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$SPX $2709.80 = the unfilled gap below last week's

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rimshot   Sunday, 03/10/19 10:46:25 AM
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$SPX $2709.80 = the unfilled gap below last week's
price action

* the bullish case remains alive and well while the
$SPX price action remains above the $2714.00 level,
and declines which do not violate this level with
daily closes are to be considered "bait for the bears"

$SPX daily chart with $VIX and the $VIX 63,1 Bollinger Band


John Bollinger's Market Timing report updated for the March 8, 2019 close -

a PDF file will open


the design for the 30 charts is explained here -


this is a cut & paste of my emails last week to
the private group using the Google Groups server that I moderate --

March 8, 2019 7:51 AM

$SPXEW daily Bollinger Band & Moving Average vigilance -


March 6, 2019 6:54 AM

follow-up #1 >>> XLF - Carl Swenlin's new PMO sell signal vigilance & XLF 200-day simple moving average vigilance

* follow-up #1 to the March 5th morning email about the XLF and Berkshire Hathaway daily charts --

PMO sell signals on the daily charts which were initiated on March 5, 2019 for the 1st time in several months for the symbols listed below:

* vigilance is prudent whether the numerous PMO sell signals are now followed by multiple days/weeks of PMO declines

for all symbols, the PMO remains above its zero line in spite of the declining trend which has now started or been underway several days


XLC - PMO sell signal initiated February 28, 2019

Carl Swenlin's PMO explained -


On Tue, Mar 5, 2019 at 9:32 AM wrote:

XLF daily chart -

Carl Swenlin's PMO sell signal vigilance & XLF 200-day simple moving average vigilance --

S&P 500 Financial sector

* the PMO is now on a sell signal

, so vigilance is prudent whether this PMO decline by XLF continues

* XLF price action remains below the 200-day simple moving average for several weeks, except for the rare daily close by XLF above its 200-day sma


BRK/B daily chart since Berkshire Hathaway is the largest percentage weighted stock component in the daily calculation of XLF's price -

* BRK/B daily closes above its 200-day sma are completely absent since the start of last week ended March 1, 2019


March 4, 2019 5:10 AM

$2819.75 = /ES futures Globex high, March 3/4, 2019 - printed near the Sunday open

$2819.75 is the /ES futures Globex high, March 3/4, 2019 - printed near the Sunday open

(see the summary at the end of this email of the 2nd half 2018 /ES price action
key decline lows which now in 2019 must be surpassed
on a lasting basis to confirm the current multi-week
advance has a high probability for
further upside staying power)

shown below is the SPY daily chart displaying potentially negative setup by Carl Swenlin's A-D breadth & volume oscillators --
as the lowest visible chart element in this SPY daily chart,
Carl Swenlin's net Advance-Decline breadth oscillator & A-D volume oscillator for the S&P 500 index declined on most days in the week ended March 1, 2019

which does not support a high probability for a near-term bullish outcome for the SPY and for the $SPX price action
until these two oscillators return to the upside
while also remaining above their zero line ...

the time is approaching the turn back up by the two oscillators either takes place or not
without an ever increasing opportunity to experience significant price damage at some near-term future day/week

in the overall context - vigilance is required vs. the /ES futures all-sessions and day session low for the week ended March 1, 2019 of $2775 keeping in mind that $2767 to $2788 is an inflection zone of great importance relative to the future technical developments for the /ES the SPY and the $SPX price action with XLF - S&P 500 Financial sector - likely to determine this outcome for the S&P 500 index price action.

XLK is also highly influential in the mix of considerations.

Not constructive for a high probability of an immediate continued price advance by XLF in the coming days is the fact that XLF's downside price reversal on March 1st took place after printing a new intraday price high for 2019 while its largest influential stock component, Berkshire Hathaway, closed the day near its high of day and XLF closed the day near its low of day.


the S&P 1500 either holds or not above the $650.36 price level not surpassed since
first printed in October 2018, daily chart -


vigilance monitoring key technical elements for the
daily SPY, QQQ, XLK, XLF, XLV and ACWI -

* 21,2 Bollinger Bands for each symbol
100-day simple moving averages
200-day simple moving averages


XLF daily Point and Figure chart displays an undeclared overall setup,
and can break either Up or Down from this price configuration ...
time is approaching the near-term and intermediate-term bullish case for XLF must be proven or not


smoothed bar closes for the 1-minute NYSE $TICK for an 8-day duration will be useful in the future in
this combo which displays the price action for five indices with the 200,3 standard deviation Bollinger Band -



/ES 2775 level actually printed today Wednesday February 27th = the SPY 10-day ema price value as well - as of the achievement of the day session low on Wednesday February 27, 2019

the SPY 10-day ema - day session only - is a rising moving average at this time, so if this advance continues the value for the EMA will continue higher while /ES futures $2775 price level remains the all-sessions /ES price low, at this time, for the week ended March 1, 2019

at the moment that the February 27th intraday low of 277.48 was actually printed, I believe the SPY 10-day ema value was approximately 277.39 or 277.40, while the Fidelity Trade Armor function on the Fidelity Active Trader Pro platform shows the 10-day look-back analysis calculating the appropriate horizontal support value is at 277.40

and the 100-day look-back analysis for the major horizontal resistance next above Tuesday's day session high is 280.40 ( ** notice that value resides only slightly below Monday's new 2019 intraday high print for SPY ** ).

SPY daily with the Feb. 27th intraday low marked with a Pink H line, and the 10-day EMA is visible -


S&P 500 sector analysis for 9 of 11 industry sector symbols -

* daily charts with the focus on the 100-day simple moving average plus the PMO analysis for each symbol -

* the 126,2 daily Bollinger Band is the selected setting
for a long-term analytical context










Monday, February 4, 2019 mid-day review with related chart views which will now update for the current & future price action -

SPY weekly displaying both the 20,2 Bollinger Band
the 104,2 Bollinger Band ( 2 years of price action )


SPY monthly displaying:
20,2 BB
15,2 BB
36,2 BB ( 3 years of price action )


The NYSE all-issues weekly cumulative Advance-Decline line
has been higher for six straight weeks.

That has happened only two other times in the past six years.

the NYSE all-issues Advance-Decline breadth line is displayed
as the lowest chart element in this daily chart
for the $NYAD -


$NYA monthly with 5 other indices,
displaying the 15,2 Bollinger Bands


S&P 1500 Composite index
interpretation of daily and weekly charts -

daily chart -


S&P 1500 Composite index price action now resides above the
important upper boundary of the

599-609 bull/bear divider
price zone located in the middle of
the price ranges of prior
highs and lows

* bears need price back below the 21,2 daily lower BB
for a long duration lasting weeks
a lasting hold below 599 price level
On Fri, Feb 1, 2019 at 2:01 AM --

net Advance-Decline lines with other analytical data sets for 5 major US indices, with numerous related charts -

( the A-D lines are cumulative from a floating start date, based on the duration of the chart period which I have selected, while many analysts often select a fixed date from which the accumulation of the A-D math actually starts ... for this purpose, I have only fixed the chart period in number of weeks that are plotted on each A-D chart, so the accumulation start date moves forward by one day upon the completion of another trading day of price action )

selected key charts for evaluating
the US equity market as a whole -

SPY daily with selected internals


$SPX daily with three S&P 500 internals - $2813.89 must be surpassed on a lasting basis for the bullish case confirmation


daily S&P 500 internal with the SPY price action plot vs.
the 21,3 Bollinger Band


S&P 1500 daily


daily S&P 1500 Composite index
and one internal for this index
and the 1500 with several different Bollinger Band
settings displayed


SPY daily with the 200,2 Bollinger Band
and with Carl Swenlin's PMO indicator


SPY daily with two versions of one internal for the S&P 500


$SPXEW daily Point & Figure chart, for the
S&P 500 Equally Weighted index


$SPXEW daily chart


$SPX daily chart with XLK, XLF and XLY


SPY weekly chart


$BKX - Banking index - weekly closes chart with
$SPX, $NYA and BAC


$SPX daily with internals for four indices, a cumulative
data set for the internals


S&P 500 Advance-Decline line, with the daily values in histogram format



$OEX daily price action with
the S&P 100 Advance-Decline line


Nasdaq 100 Advance-Decline line, with the daily values in histogram format


Dow Jones Industrials Advance-Decline line, with the daily values in histogram format


NYSE Composite index common-stocks-only data set Advance-Decline line,
with the daily values
in histogram format


Nasdaq Composite index daily price action and
the Advance-Decline line


$NYA daily, $NYA daily with $TRAN & other indices, & the
$NYA weekly, with revised chart settings as of January 31, 2019 -





/ES S&P 500 index futures $2712.25 / 2690.00 levels must eventually be surpassed on
a lasting basis, OR the bears continue to rule
the day for many months or years to come ...

/ES 2548 region is the next major lower level
of some significance which must be held during future declines
in order to gain upside traction having highly probable
staying power on a very long-term basis

pullback lows by /ES S&P 500 futures of interest since June 2018:

2775.00 - all-sessions low in the week ended March 1, 2019
2316.75 - late December 2018 low
2401.00 - Sunday December 23rd low near the globex open
2409.25 - December 21 very late day
2441.50 - mid day
2476.25 - December 20 morning globex session
2489.50 - December 19 day session
2531.00 - December 18 late day
2533.xx - December 17 late day

* the sharp decline lower started
after October 5, 2018 and continued into October 26, 2018
, followed by
a brief pause

2712.25 - in week ended October 12
2873.25 - October 5 late day
2887.75 - October 4 mid-day
2865.00 - September 7 a.m.
2877.50 - September 5
2885.50 - September 4
2891.75 - August 31
2876.75 - low in week ended August 31
2791 August low
2790 late July low
2788 to 2767 = the often tested horizontal support zone in June to July 2018

/ES futures hourly --


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