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Re: Bruce A Thompson post# 647

Thursday, 01/01/2004 9:26:39 AM

Thursday, January 01, 2004 9:26:39 AM

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Grounds for Grounding & Electric Snowflakes

Good advice Bruce, especially if the person lives in a climate
that now has winter's low humidity. I agree, one quick spark
that one may not even notice could destroy sensitive parts,
and I'am sure 100% the warranty states that damage done
this way is not covered, plus not having an "over clocked"
surge box between the pc and power just needs one,
not two lighting strikes to cook a pc. (I have two in series)

One static electric spark from walking across the carpet
and touching one of these new parts will cook the part.
Ground yourself before opening and touching any of these parts.

"Static" Electricity Page

(extra from a Google search)
Searched English pages for grounding static electric spark.

... Scams and "health claims":
Cordless grounding straps;
Static Hocus-Pocus
Electric Snowflakes

... a wide range of effective grounding and bonding solutions
against static electricity and sparks.

Controlling Static Electricity
How Do I Work Safely with Flammable and Combustible...

Lactose Free Milkman