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Ok Show me money follow me on this.

I took your little hint about Rodabi and ran with it.

Here's what I came up with:


Rodabi group is a series of LLC's all registered in the state of Florida

The group was first started in on 8/7/07 with the following two members:

Brian M. Koslow
Hollywood, FL 33019

David C. Waltzer

Rodabi, Inc:

Rodabi Holdings, LLC

Rodabi I, LLC

Rodabi II, LLC

Rodabi III, LLC

Rodabi International, LLC

Rodabi IV, LLC

Rodabi V, LLC

The two of them have a little history as they were previously involved in a business venture registered in Nevada in 2005 called Rave Business Strategies Inc.


On April 4, 2006 Brian also added David Waltzer to another LLC he was involved in with his wife Meryl Koslow called One Source Lawsuit Funding LLC


Brian and David started two web pages to promote their Panama Real Estate idea:

On 11/7/07 Donna Waltzer registered this domain:


On the same day (11/7/07) this domain was also registered by a private party:


On the May 27, 2010 conference call Owen Hawkins announced that Petro is also setting up an International Division.  There are two men from Rodabi who are part of that division.  They are David Waltzer and Brian Koslow.  Brian has written a book titled 365 Ways To Become A Millionaire Without Being One.  You might want to pick up a copy at your local bookstores. 
Brian spoke briefly about Panama to tell some of the wonderful benefits of the country and why one might want to live there or have property there.  He said that Panama and China are the 2 fastest growing countries in the world.  Panama has a John Hopkins Hospital there in Panama City and the country has NO DEBT.  The Panama Canal is the gateway between Atlantic to Pacific.  Each time a ship passes through the Panama Canal they must pay Panama $300,000 for the passage.

The names Rodabi Group, Brian Koslow, and David Weltzer were nothing new to many Petro America Corp investors who had already been receiving emails from Joy and Johnny and listening to Johnny's weekly calls:

Email from 1/5/10

Email from 7/21/10

Email from 5/29/10



Plaza Costa del Este

Plaza Costa del Este was one of 6 Real Estate projects sold to America Investors by Homes Real Estate Agency & A2SN in Panama since 2006.

Scammers success story in Panama City, Panama: Homes Real Estate Agency & A2SN in Panama since 2006.

Homes Real Estate Agency has sold at least 6 pre -construction projects in Panama over the last two years and none have broken ground. They include the Plaza Obarrio, Plaza San Francisco, Loft One and Two, Plaza Costa del Este, The World Gallery and The Consortium. Four of these projects were sanctioned by the Panamanian authorities with fines of up to $100,000 each for deceiving the public by marketing without initial planning permission. Alexandre Henrique Ventura Nogueira claimed on the A2SN website that they were responsible for 'some of Panama's most successful projects' when they have in fact been responsible for none.

Alexandre Henrique Ventura Nogueira has had charges of criminal fraud filed against him by the developer of Trump Ocean Club over an $812.000 swindle concerning eight apartments in the unbuilt Loft One and Two.


In March of 2009 the news came out that a new group was going to take over the Plaza Costa del Este project and bail it out from all of it's past troubles:

The Plaza Costa del Este Bailout Plan

- On March 2009 International Realty Partners S.A. (Panama Real Estate Developer, from the responsibility of developing the project called The Plaza Costa del Este, located in Costa del Este, Panama City, Republic of Panama. International Realty Partners S.A. along with Rodabi Group (a USA based International Real Estate Sales Group) were the exclusive sales and marketing team for this project. The Plaza Costa del Este would be located in Panama's hottest residential district overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Just minutes from downtown Panama and the Tocumen International Airport, residents will enjoy the tranquility and luxury of ultimate living, with access to all of Panama City's finest amenities and the tropical beauty beyond. The project (one of the few mixed-use buildings allowed in this area) will consist of 100 office condos, 153 furnished hotel/condo rooms (of which 50% have already been reserved in the USA) and 19 privately owned residences along with a 2 story Skybar, a pool overlooking the Costa Del Este.

The Plaza Costa del Este will be managed by Octagon Hotels and Resorts Panama.

This Hotel Operator is part of Octagon Group, a well known International Hotel Development and Operation Company, which has over 20 years experience in various countries around the world, specialized in High-end Hotels and Resorts (www.octagoncc.com).
Special Features of the Rooms:
Contemporary Design
I-Pod Stations with I-Pods to rent at Front desk
New Wave Kitchen, including Fridge, Microwave, Wet-Bar, Coffee and Tea Maker
Aromatherapy features in all Rooms
Asian designed Bathtubs and Bathrooms
Open Loft Design with some individual balconies

Negotiations of the takeover of the development came about at the end of 2008 when I.R.P. noticed that even after the slowdown of the Real Estate market worldwide, Panama and a Condo/Hotel project made plenty of business sense.

I.R.P. has purchased the land with all the rights of the project from A2SN and Homes Realty Panama and plans to start construction after 60% of the project has been reserved. The news made several investors very happy as they were concerned with the previous developers and their less than perfect reputation in the Panama Real Estate community.

You'll notice in the very first paragraph it says sales and marketing team for this bailout project consists of International Realty Partners S.A. along with Rodabi Group

Yes that's Petro America Corp's Rodabi Group

Some background on International Realty Partners S.A.

International Realty Partners S.A. is a collaboration of Florida businessmen all with ties to various questionable Panama based projects. They include:

Lazaro Sopena (aka Mario Lazaro Sopena)
Louis J. Terminello
Oscar Humberto Montalvo
Panama Fractional Real Estate
Panama Real Estate Connection
The Octagon Management Group

Mario Lazaro Sopena has past business ties to Alexandre Henrique Ventura Nogueira together they formed the Home Realty Group in Florida that was already mentioned earlier in this post as being involved in several Panama Real Estate scams. The two of them also worked together in another Scandalous Real Estate business called New World Realty Latin America. Sopena claims to have cut ties with Nogueira and he did remove himself as a member of the Home Realty LLC 4/30/09 (a short time after Nogueira started facing a slew of criminal charges).

Kind of odd that Sopena was involved with Plaza Costa del Este both the first time through when it proved to be a scam and the this second time around with Rodabi Group.


You'll notice one more name familar name on that ripoffreport site.

The agent who sold people units in a property named The Plaza Costa Del Este is Brian Koslow. Many people wrote contracts on many of the units to be sold and placed an escrow deposit on each unit.

Brian Koslow. Brian was also involved with the Plaza Costa del Este scam the first time around. Makes it hard to trust these people with any new projects in Panama especially considering that Panama is infamous for Real Estate scams and Ponzi schemes.

Basically Plaza Costa del Este was taken over by most of the same characters that used it for a scam the first time around minus the one guy that faced legal charges for it.

So now we have Brian Koslow linked to the likes of Mario Sopena and Alexandre Henrique Ventura Nogueira. But it doesn't end there.


New World Realty (the other company on the ripoff report site) is a company that is also linked other Russian and Columbian mobster/drug types. Bad people.




Some of those other links detail some of the connections that's as far as I explored this stuff.

So Show me money. It's easy to see the connections to some very crooked people. If Owen hadn't named Brian Koslow and David Waltzer the heads of the Petro International Division I wouldn't think any more about all this beyond saying that Johnny probably got a lot of Petro America Corp investors involved in another bad investment opportunity like Novalex and P2P and Iraqi Dinars and this new Chozan Behn Asset Protection program. But Owen did name Brian and David as officers of a company subsidiary company, Petro International Corp. So they are definitely connected to Petro America Corp.

We've seen how Owen has used other existent subsidiary companies like Petro Realty Corp to pay for a house for himself and Petro Tech Corp to pay his friends lots of money to take care of one little website that rarely got updated. We've seen how he's used his future projects like the American Transportation Trust to purchase himself new vehicles to drive. We've seen how he has awarded other people for their hard work for the company with cash and extra shares. So I think as soon as he named Brian Koslow and David Waltzer as managing members of a subsidiary of Petro America Corp he made it pretty clear that they do have roles in Petro America Corp and so some of this stuff may end up being relevant and important.

Oh one more interesting link. Looks like somebody named Roy S Sanders once sued Brian Koslow, David Waltzer, and Kevin Castro for some of the commissions earned on the purchase and sale of some real estate located in Panama. Looks like this is Brian Koslow trying to reverse some earlier motion he made:


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