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Wednesday, 11/10/2010 4:36:21 PM

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 4:36:21 PM

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May get some fire here, but I do not understand why basic points are not pointed out during the threads:

1. Before GDHI Frank has no experience in running a distributor, let alone international distribution. He did not come from a company like Pepsi Co, Kraft Foods, Walmart or Kroger. He is an average guy who is learning on the fly. Learning with your money.

2. A lot can be learned from listening to the previous conference calls. Management ran out of money to fund the company privately; hence that is why they went public. GDHI management diluted the shares of the company so much just to stay in business a year ago. He stated that he would do so again, if the company needed so. Becasue the company is not cash positive and continues to lose money each quarter, do not be suprised if management dilutes even further to stay in business. 3,000,000,000 shares for this company is laughable.

3. Take a hard look at the products they sell. I lived in China for four months in college and I am an American expat who currently lives in Europe. From my experience, I assure you that the products sold by GDHI are not the products that local customers are wanting. Nor expats. It would be different if they distributed Heinz, Red Bull or other well known products. The reality is that GDHI sales 3rd tier products. Local chinese customers are not buying what they sell. So far, the dollars per store sales show this. Frank is investing in products that are unproven. When you invest in unproven commodities, you go broke.

4. Much is talked about the fact that GDHI may reach their goal of 1000 points of distribution. However, data shows that they are losing money on each account. Why grow points of distribution when it is losing you money?

5. The share price is .0007 for a reason. The only way the share price will rise significantly is if the company decides to decrease the number of shares dramatically or the company gains access to legitmate business outlets. Mom and pop grocery outlets will not generate the revenue needed to grow the company at a rate to make money for shareholders.

Anyway, just thought I would point out some basics. Good luck to each of you.