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$SFLM DD - Updated September 11, 2021 [important

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$SFLM DD - Updated September 11, 2021 [important aspects in bold]

Now that plans for 2021 stated when acquired in 4Q 2020 can be seen as being implemented and sales figures are consistent / increasing:

- Key Points made in 1st to 7th Videos deleted if included in the new June 2021 version of the Shareholder Presentation - links to videos retained and all interested traders are encouraged to view.

- PRs prior to the start of the new campaign on February 18, 2021 have been deleted.

- For brevity, details of runs in 2019 and 2020 of up to 433% have been deleted - available to view in the contemporaneous record here.

SFLMaven is a "beyond well-established" [company's description] jewelry business which has operated successfully on eBay since June 2003 - 18+ years.

It effectively went public when acquired by the former ticker $SKDI in October 2020.

At the same time, $SKDI divested itself of Hakuna [sold as a going concern for $350K] and Numuni [which will now repay monies advanced to it in a note to $SFLM for $200K].

CEO of SFLMaven became CEO of $SKDI wef October 12, 2020.

Significant further information about the success to date of SFLMaven and plans ahead have been given in 8 x videos to date [see links below].

The CEO has confirmed that there will be no reverse stock split and that the company has a very tight public float.

On / around February 18, 2021 the company applied for a name change of the then current ticker $SKDI to "SFLMaven" and a ticker change - approval was expected by mid-April but was completed over 2 weeks early.

The name "SFLMaven" and ticker "SFLM" came into effect March 30, 2021.

The name and ticker change went through extremely quickly as FINRA requested all filings going right the way back to initial incorporation in 1980 and the company's very professional back office was able to provide it within 30 minutes. [source: 3rd video]

$SFLM is now re-focused on a serious revenue generating business and - having divested itself of non-core businesses - is set to deliver shareholder value.

SFLMaven has now retained a professional Investor Relations company [source: 3rd video].

SFLMaven has now also retained a brand building Public Relations company [source: PR dated May 11, 2021].

SFLMaven now also sells at 1stDIBS [source: Twitter July 8, 2021]
Future Intent

- Revamp Corporate image.

- Increase exposure in luxury markets as a whole.

- Increase inventory to increase sales volume.

- Increase in revenue of 30% in 2021 over that of 2020.

- Build out own professional on-line retail site - already being worked on [source: 3rd video].

- Start holding investor events as soon as permitted [source: 3rd video].

- Increase shareholder trust by delivering dependable growth month after month and Q after Q.

- Deliver "fantastic shareholder value".

- Emphasize differentiation from other OTC companies - get the word out that it is an undervalued "diamond in the rough" that already keeps cranking out $Ms in revenue month over month [source: 4th video].

- Diversify over more platforms [source: 4th video].
Key Extracts - Company Shareholder Presentation - June 2021 Version

Corporate Overview

- SFLMaven is a premium provider of high-end jewelry through its top rated eBay store.

- Over $130M in sales since 2003.

- 99.9% Positive Feedback - over 98,000 positive reviews since inception.

- An Elite eBay Store: prestigious "Top Rated Seller" badge with established eBay corporate relationships - known for its "Famous Thursday Night Auctions".

- Robust Financial Profile: $2.7M in sales in Q1 2021 alone.

- Demand Inelastic Industry: given vast demand and efficient nature of "no reserve" auctions, supply is the only constraint - "if you list it, they will come".

- Proprietary Dealer Network: significant competitive advantage from
trusted dealer network that procures pre-owned items from consumers.

- Revenue Growth Drivers: improved capitalization as public company
expected to drive increasingly large weekly auctions.

- Strong Macroeconomic Tailwinds: operates at intersection of the growing jewelry and E-commerce markets, benefitting from recovering economy.

Jewelry Market Opportunity

- Refer to the Company Shareholder Presentation for detail [link below].

E-commerce Market

- Refer to the Company Shareholder Presentation for detail [link below].

SFLMaven brings these two profitable markets together on eBay - the world’s largest auction marketplace.

In 2019, about 65% of gross merchandising value came from repeat sellers.

Unique model incentivizes consumers to transact by making the process quick and easy, unlocking a vast quantity of desirable, high quality, pre-owned luxury goods.


- Builds trust in buyer base by thoroughly inspecting the quality and condition of every item and putting every item through a full authentication process.

- This trust drives repeat purchases from buyer base and instills confidence in first-time buyers to purchase pre-owned luxury goods from SFLMaven.

E-commerce Sales

- Items are marketed globally for auction on eBay to a robust database of new and returning customers built over 20 years in business.

- Items are concurrently listed on multiple social media channels and
promoted through additional advertising to drive bidding wars.

Growth Strategy

- SFLMaven primarily operates "no reserve" eBay auctions.

- Given eBay’s vast reach and the efficient nature of online marketplaces, supply will almost always be sold in the vicinity of a fair market price.

- Due to this effect, product supply is the only constraint to growth, as demand is nearly infinite.

- To grow sales, SFLMaven simply needs to expand product sourcing capabilities to obtain more jewelry at fair prices.

- SFL Maven is currently pursuing the following:

-- Expansion of dedicated dealer network.

-- Development of online product sourcing capabilities.


- Fairly stable revenue base with significant growth potential - able to weather various economic conditions.

- Gross margin profile varies based on competitive bidding dynamics - realized robust 21.7% margin profile in Q1 2021.

- Given auction nature, particularly unique products that trigger bidding wars can reach 75%+ gross margins.

- Initiating audit with goal of filing Form 10, becoming fully reporting company in 2021 & uplisting to OTCQB.

2021 Q1 Filed May 17, 2021 - Key Points Noted

In the 2020 Annual Report - of which only the last 3 months related exclusively to the business that is now $SFLM:

For 12 months ending Dec 31, 2020 - Operating Loss of $2,690,186

In the 2021 Q1 Report - first solely on the current $SFLM business:

For 3 months ending Mar 31, 2021 - Operating Loss reduced to $116,100

Overall, $SFLM continues to head in the right direction all the time and - in the CEO's words - "on the cusp of profitability".

With the Q2 over Q1 sales up by $603K+, I expect the company to show significant profitability in 2021.
Key Points - 2021 Q1 Achievements PR Dated May 25, 2021

- 2021 Q1 revenue $2.7M - healthy 21.7% gross margin - $(.1M) net.

- Strengthened relationship with eBay corporate through promotional partnership around Mothers' Day holiday - providing preferred placement for SFLMaven products on the eBay homepage.

- Engaged international investor relations specialists MZ Group to lead a comprehensive, strategic investor relations and financial communications program across all key markets.

- Launched revamped corporate and IR website as part of a new commitment to the capital markets, providing up-to-date information for current and prospective investors.

- Selected Heather Krug PR & Marketing as the Company's Public Relations agency, with the goal of driving elevated media attention and consumer interest in SFLMaven's product listings.

- "first reported quarter as a standalone public company, having realized an incredibly strong margin profile - driven by competitive bidding dynamics for our one-of-a-kind products - while standing on the cusp of profitability"

- "We continue to see strong macroeconomic trends supporting the jewelry industry, with many pockets of newfound wealth created through stimulus efforts as well as stock and cryptocurrency capital gains being deployed into high-end jewelry."

- "Our differentiated jewelry sourcing capabilities, when paired with our strong relationship with eBay corporate and select suppliers, presents unique opportunities to further build the SFLMaven brand - including preferred product placements during major sale events on the eBay homepage and exclusive invitations to top-eBay seller events."

- "We launched a first-of-kind advertising campaign in the first quarter of 2021, which drove ‘bidding wars' through increased visibility for our listings and therefore significantly higher gross margins as compared to the prior year.

- "As we refine our campaigns to reduce our expenses, improve advertising efficiency and scale our quantity of listings, we believe we will reach profitability in the near-term."

"As we look ahead, our goal is to complete an audit, file a Form 10, uplist to the OTCQB and emerge as a profitable, fully reporting public company with a pathway to an eventual Nasdaq-listing and other complimentary growth opportunities."

"Given our strong results thus far, I firmly believe that we are on a path to create significant value for our shareholders over the long-term"
Key Points - 2021 Q1 + Q2 Achievements PR Dated August 4, 2021

- Numerical performance items in relevant section below.

- "We are seeing robust improvements in the core business both in terms of expanding overall sales and through operational efficiencies"

- "We are also working to build out additional sales channels, as exemplified by the recent addition of our 1stDibs.com SFLMaven store."

- "the Company has implemented robust competitive bidding dynamics, refined ad campaigns, improved advertising efficiency, and scaled its quantity of listings, which are all supporting improvements to bottom-line cash flows from operations.".

- "The Company believes these factors will contribute to near-term profitability over coming quarters."

- Expanding market reach by diversifying sales channels.

- Implementation of a multi-channel digital strategy holds the potential to dramatically widen the end-market customer footprint and market share in the high-end jewelry marketplace.

- "Accelerating top-line growth to close out Q2 extrapolates very favorably for the second half of the year, especially given macro tailwinds for the luxury goods sector from leading economic indicators, record household savings ratios, a strong credit environment, and a very accommodative policy backdrop."
2021 Q2 Filed August 16, 2021 - Key Points Noted

- Operating Loss in 2020 was $2.69M.

- Operating Loss in 2021 for 6 months reduced to $528K with the increased sales and despite the investment in getting those increased sales.

- Q2 had a lot of new costs added for the first time for the increased marketing and the detailed breakdown gives a good idea of those that are fixed (office + IR + PR + advertising + Internet etc) and those which are sales dependent (eg eBay commission).

- Still heading in the right direction and still looking good to flip positive in 2021.
Performance / Achievements

- 2020 top line revenue: $7.4M - despite challenges of COVID-19 in sourcing inventory at estate sales [source: 2020 Annual Report].

- 2021 target: increase revenue by 30% [source: 2nd video] - already achieving 40% [source: July 15 PR].

- March 2021 sales up 20% on March 2020 [source: 3rd video].

- Most expensive item sold March 2021: $18,600 [source: 3rd video].

- Most expensive item sold April 2021: $25,499 [source: eBay]

- April 2021 sales were up 30% on that of March 2021 [source: eBay].

- Most expensive item sold in May 2021: $25,599 [source: eBay].

- Most expensive item sold in June 2021: $10,900 [source: eBay]

- Most expensive item sold in July 2021: $25,999 [source: eBay]

- Most expensive items sold in August: $19,999 [source: eBay].

- Most expensive item sold in September so far: $10,600 [source: eBay].

- 2021 Q2: $3,067,276 - beat 2021 Q1 by $603,234 - 24%. [source: eBay]

- 2021 Q2 also beat 2020 Q4 - when Q4 is always the best Q [source: eBay].

- 2021 Q3 so far: $2,493,490 - with 3 x auctions still to go, already set to equal or beat 2021 Q2 [source: eBay].

- July 2021 sales beat June 2021 setting a new all-time record of $1,168,416 [source: eBay].

- 2021 so far January 1 to September 10: $8.02M [source: eBay / PRs - see below]

- Total Sales for 6 months January to June 2021 increased more than 14% over the same period in 2020 [source: PR August 4].

- Accelerating Sales Growth - June 2021 sales up 125% over June 2020 [source: PR August 4].

- Gross Profit of $608,423 for 6 months ended June 30, 2021 - up 194% on year-over-year basis [source PR August 4].

- Inventory value at $770K as of June 30, 2021 - up 28% on year-over-year basis [source: PR August 4].

- Total Current Assets up 17% on year-over-year basis [source: PR August 4].

- August 2021 sales revenue up 38% on August 2020 - items sold up 22% - average sale price up 13% [source: PR dated September 2].

- Inventory available for sale in September 2021 "vastly exceeds" that which was available going into September 2020 [source: PR dated September 2]
CEO Videos

1st Video - PR'ed October 9, 2020:


2nd Video - PR'ed November 2, 2020:


3rd Video - PR'ed April 9, 2021:


4th Video - linked released via Twitter May 6, 2021:


5th Video - link released via Twitter May 12, 2021:


6th video - link released via Twitter June 7, 2021:


7th Video - link released via Twitter June 9, 2021:


8th Video - found on Money TV September 2, 2021:

$SFLM is also OTC Pink Current

Public Offering

The Public Offering at .0050 to raise $11M to increase the inventory to increase sales by a target of 30% in 2021 was filed on January 28, 2021.

$SFLM wants to have capital on hand to acquire small jewelry businesses and any large private collections of jewelry that might be offered for sale [source: 2nd video].

The Public Offering Statement was updated on May 18, 2021 and it was confirmed that money was coming in already.
Share Structure - Updated September 8, 2021

Transfer Agent Verified.

Authorized Shares: 1,500,000,000 [85% reduction from pre- Feb 2020 figure]

Outstanding Shares: 1,409,275,173 [up 341.25M in 11 months September 2020 > August 2021 - no change August 2 > September 8]

Restricted: 615,504,231 [up 20M in 11 months September 2020 > August 2021 - no change in last 3 months May to August 2, 2021 - down 50M August 2 > September 8]

Unrestricted: 793,770,942 [up 321.25M in 11 months September 2020 > August 2021 - up 50M August 2 > September 8 from formerly Restricted]

Note 1: It is only the Unrestricted Outstanding Shares count that is relevant to immediate trading. Very low at 793M for a stock in the .0050 > .25 price range.

Note 2: The 252.5M increase in the Unrestricted Outstanding Shares count in 10 months September 2020 > July 2021 was not significant to the top long-term traders of $SFLM.

Note 3: Way more than that increase over 220+ trading days was traded in just a dozen of them - for example: 65M in just 2 days on March 3-4, 30M on March 18, 365M on March 24, 57M on March 25, 99M on March 29, 28M on April 1, 136M on April 5-9, 50M on April 7, 28M on April 8, 21M on April 29 & 35M on May 4 [914M in just those 12 days].

Note 4: The 68.75M increase in July 2021 was not significant to the long-term traders of $SFLM. 578M were traded in the 20 trading days concerned - including 286.5M on July 15, 49M on July 16 and 112.75M on August 4 [448M+ in just those 3 days alone].

Note 5: The 50M increase in August 2021 - all formerly Restricted shares held by insiders - was not significant to the long-term traders of $SFLM. 343M were traded in the 27 trading days concerned - including 112M on August 4 when it ran .0042 > .0064 (52%) and 50M on August 13 when it ran .0040 > .0051 (27.5%).
PRs / Updates Since February 18, 2021

Ongoing professional PR campaign with 28 releases already - now due once per month.

News - February 18. Sun Kissed Rebrands to Align with Its Highly Successful Multi-Million Dollar Online Jeweler Subsidiary, SFLMaven.


News - February 22. Sun Kissed's SFLMaven Celebrates its Resilient 2020 Performance.


News - March 3. Sun Kissed: SFLMaven Reports Strong and Exciting "Famous Thursday Night Auction" Results, Booking Nearly $200K in Weekly Sales.


News - March 10. Sun Kissed's SFLMaven Exceeds $220K in Weekly Sales on Strong Thursday Night Auction Results.


News - March 15. SFLMaven Books $190K In Weekly Sales on Nearly $170K in Sales from Their Thursday Night Auction.


News - March 24. SFLMaven Logs Record Setting $257K + Weekly Sales on Nearly $230K in "Famous Thursday Night Auction" Event Sales.


News - March 29. Sun Kissed Industries, Inc. Receives Approval for Name and Symbol Change to "SFLMaven, Inc.", with Symbol "SFLM" Becoming Effective After Market on Monday, March 29th, 2021.


News - April 1. SFLMaven Announces $240,000 in Weekly Sales Driven by Famous Thursday Night Auction Event.


News - April 8. "SFLMaven Announces March 2021 Sales Grew 20% to $0.8 Million"


News - April 9. First CEO Video of 2021 - "The King of eBay".



News - April 14. SFLMaven Announces Strong eBay Auction Sales of $246,000 for Week Ended April 8th.


News - April 21. SFLMaven Announces Strong eBay Auction Sales of $233,000 for Week Ended April 15th.


News - April 27. SFLMaven Announces Robust eBay Auction Sales of $207,000 for Week Ended April 23rd.


News - April 29. SFLMaven Corp Engages MZ Group to Lead Strategic Investor Relations and Shareholder Communication Program.


News - May 4. SFLMaven Announces April 2021 Sales Grew 27% Sequentially to $1.1 Million.


News - May 6. SFLMaven Announces Launch of New Corporate Website.


News - May 11. SFLMaven Selects Heather Krug PR & Marketing as its Public Relations Agency.


News - May 13. SFLMaven Announces Promotional Partnership with eBay, Driving Record Mother's Day Week Sales of $278,000.


News - May 25. SFLMaven Reports First Quarter 2021 Financial Results.


News - June 1. SFLMaven to Present at LD Micro Invitational XI.



News - June 3. SFLMaven Announces May 2021 Sales of $0.9 Million.


News - June 8. SFLMaven Announces Multi-Year Record of $318,000 in Weekly Sales


News - June 10. SFLMaven Celebrates 18 Year Anniversary and Transition to Public Company.


News - July 7. SFLMaven Announces June 2021 Sales Grew 125% to $1.0 Million.


Update - July 8: "#SFLMaven is delighted to announce that we are now on @1stDibs ! Please come and browse all the #FineJewelry that we have to offer you!
#1stDibs @SFLMaven #Jewelry #DiamondJewelry #GoldRings #MensWatches #LadiesWatches #TennisBracelets #Necklaces etc."



News - July 15. SFLMaven Announces $11 Million Preliminary 2021 Revenue Guidance.


News - July 20. SFLMaven Announces New Sales Channel Launch on 1st Dibs, a Leading Luxury Goods Online Marketplace.

1st Dibs Marks Launch of First New Sales Channel, Further Diversifying Revenue Base.


News - August 4. News - SFLMaven Reports Unaudited Mid-Year Financials: Double-digit Y/Y Sales Growth, Expanded Profitability.


News - September 2. SFLMaven August Sales Jump 38% to $828k as Company Prepares for Big Fall & Holiday Season.

Trading Patterns

Started breakout from .0038 (previous close) to .0050 on January 6, 2021

Ran from .0052 > .0064 on February 9 - 23%

Ran from .0062 > .0080 on February 10 - 29%

Ran from . 0073 > .0091 on just 1.3M in consecutive buys in a few minutes on February 11 - 25%

Ran from .0070 > .0088 on February 18 - 26%

Ran from 0076 > .0091 on March 3 - 20%

Ran to from .0084 > .0094 (then new 2021 high) on March 18 on just a few hail 1.5M mary buys in quick succession.

Ran from .0086 (previous close) > .0197 (then new 2021 high) on March 24 - 129%

Ran from .0092 (previous close) > .0169 on March 29 on just under 99M traded - 84%

Ran from .0169 (previous close) > .0200 (new 2021 high) on March 30 - 18%

Ran from .0127 (previous close) > .0160 on April 1 on just 28M traded - 26%

Ran from .0098 (previous close) > .0119 on April 8 - 21%

Ran from .0070 > .0087 on April 22 - 24%

Ran from .0072 > .0087 on April 29 - 21%

Ran from .0069 (previous close) > .0084 on May 4 - 22%

Ran from .0067 > .0087 on May 13 - 30%

Ran from .0040 (previous close) > .0054 on June 21 - 35%

Ran from .0060 (previous close) > .0117 on July 15 - 95%

Ran from .0042 (previous close) > .0064 on August 4 - 52%

Started breakout towards .01 > .02 on August 13 with significant new interest group buying 50M

Ran from .0040 > .0051 on August 13 - 27.5%

Additional detail and analysis on all the serious OTC trader forums.
Performance & Outlook

$SFLM [as $SKDI] was the #1 Top Profit Pick & #1 Top Actual Banked Profit Earning Stock of 2020 on my Watch List due to the multiple surges it experienced. As a long-term project, this enables more shares being held for future growth and uplisting to be effectively converted to "free" by trading a portion of the overall inventory on moves.

$SFLM will remain the #1 Top Profit Pick on my Watch List for my 3,126 followers throughout 2021 and into 2022 for self-evident reasons - it is currently trading well below where its market cap should be for its revenue.

$SFLM is already consistently in one of the Top 3 Actual Banked Profit positions in 2021 due to the extent and frequency of its probable short squeeze runs. It pays to be ready at all times for surges, uplisting to OTCQB and the long-term (if interested).

Continued large profit trading opportunities are anticipated ahead throughout 2021 and into 2022 for those who maintain a large inventory of shares at various price points - then not only do we not have to chase but we also deprive new interest of cheap shares under .01.

Cancel any left over ask sell orders at close to get the maximum gap up at each open.

Expect .0250 > .2500+ at some point in 2021 - and repeat runs in the meantime to .01 > .0150 - as the following catalysts play out:

- Awareness in the wider trading / investing community of the proven success and future potential of SFLMaven - to date $SFLM PRs have not been routed for alerts on broker platforms.

- Weekly eBay sales revenues visible to all share holders on a continuous basis.

- Monthly updates from the company.

- 2021 Q3 and Q4 filings.

- Rebranding.

- Launch of SFLMaven's own on-line store - in addition to eBay.

- Broadening its multi-channel digital strategy [source: PR July 15].

- Exploring other sales channels outside of eBay to diversify and expand its reach [source: PR July 15].

- Addition of a Shopify store - launch TBA [source: 8th video]

- Diversification of luxury goods offered.

- Large investors found by MZ Group from both their client base and investor symposiums.

- Social media influencing and brand building conducted by Heather King PR & Marketing.

- Completion of audit to become "Fully Reporting"

- Uplisting to OTCBQ.

- New additional strategy for 2022 - "some big announcements" to be made on Money TV mid-September 2021 [source: 8th video].
Websites / Social Media

SFLMaven website: https://www.sflmaven.com/

SFLMaven - eBay on-line store: http://www.ebaystores.com/SFLMAVEN-ANTIQUES-JEWELRY-FINE-ART

SFLMaven - 1stDIBS on-line store: https://www.1stdibs.com/more-from-seller/jewelry/?sellerPk=j_23032

SFLMaven Twitter: https://twitter.com/sflmaven

SFLMaven Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sflmaven/?hl=en
SFLMaven 2021 Sales To September 10

[these figures are for eBay store only - from Q3 onwards there will be additional revenue from the 1st Dibs store]

2021 Total to September 10: $8,023,808 - 8,712 items - average $921 per sale

2021 Q3 Total to September 10: $2,493,490 - 2,796 items

2021 Q2 Total: $3,067,276 - 3,256 items

2021 Q1 Total: $2,464,042 - 2,926 items

Broken down as follows:

September 1-10: $452,861 - 516 items

August 1-31: $872,213 - 1,013 items

July 1-31: $1,168,416 - 1,267 items

June 1-30: $1,088,998 - 1,097 items

May 1-31: $919,149 - 930 items

April 1-30 Total: $1,059,129 - 1,229 items

March 1-31: $815,986 - 973 items

February 1-28: $822,723 - 960 items

January 1-31: $825,333 - 993 items

2020 Q4 Total: $2,690,246 - 3,078 items

Broken down as follows:

December 1-31: $904,788 - 995 items

November 1-30: $735,981 - 940 items

October 1-31: $1,049,477 - 1,143 items

Note 1: My figures - added up from eBay listings by date sale closed weekly - sometimes come out slightly higher than those PR'ed by the company as some auction buys get voided.

Note 2: The majority of the revenue comes in each Thursday when the auction ends.

Note 3: Estate items sold on eBay for 18 years - est June 2003 - revenue is limited only by inventory available each week.

Note 4: On July 13, a Rolex watch sold pre-auction at the Buy-It-Now price of $25,999 - yet again demonstrating that revenue is only limited by supply which $SFLM is taking multiple steps to improve.

Note 5: Pre-auction Buy It Now sales August 1-4 were $51,696.

Note 6: June 2021 beat the previous record set in April 2021.

Note 7: 2021 Q2 beat 2021 Q1 by $603,234 - 24%.

Note 8: Net Operating Loss in 2020 was $2.69M - the increased sales and reductions in costs have reduced the Net Operating Loss to only $528K in the first 6 months of 2021 - the company therefore expects to be going profitable in 2021.

Note 9: 2021 Q2 also beat 2020 Q4 - when Q4 is traditionally the best quarter each year due to the holiday - by $377,030 - 14%.

Note 10: July 2021 sales beat the previous record set in June 2021.

Note 11: 2021 Q3 - with 3 x auctions still to go - is already on track to equal or beat 2021 Q2.

Note 12: The pro-rata estimate for 2021 revenue - based on sales to September 10 and days to go - 365 / 253 x $8,023,808 = $11.6M.


Full-career military veteran now trading OTC stocks for multiple $6-figure profits annually.

All posts are my opinion - trade at your own risk.
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