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the major premise

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the major premise

the civil war in regard to the de facto system

the introduction to senate report 93-549 (93rd Congress, 1st Session of the year 1973) summarizes the situation as best as possible

A majority of the people of the United States have lived all of their lives under emergency rule....And, in the United States, actions taken by the Government in times of great crises have~from, at least, the Civil War~in important ways, shaped the present phenomenon of a permanent state of national emergency

from the research information available, it can be reasonably proven that when the southern states walked out of congress on March 27, 1861, the quorum to conduct business under the Constitution for the United States of America was lost

thus, the only votes that congress could lawfully take, under parliamentary law, were those to set the time to reconvene, take a vote to get a quorum, and vote to adjourn and set a date, time, and place to reconvene at a later time, but instead, congress apparently abandoned the house and senate without setting a date to reconvene

under the parliamentary law of congress, when this happened, congress became sine die (pronounced see~na dee~a.. literally without day) and thus when congress adjourned sine die, it ceased to exist as a lawful deliberative body, and thus the only lawful, constitutional power that could declare war was no longer lawful, or in session

it can also be reasonably proven that the southern states, by virtue of their secession from the union, also ceased to exist sine die, and that some state legislatures in the northern bloc also adjourned sine die, and thus, all the states which were parties to creating the constitution for the United States of America apparently ceased to exist

on April 15, 1861, president lincoln executed the following executive order

lincoln executive proclamation 1, and it can also be proven that the United States of America have been ruled ever since by the president under executive powers

it can also be reasonably proven that when congress eventually did reconvene, it was reconvened under the military authority of the commander~in~chief and not by rules of order for parliamentary bodies or by constitutional law

thus placing the American people under martial rule ever since the "national emergency" declared by president lincoln

thus, the constitution for the United States of America has subsequently temporarily ceased being the acknowledged law of the land in many courts, and the president, congress, and the courts have unlawfully presumed that they were free to remake the union in a new image

whereas, lawfully, no constitutional provisions were in place which afforded power to any of the actions which were taken which presumed to place the union under the new form of control

president lincoln apparently knew that his executive orders no longer had any force under constitutional law, and thus he commissioned general orders No. 100 (April 24, 1863) apparently as a special code to govern his actions under martial law and to justify the seizure of power

which further extended the laws of the district of columbia and which also fictionally implemented the provisions of Article I, Section 8, Clauses 17~18 of the constitution beyond the boundaries of washington, d.c. and into the several states

general orders No. 100, also called the lieber instructions and the lieber code, have apparently extended the laws of war and private international law into the American states, and the United States government has become the presumed military conqueror of the people and the land of the several American nations

martial rule has apparently been kept secret and has never really ended

lincoln was assassinated before he could complete the implementation of his plan to constitutionally and not militarily reform the Southern national governments and restore Congress

ever since the United States of America has been ruled under military law under the Commander of Chief~the President~and his assumed executive powers according to the policies of executive orders

a military dictator type function

constitutional law under the original constitution for the American states is apparently enforced only as a matter of keeping the public peace under the provisions of general orders No. 100 under martial rule

this peace is further evidenced in the preamble of the so~called expatriation act of 1868

and under martial law, title is a mere fiction, since all property belongs to the military except for that property which the commander~in~chief may, in his benevolence, exempt from taxation and seizure and upon which he allows the enemy to reside

since president lincoln was assassinated before he could complete plans for reforming constitutional government in the southern states and end the martial rule by executive order, the 14th Article in Amendment to the constitution has further created a new citizenship or status for the expanded jurisdiction

laws for the district of columbia were proposed and passed by congress in 1871, the district of columbia was incorporated in 1872, and all states in the union were apparently reformed as franchisees or political subdivisions of the corporation known as the United States, hence creating a new union of american states

the key to when the states became federal franchisees is apparently related to the date when such states enacted the field code in law

the field code was a codification of aspects of the common law that was adopted first by new York and then by California in 1872, and shortly afterwards the lieber code was used to bring the united states into the 1874 brussels conference and into the hague conventions of 1899 and 1907

in 1917, the trading with the enemy act was passed and which defined, regulated, and punished trading with enemies, who were then required by that act to be licensed by the government to do business

the national banking system act (public law 73~1, 73rd congress, session I, chapter 1, march 9, 1933), executive proclamation 2038 (march 6, 1933), executive proclamation 2039 (march 9, 1933), and executive orders 6073, 6102, 6111 and 6260 show that

in 1933, the United States government formed under the executive privilege of the original martial rule went bankrupt, and a new state of national emergency was declared under which United States citizens were identified as the enemy to the government and to the banking system as per the provisions of the trading with the enemy act

in 1945 the United States gave up additional remaining sovereignty of the several states when it signed the United Nations treaty charter, making U.S. citizens subject to United Nations jurisdiction through treaties initiated by their national legislature a.k.a. congress

arguments that suggest that the treaty of paris of 1783 was not a lawful or legal treaty of peace between warring nations and that the american colonies never really attained or obtained lawful or legal sovereignty, must also presume, by their own argument

that the constitution for the United States of America and the bill of rights were never organic documents of true lawful or legal standing

the conclusion that can be made from all of the information available is that the constitution for the United States of America and the bill of rights are no longer in effect in their original or present form or where they conflict with the united nations treaty and other international treaties/agreements

people of the several countries in the union who were previously each collective sovereign bodies and nations that were governed by the common law are now citizens and nationals of the United States and are thus apparently subject to international admiralty jurisdiction

the several america states are presently under a perpetual state of emergency with admiralty and/or military law being the prevailing legal system

we welcome you to so~called democracy

all documentation for the above summary is available through your local government document repository library branch or through the Library of Congress..

get with it people..

I am now quite sure that 'Tragedy and Hope' was suppressed although I do not know why or by whom. ~ Carroll Quigley
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