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Gold River Productions, Inc. / OTC: GRPS

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Gold River Productions, Inc. / OTC: GRPS
Information Compilation

Dedicated to changing people’s lives, Gold River is a groundbreaking company aiming at improving quality of life and longevity. Our diverse products and interests include nutraceuticals, CBD, land, education and now Stem Cells. With a unique staff of physicians, cultivators, and CBD experts, we are poised to tackle different disease states on an unprecedented level. Utilizing years of experience in herbals, rare cannabinoids, traditional and non-traditional methods of patient care, we are in the unique position to utilize CBD and herbals in the most effective ways possible and make stem cells a widely accepted entity that will benefit thousands. Emphasis on what already works, then augmenting effective formulas with high-quality cannabinoids in therapeutic levels can achieve unprecedented symptom control in a myriad of disease states.

Company Officers
Dr. Richard Goulding, MD, Chairman
Sam Elias, Chief Revenue Officer
Dr. Bruce Bond, DC, DCABN
Dr. Jackie Bond
Dr. Danielle Morosco, Veterinarian
Michael Berkowitz, Stem Cell expert
Frank DeAngelo (possibly in the background-imo)

Stock Info
Pink Current / Verified Profile
1,300,000,000 Authorized
1,277,089,842 Outstanding Shares (Restricted: 222,198,093 / Unrestricted 1,054,891,749)
896,746,739 - Float as of 06/30/2021
OTC disclosures & Financials: https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/GRPS/disclosure

No Reverse Split & No Toxic Lending Risk
On 2/28/21, the company updated its articles to include this note regarding toxic debt and no reverse stock split:

“The Corporation shall not issue any convertible promissory notes, convertible preferred stock or
other convertible instruments. The Corporation shall not engage in a reverse stock split.”


Website: https://www.grpsinc.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/grpsinc
^^Lets get the company some more followers!

Contact Info
Gold River Productions, Inc.

Main Office:
1419 Chafee Dr., Suite 3
Titusville, FL 32780

Other Location noted on product packaging:
4 Office Park Drive
Palm Coast, FL 32137


Company Video - Must Watch

Products Available for Pre-Order
*please note that this is a pre-order as noted on the page..

Everywhere you should be able to get the products:

Company Trademarks & Applications

Quarterly Podcast with the Slight Edge

Episode 1: https://podcastpeteslight.podbean.com/e/the-slight-edge-grps-001/

Episode 2: https://podcastpeteslight.podbean.com/e/the-slight-edge-grps-002/

https://www.grpsinc.com/grps-podcast/ - The GRPS website has a field to submit topics for them to cover in next quarter’s podcast.

On August 20th, the company posted this video on their Youtube Channgel. Take a look.
MD vs. Chiropracter. Dr. Richard Goulding & Dr. Bruce Bond

Notes from the most recent financial disclosures:
NOTE 3 - INVESTMENTS AND JOINT VENTURES The Company uses the term inputs for the valuation of joint ventures and investments. The Company intends to hold investments for a term longer than one year. The Company’s investments are not traded regularly on open markets and the valuation can be very subjective. For the years ended December 31, 2020 and 2019, the Company viewed all investments as Level 3 investments with an ending value of $516,250 and $70,750, respectively. The values remain the same at March 31, 2021.

NOTE 10 - STRATEGIC ALLIANCES During 2019, the Company entered into a strategic alliance with LeGanjaFairy LLC (LeGanja) and RushNet Inc. (Rush). As part of this alliance, LeGanja will be provided $5,000,000 in funding in exchange for their gross revenues from operations being assigned to an escrow account. Those gross revenues, less a variable percentage, will belong to the Company and paid out according to the agreement with LaGanja and RushNet Inc. During the year ended December 31, 2020 LaGanja failed to provide financial statements in accordance with the strategic agreement for the 3rd and 4th quarters. At this time, the Company is evaluating whether or not to continue with the agreement.

During 2020, the Company entered into a strategic alliance with Able Academics LLC (Able). As part of this alliance, Able will be provided $7,500,000 in funding in exchange for their gross revenues from operations being assigned to an escrow account. Those gross revenues, less a variable percentage, will belong to the Company and paid out according to the agreement with Able. During the three months ended March 31, 2020 those revenues totaled $868,871.


Here is a Rundown of Recent Product Development News & Company Updates
**All of this information is pulled from their Twitter Feed or PRs

May 23 - Company offers a look-ahead, and notes minor issues with Shopify.
In the next few weeks we will be excited to reveal a lot of the details regarding partnerships, doctor networks, crucial affiliates. Shopify is being addressed. Many companies have Cbd policies that are difficult to navigate properly. We have hired a terrific marketing firm.

June 1 - Company asks for patience
We are entering a phase of our operations that will demand a significant amount of extra time and attention. Although our social media updates will be reduced, we appreciate your patience as we work to finalize agreements that we believe will bring great value to our organization

June 16 - Announced contract with Eden Labs for Painplex, Energyplex, & Inflammaplex
We are committed to quality, which is why we contracted with the best in the business—Eden Labs to help make PAINPLEX, ENERGYPLEX, and INFLAMMAPLEX a reality. What's unique about Eden is their ability to extract properly (ethanol extraction at specific ratios).


June 16 - Announced contract with HoliHemp in Washington State to produce the gummies line of products
Holihemp, in WA, was contracted to make our gummies due to their broad range of applications and a reputation for using Compliant Hemp Oil Distillate. Their ability to insert large quantities of rare cannabinoids in gummies without sacrificing taste was key. They operate a stellar facility that meets state, fed, and intl regulatory standards.


June 17th - Announced their partnership with Laurelcrest CBD for CBD source
We'd like to share with you our first class source for product. LAURELCREST. They were able to institute our precise targeted formulations utilizing large amounts of specific and rare cannabinoids.


LAURELCREST offers us:
- Advanced Delivery Systems
- USA Grown Hemp
- Allergen-free
- Full Spectrum/Broad Spectrum
- Isolates
- Consistent High Quality
- Full Traceability
- Control from Seed to Sale
- NANO Technology
- 100% Regulatory Compliance

June 21 - New logo and announcement of a marketing team hired
Innovative products and solutions are the foundation for growth, but innovation by itself cannot sustain an organization; it must be coupled with strategic marketing. We're pleased to share that we've retained a marketing team with limitless capabilities. https://twitter.com/grpsinc/status/1406997126362578952

June 21 - Company telling us that there will be steady news, once ready...
We have mapped out a progressive release of information and will continue to reveal marketing, acquisitions and what the future holds. This will not happen all at once, and there’s a lot of information that will become clear

June 23 - Company News Release - Distribution through AllStar Health Brands to commence internationally
Gold River Productions (OTC Pink: GRPS), through its distribution partner, All Star Health Brands Inc, expects to commence distribution and sales of three of its unique-formulated supplements as well as the first set of products within its long-awaited gummy line. This distribution will expand to certain international markets within the next six months. Ongoing discussions are in place with Jamaican and US distributors. Other markets may include Canada and parts of Latin America. Also noted is a source of funding from a charity. http://epidemiologicsolutions.com/

June 25 - Company provides operational updates via twitter
As our loyal shareholders know, we are very diligent in the quality of our personnel and our products. We are taking special care to ensure the best partners for distribution as well, as that’s the key to our future. This must be a solid acquisition and not done in haste.

In the last year, we have done some very remarkable things as a company:

We have created and produced core products that are unique to the marketplace and sorely needed by customers

We have demonstrated the unique efficacy of three of these products (our gummy line), as shown in many enthusiastic testimonials

We have initiated 2 different distribution models with wide ranging potential and are now getting ready to deliver those products

We have amassed a professional staff of dedicated, highly respected physicians and business people that share our enthusiasm for the company mission

We have engaged a dedicated marketing firm that specifically sought us out because of the effect our product had on a family member

All of this has been done so far on personal funding with no dilution. The future is ours, and we wish to thank our family of investors for their patience. With all the pieces falling into place, now the fun can really begin.

July 14 - GRPS names Dr. Danielle Morosco to the team, and creates a Pet Division.
Gold River Productions, Inc. (OTC Pink: GRPS) expands its product line into the pet space, an industry with a projected market size of $325,740,000,000 by 2028, according to Fortune Business Insights. We welcome our newest member, Dr. Danielle Morosco, to head our veterinary division. Dr. Morosco has vast experience with domestic animals, especially cats and dogs, and has enthusiastically embraced our unique formulation for pain and anxiety for house pets. Her expertise also includes treating larger animals. We are impressed with her input designing an equine and bovine formulation based on our pain formula.
Dr. Morosco graduated with honors from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, focusing on emergent and animal chronic care. She is currently completing a 110-hour continuing education course to become a Veterinary Botanical Medicine Consultant, which includes in depth modules about herbal treatments and CBD in veterinary patients.

“Our pet formulation appears to be the only one on the market that utilizes rare cannabinoids in addition to being affordable and effective” says Richard Goulding, M.D. “And when it comes to how pets are viewed by their owners, they are essentially people too. Their problems are more subtle and it’s often difficult to gauge when an animal is in pain. But the dogs we’ve tested with this product, we’ve seen noticeable and immediate results and a real sense of calm.”


Obviously, Dr. Morosco is highly qualified in Pet CBD. Take a look at this website that she already has in place.

July 28 - Dr. Bruce Bond posts photos of samples of the Plex Line on twitter
Received 650-700 capsules of each product from EdenLabs Energyplex, Inflammaplex, Painplex and Echinaceaplex. Want to thank Dr. Goulding and the whole GRPS team for all that they are doing. We will be working on the next phase which is developing labeling, etc. and then go to larger production and then bottling.


August 4 - GRPS names Michael Berkowitz to the team, creates StemSpa Subsidiary and Rejuvenation Division
“We are in negotiations to construct stand-alone facilities in strategic locations to establish “StemSpa,” which will serve as centers of excellence in the United States and offshore. We will begin with approximately 1000 doctors thanks to the relationship built between GRPS, heliosDx, and CEO Ashley Sweat of Rushnet (OTC Pink: RSHN).

August 9 - Gold River Productions, Inc. (GRPS) signs agreement for marketing and distribution with VirExit Technologies


Gold River Productions, Inc. (OTC Pink: GRPS) announced today the finalization of a marketing and distribution agreement with Virexit Technologies.

“VirExit Technologies (OTC Pink: VXIT) is not just another marketing website,” says Richard Goulding, M.D., Chairman of the Board of Gold River Productions. “The Safer Place Market (www.saferplace.market) which is transitioning into the VMarket (www.vmarket.shop) is truly a unique concept that marries ‘word of mouth’ advertising with viral marketing. Their concept is fascinating. It enables the linking of actual consumer and business experiences to multiple internet outlets. The company’s focus on wellness, health, productivity, and safety offers real solutions for businesses and consumers.

Every product in VirExit’s stores is curated and focused directly on these four pillars. The public is inundated with ads, glitzy marketing and celebrity endorsements. Understanding what one finds online and the value of it is challenging. Finding a best of breed product, with a foundation in science and medicine, is challenging.
VirExit and Gold River Productions are achieving this level of product credibility. Announcing game-changing products, including our gummy and nutraceutical lines is both exciting and energizing. Now that research and development have been completed on Inflammaplex, Painplex and Energyplex and we’ve had a chance to sample the outstanding technical work of Eden Labs, we’re moving into mass market availability of these products.


August 19 - AllStar Health announces implementation of distribution and sales of Gold River Products beginning with their “Dr. Bond’s Gummy Line”

“The wait is over,” explains Pete Wanner, CEO of AllStar. “We are excited about the launch of Gold River’s products and to be the first in line to purchase GRPS products. We have a number of distributors anxiously awaiting their products, Dr. Bond’s Gummy line: Sleepy Watermelon, Relief Raspberry and Calming Mango.”

This is a game changer for the CBD industry. Gold River has created a high-grade formulation that targets specific consumer issues. We have not seen any formulations like this. We’ve tried them, tested them, sampled them and the results are very supportive. This isn’t your average CBD gummy. Not by a long shot. Our initial distribution will be in Jamaica and Florida. Now that we have product, we will be engaging in larger distribution channels including the United States, Mexico, Canada as well as the adjacent Islands. What intrigues us most about Gold River is their product line, which is unique, high end and in our opinion, a fresh and new in the nutraceutical world. It will set the gold standard. They did it right, and their video is spot on.

“We will be marketing online as well through http://vividcbd.com and the AllStar Website.”

August 27th - GRPS pre-orders for three gummy products are shipped
The long wait is over! Pre-orders are going in the mail, and the website will be accepting regular purchase orders soon. Can’t wait to add your reviews to all the amazing ones we already have!

September 21-October 9th - Company Tweets Out Various Updates
“We will be conferencing with one of the largest distributors in South America There are logistics issues with Mexico and South America due to Cbd quirky laws but I feel confident we will get it done.”

“On another front, we have shared our pet formulation after NDA’s signed with a group out west that has great ties in Mexico as well. They are now doing R & D on the biscuits with the specs required. This isn’t simple as several of the cannabinoids are quite heat sensitive. Dr Morosco has adjusted the formulation to include components for inflammation as well, so that the biscuits will have more utility and aren’t for “as needed” use. They will be daily.”

“Lots happening. Huge month for us on many fronts:
1) We should have answers by month’s end on a number of government opportunities including a new initiative, which we have targeted. More on this very soon
2) We have reached a final and very favorable price with Eden Labs on Inflammaplex, Painplex and Energyplex. We are stunned by the efficacy of these three products, especially in combination with the gummies. Our target for bottled product is the first of the year. All Star will release this week new website for the gummies - meeting tomorrow with professional sports team - very excited about the product combinations for their athletes.”

3) “Our platform for doctors and chiropractors with processing is being tested and is about ready to go, but we would like all six (+) products available before the launch. Look for two new podcasts we have created to come out shortly.”

4) “Thanks for your patience. We are excited to move to the revenue/distribution phase!”

September 30th - Website Getting Updates

“Our website is undergoing updates! Excited, more than ever, for our path forward! We are just getting started on this trail that we've blazed. We continue to be humbled by our fantastic team and our loyal shareholders who have made this next phase (revenue) possible.”

October 9th - Website Ready To Go for Next Week

“We have completed all of the planned updates to our website. We are now waiting on third party underwriting to give us the green light for the final piece. Should be Monday or Tuesday. Stay tuned!”

YTD Chart Showing Accumulation
Link to Chart

Go $GRPS !! Time to show everyone the goods !


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