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A brand new industry, based on an eye-popping

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A brand new industry, based on an eye-popping discovery, is set to ignite a global commodities war for graphite.

People who act decisively on this super trend will be the big winners... cashing in stock market gains that could quickly exceed 1,812%... on a U.S.-based company that looks ready to make history.

USA Graphite Inc. (USGT) is blazing a new trail on the path to becoming the first American company ever to mine high-grade flake graphite within U.S. boarders in Nevada... and “flake” is the world’s most desirable graphite.

And, because foreign countries now control all the world’s flake graphite, USGT must be considered the ULTIMATE GROUND-FLOOR OPPORTUNITY... with shares less than $1.

In short, the slightest twitch or hesitation could cause you to miss out on the single event that could, in the next 12 months:

Turn $950 into nearly $20,000
Turn $2,850 into $57,000
Turn $8,550 into $171,000
And, turn $25,600 into $513,000

On top of that, you could see those potentially hefty gains multiplied more than 100 times in the following three years.

Imagine, what a mere $950 investment could become within 48 months...

All thanks to the dawn of the age of GRAPHENE...

It’s a miracle polymer made from graphite... so important that the two scientists who discovered graphene won the Nobel Prize in Physics for their work.

And, as you’ll soon see, graphene may well be the most important discovery in the past 200 years.

USGT Could Be A Home Run
For Its Ground Floor Investors

So how can you best position yourself for potentially gargantuan profits from the astonishing graphene super trend?

By going to the source... a graphite mining company.

And, by hooking up with a young American company called USA Graphite Inc. (USGT).

It could be set to rapidly pioneer a new aggressive phase in the U.S.’s domestic graphite mining sector…

USGT has been gobbling up graphite mining claims across North America...

In fact, USGT could literally be sitting on a mountain of high-grade flake graphite in Nevada, USA... which is key.

That’s because, todavy, the United States imports 100% its graphite.

Because of that, the earth-shaking promise graphene could offer every man, woman, and child in the U.S., is controlled by foreigners - who, most often do not have our best interests at heart.

A True Miracle To Build A Fortune On

And, as you can see by this list, graphene (which can only be made from graphite) looks set to explode across broad spectrums of manufacturing, technology and even medicine.

Graphite is an important part of Lithium ion batteries. Because of graphene’s large surface-to-volume ratios and high conductivity graphene powder can dramatically improve the efficiency of batteries. Imagine charging your cell phone in as little as 12 minutes.
Another source of potential demand is in pebble-bed nuclear reactors. The hope is that these will become more efficient and safer than current reactors and hence more widespread. They would require a lot of graphite and graphene.
Graphene nanotubes have the potential to deliver potent drugs or electrical charges directly to cancerous tumors and obliterate them.
Due to its electronic quality, graphene has attracted interest as a way to construct ballistic transistors.
Graphene has the ideal properties to be an excellent component of integrated circuits.
Engineering labs have reported that the large-scale production of highly transparent graphene films by chemical vapor deposition can create inexpensive flexible solar cells.
Graphene has a high surface area to mass ratio, which creates the potential for the production of ultra-capacitors with greater energy storage than is currently available.
Research has found that sheets of graphene oxide are highly effective in killing bacteria and could be useful in the application of hygiene products or packaging that will keep food fresh for longer periods of time.

Today, The Number-Two Pencil
Has Grown Up... Graphite
Looks To Be The World’s
Top Investable Trend

Top Mining Investor Forecasts
Graphite Shortage

In late June 2012 The Critical Metals Report asked noted mining investment authority Glen Jones, of Initerra Resources Intelligence, about graphite demand and supply.

Jones was asked this question: Is the growth in graphite demand from current applications like refractory and lithium-ion batteries enough to support the 40 companies now seeking economic graphite deposits?

Jones said, “If this growth comes about, there could be a shortage of graphite. Not all of these companies will find deposits, but it is necessary to have 40 companies exploring-it increases the chance of discoveries.”

The Time To Invest In USA
Graphite Is Now!

General Motors has already invested more than $2 billion in automotive fuel cell research and development and is believed to be seeking additional investment from industry peers in exchange for rights to use the technology.

German automotive companies BMW and Volkswagen both own stakes in SGL Carbon SE, the world's largest maker of carbon and graphite products. Just how much graphite will be required for fuel cells?

The proton exchange membrane fuel cells being developed for use in cars would require 100 pounds of graphite per vehicle.

The U.S. Geological Survey noted in 2010 that "large-scale fuel cell applications are being developed that could consume as much graphite as all other uses combined."

Now, USA Graphite could literally control a mountain of graphite in Nevada... tons of the best stuff...

The truth is, because low-grade Mexican graphite is used as pencil “lead,” many people simply assume graphite is as common as the rock from which it’s mined.

And that assumption was right for a long time...

But no longer.

While commodities like copper gold, silver, and even corn and wheat have been surging higher for a decade, graphite was one of the last commodities to respond - and prices were actually in the tank from 1990 through 2005.

There was plenty of spare capacity from China, which still dominates graphite mining to this day.

But gradually, growth in automobile and steel demand began to eat up that spare supply, and prices began to rise, growing steadily through 2008.

The discovery of graphene has pushed demand even higher.

And, remember, America imports 100% of all its graphite. This is why buying a domestic miner like USGT, even $950 could create a huge return for its followers.

Why All-American USA Graphite Inc.
Could Free Us From The Grip Of Greedy,
Unsavory Foreign Regimes

Today, the startling truth is that graphite is mined in only five countries.

One of these countries is North Korea... crazy, unstable communist North Korea.

Another is China, which produces 70%-80% of the world’s graphite. Its leaders are not as crazy as the North Koreans, but they are Communists... enemies of democracy.

That puts graphite in a rare earth-type situation, because China has a near stranglehold on the market - and is already adding export and Value Added Taxes as graphite’s dominant future creeps closer and closer.

Like with rare earths, China sold its abundant resources on the cheap when demand was low, and then when demand rose, the Chinese manipulated the market to sell what was left at much higher prices.

That’s what set off the rare earth boom of 2009 and 2010, sending the stock shares of most any company with access to rare earths outside of China soaring thousands of percents.

A Grim Supply Story That Gets Worse Is What Could
Lead USGT Shares To Gain Real Traction In 2013

And now the Chinese are at it again... this time playing games with graphite.

Last year, about 65% of global graphite mine production came from China, followed by 15% from India. China holds 71% of the global graphite reserves, again followed by India with 14%.

Because of this domination, you can see how easily China can influence the graphite market.

The recent trend (since late 2011) has been a consolidation of Chinese graphite producers.
What China Gives, It Can Also Take Away
And the news from Hunan province is that the 200+ mines currently producing 96% of global amorphous graphite are being consolidated by the government into one State Owned Industry.

The move looks certain to result in decreased output and exports, which falls in line with other Chinese initiatives, such as in the rare earth market.

Projections are that consolidation would take 100,000 tons per year production off the market. On top of that, the Chinese economy - which grew at 7.8% this year - is rolling again.

That means China will keep more graphite (and rare earth metals) at home to feed domestic manufacturing demands in a country of 1.3 billion people.

As you’re about to see, China’s corrupt export practices along with its internal needs could generate huge rewards for early investors in U.S.-based USA Graphite.

American-mined graphite for the American market... it’s not just patriotic... because it could drive USGT’s low-priced shares past $8.04 in less than a year... a sensational 1,861% gain.

The Secret That Could Lead You To Make 20X Your Money On USGT Fast... And What Could Be 100 Times More In Four Years

The picture has never been clearer that American production of graphite is suddenly a national priority.

Worse, the U.S. has no current natural graphite production... but because of USA Graphite’s exploration commitment plans in Nevada, this could soon change.

Here’s what’s going on… why USGT could be one of the century’s all-time great stock market winners… with shares that could multiply hundreds of times over.

How USGT Could Generate
A Fortune Almost Overnight

According to a respected geologist’s report, USGT could be sitting on a multi-million ton carbon rich flake graphite deposit, at a place called the Blue Wing Mountains, Nevada.

Most of the rock that outcrops within the Blue Wing Mountains Graphite Project are hornfels having a high graphite content.

That’s how the Blue Wing Mountains got their name.

Graphite is relatively dark blue-black.

USGT’s project consists of 96 lode claims covering a huge 3.1 square mile property located over known graphite-rich hornfels rock units.

And while it’s in the mountains, there’s a well-established road that runs 33 miles from the interstate right to USGT’s property.

Because high-grade graphite flake fetches about $2,500 a ton today, you can see how the first 110,000 tons from USA Graphite’s initial mine could generate $275 million in revenues at a rapid pace... as fast as a company can pull the graphite out of the ground.

This is why USA Graphite’s shares have the potential to jump what could be 1,861% or more during the coming year... from less than $1 to $8.04, or beyond.

The Story Of How USGT Mines In America
To Sell To AmericansGets Even Better

After its initial pull from the Blue Wing Mountains mine, USGT would be able to fund its expansion to other graphite rich properties in Nevada.

The Blue Wing Mountains Graphite Project contains one of the most extensive graphite occurrences within the United States. Road access to the project is excellent and is situated directly between I-80 E and US-395 N.

USGT is clearly positioned to be a dominant USA based graphite company!
USGT Could Be Sitting On Multi-Million Tons Of High Grade Graphite

This mine has world class potential to exceed the famous mines in China, Brazil, and Canada.

USGT has the worlds most sought after type of graphite called flake graphite. It is so abundant that it turned the mountains blue, which is why its called Blue Wing Mountains.

This is why you must act on USA Graphite now... before the company is on the radar... with shares that could jump from less than $1 to $8.04, or beyond when it starts mining graphite in Nevada.

USGT: Mined In America... Sold To Americans

Because USGT understands the critical needs for domestic graphite - both for patriotic and profit reasons... the company is focused on acquiring additional Nevada properties.

The Super Trend That Could Ignite USGT Shares
And Rapidly Send Them As Much As 20X Higher

Look, if you’re in the markets at all, you already now that graphite has been getting a lot of buzz recently.

The buzz alone has raised bullish expectations... and talk of a coming bubble.

After all, the price has risen steadily over the past couple of years and attracted a lot of attention.

But there are different types of natural graphite, each having unique qualities that suit certain applications: crystalline flake graphite; amorphous; and lump graphite.

The most desirable and expensive of all three is flake graphite, which is produced from less than a half of the world's graphite mines and is suitable for high-tech applications.

When Flake Is Desirable

This is what USGT believes it will be mining on its huge Nevada holdings.

Predictions are that graphite demand will explode because of the demand for lithium-ion batteries - where it's used extensively in batteries for cell phones, laptop and tablet computers and the big batteries that power hybrid cars, trucks and busses.

From this standpoint alone, the outlook for graphite is beyond bullish.

Looking out over the next two years, graphene production will drive the price graphite skyward.

Because of that USGT’s shares have the potential to jump what could be 1,861% or more during the coming year alone...

USGT: At The Center Of The Graphene Miracle

As you saw earlier, graphene is one of the strongest, lightest, and most highly conductive materials currently known.

The opportunities for graphene are extraordinary.

IBM announced last year that it made circuits out of graphene paper that could make today’s fastest computers 10 times faster.

I.B.M.’s research was financed by the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

The agency supports futuristic science and technology. It believes graphene could be a substitute for materials like gallium arsenide, used in high-frequency military communications equipment.

Outside the United States, there is huge excitement over graphene as well.

Graphene: A Worldwide Phenomenon!

Both the European Union and South Korea recently started $1.5 billion efforts to build industrial-scale efforts using graphene as a next-generation display material for television, computer and cell phones.

The New York Times reported that Singapore also started a major investment in the material.

Display manufacturers are agog over graphene because the current wave of displays based on OLEDs, or organic light-emitting diodes, have limited lifespans.

Events are moving so fast with graphene that researchers at Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea announced that they had scaled up a technique to make full-screen displays based on an approach to making graphene film pioneered at the University of Texas, Austin.

Demand For New Technologies
Could Drive USGT Shares Sky High

Another source of potential graphite demand is found in pebble-bed nuclear reactors.

The hope is that these will become more efficient and safer than current reactors and hence more widespread.

These reactors are fueled by tennis-ball-sized graphite spheres with uranium embedded in them. Substantial amounts of graphite or graphene are required to charge the reactor at startup, and a percentage of the balls must be replaced each year as the fuel is spent, which creates ongoing demand for graphite.

China - yes China again - has an operating prototype and is now building the first two commercial units, with plans to have 30 by 2020.

These reactors are one of the top 16 priorities in China's 2020 strategic plan. They would require a lot of graphite or graphene.

All these technological advances are good for society, but they maybe even better for graphite mining companies such as USA Graphite (USGT)... with the potential to rapidly ignite stock prices.

Consumer Demand Could Cause Graphite Shortage...
Then USGT Gets To Set Its Price Higher

Finally, don’t lose sight of the fact that demand for graphene will be fed by the insatiable economies of China, southeast Asia and Brazil... where the consumer cultures are expanding at a rate never before seen in the world.

This could cause a huge lag between increased demand and limited supply... this is a lag that could lead to long-term price growth for producers such as USA Graphite.

But, never forget, today, too many communists and crazies control the bulk of the world’s graphite.

Tapping New Sources Could Create Eye-Popping
Returns For USGT’s Followers

New graphite sources are desperately needed not only to meet an uptick in demand, but to ensure the supply is in the hands of those who have the world’s best interest at heart.

This will require a lot of investment from both established companies and startups such as USA Graphite (USGT).

You will not want to miss out on this opportunity with a mix of plays that that includes startups such as USGT.

That’s because it won’t take a lot of money to line up for what could be eye-popping rewards on USGT...

It is about American-mined graphite for the American market... because that simple thought alone could send USGT’s low-priced stock to a sensational 1,812% gain… and that could be just an appetizer for gains that could jump 100 times higher after that!

Graphite has traditionally been considered a boring, mundane industrial mineral, evoking thoughts of pencils, golf clubs and tennis racquets. People should think again... because here are...

9 Outstanding Reasons Why USA Graphite (USGT)
Could Be The Minerals Play Of The Century

1 - HUGE DEMAND... Traditional demand for graphite in the steel and automotive industries is growing 5% annually, and graphite prices have tripled. New applications such as heat sinks in computers, lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells, and nuclear and solar power are all big users of graphite.

2 - MISSION CRITICAL... Graphite's criticality and potential scarcity has been recognized by both the United States and the European Union, which have each declared graphite a supply-critical mineral.

3 - HYBRID CARS... The U.S. Geological Survey noted in 2010 that "large-scale fuel cell applications are being developed that could consume as much graphite as all other uses combined."

4 - CHINA GIVETH AND CHINA TAKETH AWAY... New uses for graphite are beginning to place substantial demands on existing production—and over 70% of that production is from China, which is no longer selling this resource cheaply to the rest of the world as the country's easy-to-mine, near-surface deposits are becoming exhausted.

5 - THE THREE Ps... The rules for investing in junior resource companies such as USGT revolve around property, potential and price. USA Graphite meets these Ps to a T... its Nevada claims could hold tons of high grade graphite... USGT’s shares are priced under $1

6 - HEAD START... USGT has the jump on many established graphite miners because of its foresight to mine American graphite... USA Graphite’s Nevada mines could hold thousands of tons of the most desirable high-grade graphite.

7 - GRAPHENE, THE WORLD OF TOMORROW TODAY... Graphene, made from high grade graphite, may well be the most important discovery in the past 200 years. It could be on track to make most every product we use today suddenly obsolete. Graphene could lead to cancer cures... cellphone batteries that charge in minutes... flat screen TVs that are as thin as wax paper... batteries that power cars for thousands of miles, not just a few hundred... faster computers and Internet connections that are unimaginable, even by today’s standards... energy independence... the list goes on and on.

8 - FLAKE... A single ultra-thin sheet of graphene, stretched over a coffee cup could support the weight of an elephant balancing on a pencil. But, making a substance that is not only the thinnest material in the world, but also one of the strongest and hardest requires super-pure ingredients. For graphene that means flake graphite... such as USGT could have by the ton in Nevada USA!

9 - MULTIPLY YOUR MONEY BY 20X IN NEAR TERM... That potential is exciting, and it’s strongly possible. Make no mistake, USA Graphite (USGT) is a startup company. It’s not a sure thing. But it is a highly likely prospect. At the very least, the enviable land position in Nevada means that USGT has already amassed immensely valuable assets. Now USGT’s job is to explore and mine its Blue Wing Mountains Property that could hold a multi-million tons lode of high-grade graphite... its first action there could quickly yield 110,000 tons... that could send USGT’s stock from under $1 to $8.04 or more in the next year... and what could be as much as 100 times more... $82 o r more... if for people w ho like to hang on to good things.

USA Graphite (USGT) Could Be About To Attract
Serious Market Interest... But It Is Still Early...

If you can grab a piece of USGT while they are still affordable, less than $1, you should do it immediately!

The math is simple when projecting USGT’s 12-month target.

USGT could be on the track to quickly generating revenue and holding a 30% profit margin for a final net profit that you can only imagine.

Its share structure is 122 million shares outstanding... that would yield an earnings per share of 67 cents.

That’s sweet when you consider the general p/e ratio for miners is about 12... multiply that ratio by 67 cents to get $8.04... an 1,861% gain.

This Pioneering Junior Graphite Miner
Has Claimed A Big Slice Of America’s
Newest Graphite Field And You Can
Buy It Now For Under $1

We are convinced that we could be the very first analysts to look at USGT... that’s a huge advantage for you... because you could be first in... a highly advantageous position.

We’re convinced that when Wall Street discovers its potential for a exponential growth that other smart analysts will start putting in high bids , based on USGT’s sure growth patterns.

This is why you must act now while this new-to-the-stock-market company is still within what could be its ground-floor price range.

Please act today so you won’t miss out on the graphite revolution. Buy USA GRAPHITE INC. (USGT) at the market as soon as you are possibly able.

Disclaimer: http://i49.tinypic.com/33zb7e9.jpg

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