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Sunday, 05/26/2024 10:05:15 AM

Sunday, May 26, 2024 10:05:15 AM

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Memorial Weekend Newsletter - UBQU

Let's recap last week's trading session: The week was in a state of explosive volume not seen since 9/2022. The rebound brought on with renewed interest. Now, what sparked this interest? It started on the 24th with the company's comments reminding us on X about the dilution and no R/S. Now all that is fine, but these are X statements and can change, but one can be assured that when a company like UBQU comes out with a comment on these two very important matters tells the shareholders things are changing and they know they have a problem. We saw a bid that hasn't been there since 2022 and the close on Friday closed that gap. Will it hold, is still too early, but it does seem there is a change in the algorithm that is on our side. The volume was huge and what we can expect is a major churning that is long overdue.

One thing that we can be assured of is that many holders that have been in since prior to 2022 will exit out at .0001 and we witnessed this when we got a bid. This is a definite turning point and I believe the churning will remain until we stabilize and trade out the bottom feeders that have been in and are glad to at least remove some of their positions. This is a positive event. and very much needed to move forward. I believe the company is moving into a new era after the long absence and the most recent press releases has given the company a new lifeline.

Let's begin with the press release timelines that sparked this renewed interest. On Apr 23, 2024, the company mentioned that during its fiscal second quarter, an additional $700,000 of convertible debt principal and accrued interest has been eliminated from the corporate balance sheet. This brings the total convertible debt reduction over the past twelve months to over $1,700,000. The final numbers will be reflected in the company's financial statements filed with on or before July 15, 2024. This was the catalyst that sparked the volume but wasn't picked up until last week. This event is always good news to shareholders and is a huge testament to say the least. Certainly, more needs to be done to offset this ballooning share structure but is a very positive beginning.

Now we move into the real substance of the company's business model. This is by far the most interesting aspect of the company, and I find this to be the absolute catalyst that will create the interest of investors for the remaining period of 2024.

On April 10, 2024, the company announced a game-changing initiative by its subsidiary, Innovative Outcomes. The addition of a “Clinic-Based” focus to its business model represents a new era of exponential revenue growth, with each "Clinic Model" poised to inject an additional one million dollars annually into Innovative Outcomes' revenue stream. Embracing the Clinic-Based Model, Innovative Outcomes has crafted a pioneering system tailored to empower established wound care clinics nationwide. By facilitating order submission, enhancing patient engagement, and streamlining clinical note transmission, the company positions itself as a catalyst for direct prescription facilitation through its dedicated personnel. This streamlined approach not only optimizes operational efficiency but also expedites insurance claim processing, ensuring seamless product delivery to the patient. Innovative Outcomes is aggressively forging ahead with plans to establish 3-5 models by the close of the 3rd quarter. Additional clinics are slated to be added by the end of 2024. The company anticipates an exponential rollout throughout 2025, cementing its position as an industry leader in healthcare logistics.

Each "Model" represents a significant revenue boost, estimated at one million dollars annually, increasing the company’s market share in the wound care segment of US healthcare. Kevin Lamb, CEO of Innovative Outcomes, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "Our clinic-focused approach signifies a paradigm shift in healthcare delivery, elevating service standards and enhancing regulatory compliance. This initiative marks another pivotal step towards innovation within the wound care space, while realizing our ambitious goal of achieving our goal of $100 million in annual revenue."

On April 5th, 2024, announced that its subsidiary, Innovative Outcomes, Inc., has entered into a distribution agreement with MDM Wound Ventures to distribute its new wound debriding system called EZE Debride to healthcare professionals throughout the US, and beyond.

In the weeks coming we will get major updates and the churning out of .0001 will be awesome and needed but I see little resistance to .0005 once this is completed. Our current MC is 3m$, but as we move into the growth stage as mentioned above things will get really interesting.

This is a buying opportunity at .0001-.0002

Have a great Memorial Weekend.

See you all on the trading floor on Tuesday

Have a good day