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Sunday, 04/29/2007 5:42:58 PM

Sunday, April 29, 2007 5:42:58 PM

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Bobwins FINAL MEMORIAL: Taken from IBox:


September 18, 2006 to December 15, 2006
85 Participants -- Gainers: 68, Losers: 17
Average gain: +15%

WINNER: Bobwins (BW):

Top 10 Posters
 1 BOBWINS   57.95% 
2 SKABAR67 51.32%
3 KIPP440 50.78%
4 BLUEBEAR 44.23%
5 KIK 43.53%
6 CL001 42.88%
7 WYOBUFORD 42.51%
8 NSOMNIYAK 39.76%
9 MIKE056 39.16%
10 CLIFFVB 39.04%

Top 10 Stocks:
 1 TRGD.PK 268.97% 
2 DYSL.OB 125.00%
3 ITSI.OB 124.00%
4 OPCO.OB 120.00%
5 AOB 117.50%
6 MOVI 109.36%
7 IIG 98.67%
8 LIM.TO 91.12%
9 IUC.TO 89.16%
10 SLP 89.13%

Persons in First Place during the contest.



Was consistently in the top-10 and, later, the top-5. Took over first place on Week 11 after the huge one day drop by KIK. He traded places with Skabar a couple times after that, but held the lead most of the rest of the way. His high was 68.01% on Day 2 of Week 12 (of 13). He finished at 57.95%.


My overall investment philosophy has been shaped by my background as a banker and the investors I have met on the internet. Because of my work history, I am used to reviewing financials and interviewing CEO's. I think this gives me a slight edge over most individual investors. In addition, I am doing this full time so I try to outwork the other investors I am competing against to find the elusive 10 bagger.

My personal "AHA!" moment came a few years ago. I was trying to find cheap, profitable stocks and gravitated towards Raging Bull. I kept running into this guy named hweb. But he always seemed to be beating me to the same stocks. This frustrated me to no end!!!! So finally I broke down and flatout asked him exactly how he was getting his info ahead of me. He told me about Edgar and Businesswire and PRN. I knew about them but couldn't believe that he was watching those sites every day, many times a day, to catch earnings PR's as they came out.

Then he proceeded to display that amazing memory of his where he can recall seasonal trends in certain stocks, comments from a CEO two qtrs ago that are about to appear in financials now. So I tried to adopt hweb's approach. I never could get the hang of his trading skills but we still collaborated and traded info on many microcap stocks to our mutual benefit.

Finally we decided to form VMC. What a great stroke of luck! VMC has brought me into contact with dozens of very smart people who I have tried to learn from. Varied skills, approaches and tactics but each bringing something to the table to share with others. This has been extremely rewarding and keeps me eager to turn on the computer every morning!

In terms of my current investing philosophy, I have moved away from the policy statement of VMC, finding low p/e microcaps with growth. I think my strength is finding good long term stories within the context of the overall economy. I read a lot and try to stay in touch with the major trends affecting the economy. I found that it was difficult to invest in certain sectors that I thought should be overweighted and still use the strict VMC approach.

That adjusted strategy brought me first to energy and now to commodities. I was able to use VMC in energy because there were enough microcaps that were growing fast, profitable and were undervalued. The trends in energy have taken longer than I thought to play out. Specifically my belief that North American natural gas would be in short supply has not happened. Other than the Hurricane damage, my thesis hasn't played out yet. So this caused me to reassess my positions and make a shift.

My latest shift has taken me to commodities and miners. VMC is tough to use here because so many miners are not profitable or even producing. So I went for the next best thing. I am heavy into bigger, profitable value miners as well as near term producers who I think will be profitable and low p/e within a 2 year timespan. This has frustrated me because I can't post about many of my favorite stocks on VMC but I still believe in the basic principles of why we setup VMC and why it's important to keep those principles in place.

So I am still digging for value but in a slightly different way. I still love to find a value microcap but like others, find they're fewer and farther between.

I am looking for excellent growth in production and revs in my mining stocks. That helps offset the commodity price risk. I am looking for good reserves in the ground, honest, smart mgmt and the right mix of metals that look to have the best fundamental outlook going forward.

In PSL, I always pick stocks I own. I am not trying to win contests, I am trying to make money. I remain high on all my picks.

CEDA.ob and SUWN.ob represent my China plays. I think that internet education is destined for big things in China. Suwn.ob is trying to penetrate a huge US market for sweeteners with their version of Stevia. I think they have many of the right ideas and the timing is right. Whether they are capitalized well enough to take on the major retailers is my only question.

YPNT.ob has made money for me before. They have a high margin internet directory business that seems to be on the verge of a sales breakthru. They are in the process of setting up their own Las Vegas call center to directly solicit business owners. If they are successful, they will reduce costs, increase control of the cross sell and sales effort and improve profits. is my favorite long term play. If you asked me what stock I would be willing to tuck away and look at 5 years from now, it would be Petrobank. They have increasing production in Canada and Columbia, they have a possible answer to improving Tar Sands/Heavy oil production worldwide AND increasing recovery rates significantly while helping the environment by reducing greenhouse gases and water pollution.

LMC is an undervalued base metals producer that is on the acquisition trail. They have increasing production but will likely increase the most thru acquisition.

Tara Gold, is the reason I won. This is an excellent case of management being the most important component of a stock purchase. Tara's CEO, Rich Biscan, has a unique business model. He finds near term production properties in Mexico with proven ore values and then finds jt venture partners to fund the underlying land payments, exploration expenses and cash to Tara. The values he has found have been compelling enough to form 6 jt ventures where Tara retained 20-45% of the deals. Three will produce gold in 2007.

In addition, Tara has rights to two base metal projects that they will likely move into production in 2007. They will be the operator and retain 100% of these projects. They have done surface samples and found that the veins are part of the same system as a nearby private mine. Therefore they are going to proceed with opening the mine without the traditional drilling routine that is required prior to raising capital for further development.

Biscan says they have assayed samples and the ore is worth about $1,000/ton. The nearby private mill can process up to 200 tons per day of ore. Once crushed, the ore can be directly shipped to the nearest Mexican port 80 miles away and sold to waiting Chinese buyers who need ore for their smelters. Tara will subcontract the mining, milling and trucking. How much will it cost??? About $250,000 upfront.

If they can process 200 tonnes a day at $1,000/ton, that's $200K per day less $120/tonne cost. The daily net could be $176,000. If Tara can pull this off, the stock is going much, much higher. It is scheduled to happen early in 2007. Biscan says even if they run out of ore early, they will be hard pressed not to recover their costs. Once the cashflow starts, they can use some surplus to drill for more reserves. Most private mines only spend money on drilling when they need more ore.

Lack of financials is the big problem with Tara. Biscan is working on it and reports progress that should lead to filing audited statements for 2005 by January. 2006 interims should follow fairly quickly.

I recommend and think it will be a multi dollar stock by 12/07.

Good luck to all in PSL5. Bobwins


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