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Tomas: Dumps Cell Banking Business..More Losses..oh no !

Well, it's all in the SEC 8-K, what's left of this shambles of a train wreck is further being dismantled is looks like as some slick Tomas maneuver to "try" and head off the incoming new lawsuits over the banked SVF and the Permanent Injunction.

The one semi-real business unit or "thing" they ever really had, their Stem Cell Banking cryo units and business, he Mike Miguel Michael Tomas (LOL, did he legally change his name, now he's signing as Michael?) - he sold it to GACP and then did a lease-back while he and Comella went to "work for" GACP, which to me, was just another way to shovel cash and shares to himself and Comella via the ole backdoor using GACP LLC as the conduit.

Now, now that the Stem Cell Banking business is more toxic and hot than refined Plutonium, Michael Mike Miguel Tomas of U.S. Stem Cell Inc Sunrise Florida, he sells it now to some newly created micro LLC owned by none other than Sean Berman. Holy Cow !

When all else fails with this gang of Tomas and Comella and crew- form a new micro LLC and sell and dump something and then probably be in the back door of the new micro LLC. Wonder if Kristen Comella or Tomas will be part owners of this just created "American Cell Technology LLC" like they probably were on every micro LLC they ever helped form- including GACP IMO.

Well, who is Sean Berman, the supposed "buyer" of the Stem Cell Banking business, and the signer on the new micro LLC? Ole Sean, he be the son of Mark Berman MD, thee owner of Cell Surgical Network being sued in California by thee Department of Justice and FDA in the parallel case to the one just lost in Florida by Tomas and Comella and gang.

Imagine that, LOL ? They find, like magic, Sean Berman of all people to set-up this little micro LLC and "buy" (POOF!) the toxic stem cell banking business- right when they need to dump it, as it's going to be sued 20 ways to Sunday by people who's SVF is locked up in those Cryo vats, per the Court Order?

Tell me what's wrong with this bad new picture? What is ole Sean and his little new micro LLC paying for this cell banking business, where is that disclosed?

And POOF, like magic, ole GACP lets Comella, Tomas and U.S. Stem Cell Inc "somehow" run free and clean- when they haven't even finished the lease-back commitment for which GACP paid a hell of a lot of money? How exactly does that "work" since Tomas now "works for" GACP still as CEO among other titles? I'd like to see those details?

Sounds like the SEC will have to look this one over real, real careful as will the FDA and DOJ folks. This smells bad to me- another micro LLC and now Sean Berman of all people just comes out of the woodwork, tied to this mess, like how did that get arranged?

Below is the SEC 8-K and all the dirt.

Looks grim to me- some vague nonsense that "We're going to try and be an FDA compliant company again" LOL ! What "company"? It's Tomas and a few people in a tiny facility? Their self imaginary "Chief Science Officer and World Class Stem Cell Scientist" with the fake PhD (Panama mail order LOL!) and all that- she jumped like a rat from this sinking 1/2 cent dying ship. So what, and who is "the company" besides Tomas still milking it for his massive salary and bonuses and perks? Who? 3 or 4 people are "the company" now, really ?

Their revenues have been crushed by the Court Order and they're paying massive legal bills and facing a massive onslaught of new lawsuits over banked SVF and the supposed Federal appeal- what are they going to pay all that with?

By June 1, 2020, which is now a short time away, they owe Brenda Leonhardt, ex-wife of Founder Howard Leohardt, they owe her approx $1.2 million in a lump sum, cash payment backed by a rock solid court ordered settlement, and in the final ruling, the court stated, "And we are on stand-by to enforce the settlement as needed" etc.

They paid Brenda Leonhardt 4 payments of $75K each, and now owe her the $1.2 mil approx, still as debt on their balance sheet. Coming like a BK freight train IMO. It'll break um- they don't have anywhere near that kind of cash, and their cash situation will be bleaker by the day.

They can sell n dump and try and run now from the stem cell banking fiasco- but the law suits are going to follow them, no matter what. Read that 8-K, everyone who will touch them is making 100% certain they're indemnified against future lawsuits and that U.S. Stem Cell Inc or anyone like Tomas and Comella take all lawsuits, not any new party and/or GACP etc. You can run, but you can't hide. Long arm of the law.

It's grim. I'd see this in BK by no later than after that June 1, 2020 debt to Leonhardt comes due, I think that's the D-day when they'll bury this dying, empty shell of a corpse.

Come on, "We will work our training business" LOL ! Yeah, people really wanna get trained by "experts" who got their sorry asses sued off by thee Department of Justice and FDA and lost big, after paying out the butt in legal fees. Heck yeah, ask those people for advice and maybe you can get sued too, LOL! Brilliant?




And here's ole Sean Berman, son of a guy getting sued just like Comella and gang did, Daddy Mark Berman. So Sean like magic, in FL, "buys" the ole toxic stem cell banking "junk" from GACP and Tomas now, really?

Again, this one will be a SEC notification for sure- this stinks like the fish market to me. Way more to this story again, another Tomas private micro LLC "deal", riiiight? And he and GACP come away smelling like roses somehow? But USRM never even paid-back the full lease-back owed? Again, how does that "work" - I can't wait for the next SEC filed 10-Q to see how they smoke-n-mirrors this one?


This Sean Berman character is like another Comella to me. An M.S. degree, no medical training, no M.D. or anything- but claims to be doing heavy duty "medical research on stem cell use for brain injuries" LOL ! What the hell? Really?

So, I guess my pool man really does moonlight as a brain surgeon and my car mechanic does nuclear physics on the side gig, and I thought they were kidding me all this time. Who knew?

It's dire. Another desperation move to me. I think it's a anti lawsuit maneuver to make more micro LLC layers to "try" and make it harder to figure out who to sue and/or to get Tomas and pal GACP clean and distant from the mess, if possible, but it ain't gonna work.

I think they're financially collapsing worse than even the current disaster of a stock price shows- even a $2 million market cap is too high for this corpse and shell IMO.

Again, what is "the company" that is left, now with Comella jumping like a rat from the dying ship and heading off to her laughable "Bio Hacker" BS nonsense?

I guess Tomas will milk the penny gig to the last dime he can suck out of it- he's made a fortune while producing a literal 99.99% loss to the common shareholders, but the old man William P. Murphy supposed "Chairman", aka the 95/96 yr old Scare Crow, the missing man, M.I.A. leaves Tomas in as CEO since mid 2010, yeah right?

Try and tell me this sham has a functioning and real, actual "Board of Directors" let alone a Chairman who knows what the hell is even going on? Tomas would have been fired years ago - if they had a real Board. What board takes 99% losses to the common shares and leaves the same guy running the show, paying himself a King's ransom? Oh, only in OTC-ville sham-wow land, forgot.

Grim, dire and dying is all I see. Stick a fork in it, it'll be over soon. Last one out, hit the lights off.
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