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Re: BOREALIS post# 315

Wednesday, 07/02/2008 2:40:05 PM

Wednesday, July 02, 2008 2:40:05 PM

Post# of 372 articles ~~ 06-12-2008 thru 07-01-2008

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2008-07-01 Trade Unions call for REACH amendment to cover nanomaterials
2008-07-01 State provides $981K to train workers in nanotech, health care, energy
2008-07-01 New paper offers insights into 'blinking' phenomena
2008-07-01 Gold, DNA Combination May Lead To Nano-Sensor
2008-06-30 From the Labs: Nanotechnology
2008-06-28 New Nano Technique Significantly Boosts Boiling Efficiency
2008-06-26 Aspen Aerogels raises $37M for nano-insulation materials
2008-06-26 New nano technique significantly boosts boiling efficiency
2008-06-25 Physicists Produce Quantum-Entangled Images
2008-06-25 Water inside single-walled carbon nanotubes
2008-06-25 New Process Creates 3-D Nanostructures with Magnetic Materials
2008-06-24 Luigi Bandera: Nanotech division to produce solar power films
2008-06-23 From the Labs: Nanotechnology
2008-06-23 Nanotechnology Institute to undertake R&D
2008-06-23 UBC physicists develop 'impossible' technique to study and develop superconductors
2008-06-23 Gene silencer and quantum dots reduce protein production to a whisper
2008-06-23 Tethered molecules act as light-driven reversible nanoswitches
2008-06-23 A look into the nanoscale
2008-06-23 CSIRO scientist discovers natural 'invisible' gold
2008-06-23 University of Pennsylvania engineers reveal what makes diamonds slippery at the nanoscale
2008-06-23 New ORNL process brings nanoparticles into focus
2008-06-22 Chemistry professor achieves nanotechnology breakthrough
2008-06-22 Study Of Individual Molecules Enhanced By 'Nanoglassblowing'
2008-06-20 Smarter, Faster Nano Sensor
2008-06-20 'Nanohorns' could prod immune system into action
2008-06-20 Ultrafast look into atoms and molecules
2008-06-18 Carbon Nanotubes Compromise the Functions of Certain Protozoa, Study Shows
2008-06-18 Trap and zap: Harnessing the power of light to pattern surfaces on the nanoscale
2008-06-17 Commission starts public dialogue on nanotechnologies
2008-06-17 Acoustic Cloak Designed
2008-06-16 Paper Gets a Nano Makeover
2008-06-16 Nanotech to Regrow Cartilage and Soothe Aching Knees
2008-06-16 Gold, silver nanoparticle dyes give fabrics a rainbow of unexpected colours
2008-06-16 Carbon nanotubes disappoint EADS Composites Atlantic
2008-06-16 A promising step towards more effective hydrogen storage
2008-06-16 Nanotechnology, biomolecules and light unite to 'cook' cancer cells
2008-06-16 Perfecting a solar cell by adding imperfections
2008-06-15 Lighting up polymer LEDs through nanotechnology
2008-06-15 Tiny science tests Russia's hi-tech ambitions
2008-06-14 Nanoparticles aid bone growth
2008-06-14 Growing use of nanomaterials spurs research to investigate possible downsides
2008-06-13 Chemists Create Cancer-Detecting Nanoparticles
2008-06-13 Overcoming Drug Resistance Nanoparticles Trigger Built-In Cell-Death Signal
2008-06-12 Cancer-detecting Nanoparticles are important in MRI detection
2008-06-12 Carbon Nanotubes as a Single-Photon Source
2008-06-12 Trinity of biotech, nanotech and IT to define 21st century

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