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Chinasoft International Chen Yuhong: Consolidate the foundation of OpenHarmony and enrich the ecology of thousands of industries.


July 28, 2022

From July 27th to 29th, the 2022 Open Atom Global Open Source Summit was held in Beijing. The chairman and CEO of Chinasoft International Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Kaihong Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd. Chairman Chen Yuhong was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the summit. At the event, he delivered a keynote speech on "Consolidating the OpenHarmony Base and Enriching the Ecology of Thousands of Industries", which in-depth expounded the new trends and new values ??of the intelligent Internet of Things to help the digital and intelligent transformation of thousands of industries. Interpret the new strategic layout of Chinasoft International and Shenzhen Kaihong on Kaiyuan Hongmeng.

All things intelligent industry development Requires mastery of core information technology.
Since the mid-1950s, modern society has entered the information age, and human production and lifestyles have undergone revolutionary changes. Science and technology have advanced by leaps and bounds, and have continued to penetrate into people's production and life, bringing revolutionary changes. The way people acquire, use and transmit information continues to promote the continuous evolution of the information industry with chips + OS as the core. In the 1980s, the emergence of the PC ushered in the era of the Internet of Things. Operating systems headed by Windows and Linux were equipped with CPUs, GPUs, etc., which promoted the popularization of microcomputers.

After 2000, the emergence of smart phones ushered in the era of mobile Internet. IOS and Andriod systems have promoted the evolution of more diverse chip structures. Various wearable devices, smart terminals and upper-level ecosystems have realized the digital transformation of human and living consumption.

In 2018, the underlying chips integrate sensing capabilities such as communication, positioning, and biology, and various operating systems have sprung up. At the same time, emerging technologies such as AI and big data are integrated, and various smart terminals are used in various industry scenarios. Production and life have entered the era of the Internet of Everything, realizing deep digitization and intelligence. That is, the southbound connection chip, and the northbound connection of a large number of industry scenarios and applications has emerged.

It can be seen that the evolution of each generation of technology has brought about changes in the industrial ecology and new broad space, spawned more industries, and brought huge industrial and commercial value.

With the adjustment of economic structure and industrial transformation and upgrading, my country may face problems such as labor shortage and energy structure adjustment in the future, all of which rely on the era of the Internet of Everything to solve. Looking forward to the future, where does the confidence we lead come from, from the era of the Internet of Everything and the historical position of China in this era. And to lead this era and lead the development of the industry requires a core force, calling for such a core force.

In terms of policy, the state has planned and deployed in advance, and issued a series of industrial policies to guide the development of the Internet of Things and other information technology industries and the development of the digital economy to promote each other in a spiral.

In terms of industry, my country has the world's strongest smart device manufacturing capabilities, and smart device manufacturers such as smartphones, home appliances, automobiles, and wearables also occupy an absolute dominant position in the global market share. In the market, my country has the world's largest smart device market, and China's shipments of smart phones, home appliances, automobiles, and wearable devices are the world's largest.

Under the opportunity of policy-oriented support, industrial capabilities, and the coexistence of massive market demands, mastering core technologies and building the commanding heights of the technology of the times is the core force to promote the continuous deepening development of the industry. The key elements to effectively support the implementation of the dual-carbon strategy. This is the challenge entrusted by the times, and it is also the first time that Chinese enterprises have the opportunity to lead the industrial development in the era of the Internet of Everything and be the helmsman of the development of the era.

Deep plowing OpenHarmony Build a win-win ecosystem for all things, intelligent connection.
The development of the era of the Internet of Everything is inseparable from the two cornerstones of the chip and the operating system. The operating system, as the core linking the software and hardware ecology, provides a solid digital foundation for the development of thousands of industries. It is to promote the innovation of various industries and break the development boundaries. key to breaking the game. HarmonyOS was born in this era, promoting the connection and smooth operation of a large number of mobile phones, cars, and wearable devices. More than 300 million ecological users have verified the stability and maturity of the technology.

In order to further take root in the industry and promote the development of the industry, HarmonyOS has been open sourced to provide a blue ocean for a large number of manufacturers. Based on the open source OpenHarmony base, industry partners and colleagues have deeply cultivated OpenHarmony technology and combined their own industrial advantages to jointly build and continuously develop and expand the OpenHarmony ecosystem. improved efficiency.

The development of OpenHarmony is not only a breakthrough in the technical level of the operating system, but also an innovation in the industrial ecology, which requires more partners to discuss, share and build. Open source is the best path to achieve OpenHarmony's ecological success. The Open Atomic Open Source Foundation brings together leading manufacturers in the field of underlying chips, smart terminals, and software platforms, and joins hands with ISV solution service providers to jointly promote the digital and intelligent transformation of the industry and empower thousands of people. All industries, build OpenHarmony's prosperous ecology.

As the sharp knife of Chinasoft International in the field of OpenHarmony, Shenzhen Kaihong has joined the co-construction at the beginning of the OpenHarmony project. Currently, it is co-constructing in an all-round way with industry-university-research institutes, bearing fruitful results, and has successively cooperated with government agencies, open source organizations and industry partners to innovate The achievements of the industry have been transformed, enabling thousands of industries.

In terms of technical co-construction, Chinasoft International and Shenzhen Kaihong specially invited OpenCV and Southern University of Science and Technology to participate in the co-construction to increase the machine vision capabilities of OpenHarmony and realize the ultimate performance of OpenCV under the super terminal. Cooperate with Beijing Institute of Technology, China University of Mining and Technology and other well-known universities and industry partners to jointly prepare the robot TSC project.

In terms of product development, Shenzhen Kaihong took the lead in releasing KaihongOS last year, and continued to develop the industry. Combining with industry characteristics, in March this year, it released the KaihongOS release version for the financial industry, and completed smart finance with industry partners such as Chuangshi and Uboxun. business in the field.

In terms of ecological co-construction, Chinasoft International and Shenzhen Kaihong closely follow the government's policy guidelines and have formally signed a tripartite cooperation agreement with the Tianjin Municipal Government in June to build the "Northern Open Source Harmony City" in Tianjin Binhai High-tech Zone and build Tianjin Port "Jinhong" system, and released "Tianjin Intelligent Manufacturing Operating System Technical Specifications"; at the same time, together with industry partners, signed a partnership strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei's smart highway "corps" to explore highway informatization and digital construction.

Deep coupling with product + service Leading the digital and intelligent future.
With OpenHarmony as the base, KaihongOS off-chain intelligent terminal equipment, inherits the digital software ecology, aggregates the super terminal management platform, and empowers thousands of industries. As a sharp knife for Chinasoft International to explore and advance in the era of intelligent connection of all things, Shenzhen Kaihong is willing to change human production and life style with digitalization and intelligence, and create a non-inductive connection, flexible system, and system-level security. KaihongOS digital base with six core capabilities of , end-cloud collaboration, smooth system, and seamless transfer, integrates the super terminal management platform, goes deep into the industry, launches scenario-based solutions, empowers the digital transformation of industries such as infrastructure, elderly care, and mining, and builds everything Zhilian win-win ecosystem.

Chinasoft International provides a solid backing for Shenzhen Kaihong's forward path, based on Chinasoft International's industry precipitation, as well as software ecological service capabilities such as localized software and hardware customization capabilities, digital software factory operation management, first-class service and delivery, etc. , Deep Kaihong is rooted in the "root technology" of the era of the Internet of Everything, and has been concentrating on the research and development of KaihongOS and digital and intelligent technology capabilities. Chinasoft International and Shenzhen Kaihong have joined hands to deeply couple products + services, and continuously strengthen capacity building, striving to take root downward and pierce the sky upward; and strive to become the most solid digital transformation in various industries under the background of the digital and intelligent transformation of the whole industry. reliable partner. In terms of in-depth industry ecological expansion, Chinasoft International and Shenzhen Kaihong cooperate with industry ISV partners to jointly build an end-to-end integrated full-stack service system of "cloud-pipe-end", consolidate the foundation of digital intelligence in the industry, and add to the process of the era of the Internet of Everything. New kinetic energy.

Chinasoft International is fully integrating the Jiefang number with the era of the Internet of Everything, and launched the Honglian Joint Venture, which has landed in several important cities and turned into an industrial Internet platform. It has organized ISVs serving the Internet of Everything, and 8 million software in China. engineer. Our sharp knife is KaihongOS of OpenHarmony, and form a technically advanced leading team. The previous team was a team that was good at delivery quality and a team with rich industry knowledge. Now it depends on technology to lead. Fortunately, there is such an era and such a market, which allows us to be useful, and we are also full of confidence in the success of KaihongOS.

Driving OpenHarmony Development Build Hongmeng Digital City.
With the continuous development and technological evolution of the Internet of Everything industry, the country is paying more and more attention to the cornerstone role of OpenHarmony and other open source technologies in the digital and intelligent construction of cities. Government units at all levels have also issued a series of policy guidelines and support. The "Several Measures of Shenzhen Municipality on Accelerating the Cultivation of Hongmeng Euler Ecology (Draft for Comment)" was recently released.

Shenzhen Kaihong also signed a strategic agreement with the Tianjin Municipal Government in June to jointly build an open source Hongmeng City in the north. Chinasoft International and Shenzhen Kaihong will closely follow the policy orientation and fully devote themselves to the construction of the open source Hongmeng Digital City, with Shenzhen The Kaiyuan Hongmeng City is the starting point, and it will go to the Kaiyuan Hongmeng City in the north of Tianjin. In the future, I believe that more manufacturing cities will join the torrent of the era of digitalization and intelligence. Chinasoft International and Shenzhen Kaihong will follow Huawei to jointly develop and expand the OpenHarmony ecosystem on the basis of gathering and gathering partners. The base, I believe, will be built on the basis of open source Hongmeng. We will be the builder and founder of China's world-leading technology-driven smart city in the next ten years or even longer.

Rooted in the "black soil" of OpenHarmony, and to develop the "root technology" of the intelligent connection of all things, Chinasoft International and Shenzhen Kaihong will work hard to develop and continue to work hard to deeply root the core technology in China. The process of intelligentization, creating new industry standards, building a new ecological pattern, and dragging the world forward with factual standards!

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