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Getting substantial coverage over the weekend from various

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billionsmatter   Sunday, 06/28/20 12:12:55 PM
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Getting substantial coverage over the weekend from various newsletters. This one came over this morning.

Mydecine Drops Bombshell Acquisition News Their Acquiring Mindleap

Health’s Advanced Digital Telehealth Platform

Dear Fellow Trader,

Immediately turn your attention to Mydecine Innovations Group (MYCOF)

MYCOF is my next stock that looks ready to move in a major way, so make sure you have it pulled up on your trading screen Monday morning at the opening bell!

Mydecine Innovations Group is a life sciences company dedicated to the development and commercialization of adaptive pathway medicines, natural health products and digital health solutions.

Mydecine experienced cross functional teams have the capabilities to oversee all areas of drug development including synthesis, drug delivery system development, clinical trial execution, through to product commercialization and marketing.

By leveraging strategic partnerships with scientific, medical, military, and clinical organizations Mydecine is at the forefront of the efficient development of psychedelic derived medicines and therapeutic solutions.

Their trailblazing portfolio of companies is focused on providing innovative and effective treatment options that can help millions of people live healthier lives.

Mydecine Signs Partnership Agreement With

Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation

Mydecine Innovations Group Inc. announced the establishment of a research division agreement with Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation (“API”), a translational commercial drug development institute hosted in the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The agreement with API provides exceptional capacity for Mydecine and the ability to significantly speed their product development with leading experts in the pharmaceutical sciences and established drug development facilities.

The Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is consistently ranked in the top 15 globally for the citations of research by international QS rankings in pharmacy and pharmacology and includes a wide range of experts from discovery, pharmaceutical analysis, drug action, disposition, formulation and clinical development.

Mydecine is also able to access broader expertise through the agreement such as API’s collaborating institute the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii) – ranked among the top 5 institutes in the world for AI/ML – as well as experts in mycology, pharmacometrics, neuropharmacology and much more at universities throughout the API network.

Through the agreement, Mydecine has the ability to immediately commence fungal discovery investigations with varietal mushrooms and their extracts, including scheduled substances.

With access to GMP capacity and Health Canada licenses that include the ability to move to import and export, conduct R&D, and clinical trials Mydecine is able to begin work that will take other companies years to establish the capability for. Research and development is commencing with a significant program to extract, analyze, and determine the effects of various compounds from fungi and their pharmacokinetic disposition and development of dosage forms for specific indications, providing Mydecine with an extensive assets and capacity to become a leader in the space. The end goal is developing products with clinical applications over a period of three years.

“We see this agreement as a core component of our work as a company,” says Mydedine CEO Josh Bartch “the API team at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences gives us the ability to rocket our product development ahead by years, providing the know-how, facilities, and licenses to quickly establish Mydecine as a leader in naturally sourced therapies for a wide variety of indications. The research division also provides a phenomenal synergy with our other recent acquisitions, giving us a dedicated team to explore myco-inspired treatments particularly for areas of high need such as mental health.”

“Our partnership with the University of Alberta will unlock brand new avenues for the study of medical uses of mushrooms,” Robert Roscow, CSO of Mydecine. “This partnership is a fundamental aspect of Mydecine’s expanding unique research network. We are investigating the potential of mushrooms and their compounds to improve human health and wellness.

This research partnership opens up, not only investigation of single molecules from mushrooms but also more complex formulations. The breadth of research resources at the University of Alberta, from world class AI to cultivation and pharmacology, as well as their possession of Health Canada License allows an unprecedented level of study.”

“Back to the fungal future,” Dr. Neal Davies, Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences “Pharmaceutical activity of fungal metabolites have been known for at least 15 centuries and contemporary research has discovered some novel molecule leads for unique mycological medications for nature inspired treatments in the new millennium. This bodes very well for the program developing promising treatments.”

“We’re thrilled to be working with Mydecine,” says API CEO, Andrew MacIsaac, “we see their focus as one of growing importance and high potential that will serve them well. By developing a world class R&D program that discovers potential new lead compounds, synergistic effects, and increased therapeutic indications for mushroom-derived products, Mydecine will stand out in this bourgeoning sector.

Mydecine Drops Bombshell Acquisition News Their Acquiring Mindleap

Health’s Advanced Digital Telehealth Platform

MYCOF Just Released Blockbuster Acquisition News They Have Signed a Definitive agreement with Mindleap Health Inc. (“Mindleap”) for the acquisition of a 100% interest in MindLeap’s Digital Telehealth Platform focused on the emerging psychedelics industry.

Mindleap Health we are focused on positively impacting society through a disruptive platform for psychedelic aftercare and by developing new forms of medicine.

Advanced Digital Telehealth Platform Technology

Mindleap is a digital health platform that helps people connect with mental health specialists that can empower them to thrive and develop habits for a healthy mind. Online mental healthcare brings convenience, improves access to treatments and can lead to more personal breakthroughs. Mindleap’s proprietary platform is designed by clinical psychologists and neuroscientists to provide professional support and personalized treatment for every person.

The Mindleap platform will provide support for people that are looking to achieve personal transformations and overcome mental health challenges. Mindleap is the only digital health platform that combines telehealth with mood, emotion and habit tracking.

Mental health has been a big issue and is a major focus for the Mydecine Group of companies. Currently the World Health Organization estimates that there are more than 450 million people suffer from mental health disorders worldwide placing mental disorders among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide. The US has the highest prevalence of mental health disorders in the world with 27 percent of adults, yet only 41 percent of the people who had a mental disorder in the past year received professional health care or other mental health services due to convenience and cost associated.

Mydecine Director and CEO, Josh Bartch, stated: "This acquisition brings Mydecine an elite team drawn from tech, mental health, and science, paired with innovative technology with a strong USP and large addressable market. The scalability of the platform means high potential return on investment especially given Mindleap's 1st mover advantage in the rapidly emerging psychedelic medicine sector."

Mindleap is focused on making a considerable difference in people's lives by improving access to mental health services and providing more personalized and effective treatments utilizing the latest technology. The Mindleap Platform upon launch will provide:

Convenient and more affordable access to mental health services
Psychedelic aftercare, addiction, and holistic wellness services
On Demand access to mental health programs
Automated appointment booking and international payments
Secure and confidential video sessions
Critical tools for improved outcomes and personalized care
Easy to use software with fast learning curve for specialists
Secured encrypted system that is HIPAA and GDPR compliant
High engagement features and gamification that improve user experience

The team of mental health professionals that led the product design at Mindleap comprise of four PHD's including leading neuroscientists, psychotherapists, and clinical psychologists.

Mindleap's CTO Simon Abou-Antoun has 10+ years of technical leadership, managing large projects and developing custom solutions for companies including Amazon, Scotia Bank and Fiat Chrysler. Simon commented: "We have gathered a strong team with different sets of skills ranging from software developers, UX/UI designers and IOS and Android experts. Our full stack, frontend, backend, Cloud and QA specialists are currently focused on ensuring all requirements are met so we can launch Mindleap by the end of summer."

Mindleap's founder and CEO Nikolai Vassev brings a unique skillset to the company as he has proven experience driving top line software licensing and SAAS revenue into some of the largest organizations in the world. During his career he has sold millions of dollars worth of cybersecurity and data analytics solutions and understands the intricacies of successfully implementing software solutions that are bringing value to customers, partners, and end users.

Nikolai Vassev, Mindleap Founder and CEO commented: "The intense anxiety and fear that many people are feeling has led to social instabilities as the virus crisis and economic collapse continues to worsen and compound already existing problems. Mindleap's platform is set to launch in a few short months and will provide much needed support to those people suffering from depression, addiction and other mental health issues."

About Mydecine Innovations Group

Mydecine Innovation's Group is a life sciences company focused on the development and commercialization of products and services that contribute to improving overall health and wellbeing. The company's mission is to create a healthier world through advanced technologies, natural products, and psychedelic derived medicines. Mydecine Innovations Group owns a group of trailblazing companies that are focused on helping millions of people live better lives and our portfolio includes:

Cannabis & Fungi Based Products
Mycology Research & Development
Disruptive Technology
Therapeutic Treatment Facilities
Large-Scale Distribution
Psychedelic-Derived Medicines

About Mindleap Health

Mindleap Health is developing an advanced digital telehealth platform that will provide support for people that are looking to achieve personal transformations and overcome mental health challenges. MindLeap is the only digital telehealth platform that combines telemedicine with mood, emotion, and habit tracking. This is a paradigm shift to conventional mental health as Mindleap personalized support and users have the tools needed to track their progress and take control of their mental health.

Mindleap Health is at the forefront of this industry with its digital telehealth platform focused on the psychedelic therapy industry. Mindleap has recognized that there is an unmet need for people to access psychedelic integration specialists and is creating the world’s first platform focusing on psychedelic aftercare.

The tools Mindleap is building are the first of their kind to allow the patient to monitor, record, and track their mood and habits (both positive and negative) along with providing access to modern health services, namely integrated coaching to translate psychedelic experiences into positive change.

The system is completely secure and compliant with HIPAA and GDPR mandates and is being developed by a world-class development team with a proven track record.

Finally, Digital Mental Healthcare

As a society, we are becoming more familiar with digital healthcare. Electronic medical records are now the norm. The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in more usage of video visits to doctors as people sheltered in place to prevent virus spread. A crisis being a catalyst is certainly unfortunate, but it did just make e-visits more mainstream as doctors and patients alike embraced social distancing.

Apropos, already valued at $31.46BIL in 2018, the global telemedicine market is expected to grow at a 19.3% rate by 2025, indicating that adoption is only going to keep accelerating.

Mindleap's comprehensive platform, expected to launch at the end of summer, includes video visits, appointment scheduling and payment solutions.

Mindleap is also capitalizing on the world’s love of digital technologies, such as smartphones and connected wearable devices, in a newer science dubbed digital phenotyping. By passively collecting data (e.g. sleep patterns, exercise, social patterns), outcomes can be predicted using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This information subsequently helps healthcare providers optimize support.

It is the epitome of the purpose of Big Data to anonymously help the greater cause by aggregating massive amounts of info. It’s very valuable from both financial and humanitarian perspectives.

The market opportunity as a first mover is tremendous, to say the least. There are more than 577,000 mental health professionals and over 13,000 behavioral health clinics in the U.S. to treat the more than 45 MIL Americans that have a mental illness.

To put this market opportunity into perspective, consider Livongo. The company has made a splash on Wall Street ($7.4BIL market cap) with an application connecting diabetics to physicians with the strategy that better engagement will promote better health. There are fewer diabetics (~34 MIL) in the U.S. than people with mental illness.

We’re at a Tipping Point

Thankfully, awareness is growing about the very real medicinal usefulness of psilocybin and other psychedelics. Indeed, they remain illegal as Schedule I drugs currently, but positions are beginning to soften to encourage clinical research. Oakland and Denver have already decriminalized magic mushrooms and over 100 other cities are considering similar action.

Leading research organizations, including Johns Hopkins, have dedicated millions of dollars to study psychedelics, which will only help create tailwinds with every positive development.

The next logical progression is providing patients with the best support possible to help them achieve meaningful changes to their quality of life. That’s exactly what Mindleap Health – and now Mydecine Innovations Group – is bringing to the table by changing the shape of the aftercare model.

Big Names are Investing in Psychedelics (Should You?)

If you’re still on the fence about psychedelics, however, you need to know that there are some very big names in the business. Some, like cannabis guru Bruce Linton, see the same early regulatory signs and support that medicinal cannabis received. Others, like Canadian businessman Kevin O’Leary, are investing in psychedelics after passing on cannabis completely.

Both Linton and O’Leary recently became heavy investors in Mind Medicine Inc., a private Canadian neuro-pharmaceutical company aiming to develop drugs with the same mental health benefits but without the associated high. They’re joined by James Bailey, a partner at the private equity firm Bail Capital that has invested heavily in the industry.

Another name that should be familiar to investors is Peter Thiel, the Silicon Valley billionaire that co-founded PayPal and sits on the board for Facebook Inc. Thiel is a heavy investor in psychedelics. He’s joined in the venture by investing in a German biotech start-up with a lot of venture capital support looking to fund more research on psilocybin, MDMA, and other psychedelic drugs.

A major driving force in the psychedelics wave isn’t a name, however, it’s a government organization. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been impressively receptive to psychedelics in recent years, starting in 2017 when it granted Breakthrough Therapy Designation to MDMA-assisted psychotherapy. Since then it has expanded the number of companies allowed to research the drugs, and in March of this year granted approval for a ketamine-related depression drug from Johnson & Johnson.

Leading research organizations, including Johns Hopkins, have dedicated millions of dollars to study psychedelics, which will only help create tailwinds with every positive development.

As the emerging sector sees more trials and investments, you can expect more big names to enter the psychedelics playing field. With cannabis acting as a roadmap and helping to shift public opinion towards previously illicit drugs, and with a pure medicinal focus helping propel the industry, it’s looking like psychedelics are the real deal!

Science based sustainable craft mushroom cultivation and genetic IP research and development

Farms aims to be a pioneer in the cultivation and genetic IP development of mushrooms and Fungi. The Company is comprised of scientific and horticulture experts that have years of experience in the isolation of compounds, genetic composition development, large scale horticulture and IP and patent formulation.

The Company will cultivate a variety of strains of mushroom and fungi that will be used as ingredients in the research and development of revolutionary products and IP. Additionally, the Company will develop new and improved strains, genetics and methodology to vastly improve the efficiency of mycology cultivation as it currently exists.

Creating functional products for the future

Mydecine Wellness is a revolutionary product developer and manufacturer of a variety of proprietary formulated nutraceutical and supplemental products based on the use of various strains of mushrooms and fungi.

?The Company will leverage its science, research, product development and marketing expertise to utilize the vast benefits of various compounds found within certain strains of mushroom and fungi found throughout the world.

Unlocking the vast medical potential of psychedelics through public and private research and development

Mydecine Labs will be a trailblazer in the research, development and discovery of groundbreaking IP derived from psychedelic compounds, namely psilocybin, found in various strains of mushroom and fungi.

?The Company intends to have a two-prong approach both public and private, leveraging its extensive science team as well as partnerships with pertinent departments of major universities.

The Bottom Line...

The Barchart Technical Opinion Rating Upgraded

MYCOF Bullish 100% BUY Opinion

Wall Streets leading provider of market data to the global financial, media, and commodity industries just issued MYCOF a bullish 100% BUY Rating Medium Term.

I strongly suggest you click here and read the technicals immediately to learn why MYCOF could turn out to be another potential breakout gainer like my previous low float winners.

It’s important to remember that historically, small-cap biotech, life sciences, nutraceutical and therapeutics companies have been our biggest winners that are cut from the same cloth as MYCOF.

I am urging all of our subscribers to add MYCOF to the top of their watch list right now, and be ready Monday morning at the opening bell!

Happy Trading!!

?Your StockEgg Editor

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