can be viewed as a legitimate medical delivery device. As a bonus, RFMK has Cheryl Shuman promoting their device. She recently took it on Ricky Lake, and either has or is about to go on t.v. with Katie Couric. Shuman is famous for 'discovering' that you could market products by placing them in movies. For example, she is said to be responsible for the huge sales of sunglasses following the Terminator movie where Arnold wore really 'cool' sunglasses. If you wonder why you see Tide Laundry detergent in your favorite TV sitcom, Cheryl may be to blame for starting it all. Let's see what she can do with the Cannacig.

ERBB: Tranzbyte inc. I really like this company. They proclaim to be the first publicly traded chain of dispensaries. They own a dispensary chain known as Altitude Organics. Allegedly, they sat down with several law enforcement officials and asked them what the company could to do further legitimize themselves. Soon after, they had developed an RFID chip that would track shipments from the time that they are grown, until they are sold at the dispensary. This should cut down on black market sales and provide a great level of transparency in production and sales for any mj operation. They also may have other sources of revenue.

PHOT: Growlife Inc. This company specializes in products that you may need to grow your own medicine. While many are certain that marijuana will be legalized soon, we are not sure how they will regulate it. Will you be forced to go to dispensary, or will you be able to grow it in your own home? We do not know these answers yet, but the answers to questions such as this may determine which stocks prove to offer the most return.

HESG: Health Sciences Group If I am correct, I remember a Press Release from this company about making plans to purchase a dispensary. Also, they have operations in Vietnam, according to the same PR, where they are in the process of developing medical marijuana related apps for smart phone and tablet devices.

RIGH: Right Smile Inc. It is important the the 'New York Diesel', 'White Widdow', or 'Strawberry Pineapple Kush', Ect. sold in one dispensary in one part of the country is the exact same strand with the same potency as the product with the same name sold in another state in another part of the country. This is made possible with testing of the plant. RIGH is said to specialize in plant testing. They have a website:

COIN: Converted Organics This company is involved in the medical marijuana industry and fertlilzer

SRER: Search Formally known as General Cannabis Inc. I believe that SRER recently ran a website If my research is correct, they sold it a Dutch company that is not publicly traded. I am not sure what SRER is up to currently. Their website says that they 'drive social networks'. I will stay faithful to this company, because was one of the most amazing mj related websites that I have ever seen. They basically showed you what type of ailments each strand of cannabis could treat, and showed you a map of every dispensary that currently had that strand in stock. I look forward to seeing what idea these guys come up with next.

ARIA: Ariad Pharmaceuticals ARIA trades on the NASDAQ if I am not mistaken. I remember a PR once that hinted at a possible link between ARIA and CBIS.

JAMN: I heard a while back that this coffee company has ambitions of getting involved in the medical mj industry when it becomes more legal. They sell a coffee called 'Marley Coffee', and I have seen packages with pictures of Bob Marley on it. I speculate that they would somehow be involved with coffee shops that also sell cannabis.

TRTC: Terra Tech. Terra Tech believes that the future of farming is not only going to utilize indoor cultivation, but also vertical farming. They have created highly controlled vertical hydroponic systems that conserve space. Basically, they seem to have found a way to stack the plants one on top of the other for a better yield, utilizing a smaller space. This could make indoor farming more productive, and would allow a farmer growing plants to have more plants in a smaller space.

XCHC: If I read the PR right, then CBIS recently sold a line of Hemp based products, such as suntan lotion, lip balm, eczema cream, ect to a German company called X-Change Corp. The Hemp Based product line is called Phytiva. According to one PR that I read, they are planning to educate the public about the health benefits of cannabinoids with t.v. commercials in the near future.


I hope that anyone will feel free to add to any of this, or to discuss any companies that I may have left out. I only mentioned publicly traded mj companies that I am semi-familiar with.

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