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Chairman of the Board Kevin West

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Chairman of the Board Kevin West
Addresses Shareholders
January 30, 2009

Good morning shareholders of CMKM Diamonds, Inc.,

I have lain awake a good portion of the night, as I do many nights, trying to figure out how to unite this group of wonderful people, our shareholders, for a common cause. This is not an easy task, and most would think it a complete impossibility. However, if you would please lend me an UNBIASED ear for just a few minutes I would like to try and explain the ultimate benefit that such a unity would bring to you.

First off let me start by apologizing to every one of you. Like every other human being in this wonderful world, I have my strengths, my weaknesses, my potentials, and my faults. It comes as no surprise to anyone of you that I had absolutely no experiences in this life that could have ever prepared me to face the problems that this Company has had to endure since it was handed down to me. I don’t think that anyone could be 100% prepared for the mess that was handed down from former insiders, but that is beside the point. The one thing that I have failed at is in finding a way to unite the shareholders for their common cause and I aim to continue to help Mark to accomplish this task.

Secondly let me address each and every one of the shareholders on an individual basis for a moment. As you are hearing this live or later on an mp3, allow yourself to be alone with your personal thoughts and feelings and leave the opinions of others out of the picture for at least one full day. Many of you are caught up with the opinions of others and are disconnected from your inner intuition that is desperately trying to tell you to stop, look, and listen. As an individual you know that you bought into the stock play many years ago because you believed that it would give you enough money to live a better life, allow future generations of your family to not have to worry about money, and in some cases, to help others and other common causes. These are all honorable reasons to believe in something.

However, each one of you will sooner or later have to come to the realization that you were scammed by the former insiders of this Company and that there is not and never was anything that was done for the BENEFIT of the shareholders. Take some time away from the boards, the chat rooms and from talking to people around you about CMKM. Take one week away if needed and open your mind and your heart to the factual information from court documents and proceedings that surrounds you and are available on the Company website and from legal web sites Please take a moment and address in your minds what others are telling you as fact and then look for evidence to back it up…there is none. When anyone says to you that they know something for a fact because they know someone that knows someone, you should know right away THAT IS NOT FACTUAL INFORMATION. When someone tells you that Bill Frizzell, Mark Faulk, or Kevin West told me something that they are not publicly coming out and telling all shareholders, that person is not telling you the truth. Now, how much of the noise that you are hearing is exactly this kind of proof? I believe that if you are totally honest with yourself you will come to realize that 100% of what people outside the Company are telling you is based on this type of what THEY call proof. All I ask is for you to take an honest look inside and without anyone’s opinion but your own. We all want the dream of a million millionaires to be true, but it was part of the hype that made the scam work. It is not true and never was true….. it was a scam!

Third, I would like to personally address Urban Casavant for a moment:

Mr. Casavant, I know that you will eventually hear these words as they are read on the radio today. At one time Urban, I too was a dreamer who hinged my hopes on your every word. I believed in you and trusted you so much that I, like many other shareholders, brought my parents, in-laws, brothers, children, and even my son’s in-laws into your scam. I do not claim to know your intentions the day you started this Company, but I do know for a fact (facts that are via subpoenaed evidence submitted into court) that you didn’t hesitate for one day to start spending shareholder money the instant it came in. In fact, you personally spent tens of millions of dollars of shareholder money in casinos and on personal indulgences all the while you were visiting children in hospitals, calling dying shareholder' parents in the hospital, shaking shareholders' hands at races and looking at their children and telling them you are doing this for their benefit. You know in your own heart that you did all of this without any consciousness as to what you were doing to these fellow human beings for the sake of your own greed.

Ohhh, you were not alone, you recruited many other scammers to help you launder and funnel money from stock that you had issued for no other cause than to resell that stock for your and John Edwards' own personal gain. You even issued 63 billion shares to a dead man that was your personal friend, a full year after his death. Worse yet, you recruited tens of thousands of shareholders to be your own walking billboards to bring more unsuspecting people into your scam… I was one of them and I even helped organize demonstrations in Washington and New York with other shareholders and we were all so naive to your scam that we protested while wearing t-shirts that said “Urban’s Warriors”! I cannot believe that I was so blinded from the truth. But, like many other shareholders, I have come full circle and now understand the truth. As you are hearing these words, you know they are true, Urban. You can continue to deny it to everyone else, but you know the truth and it is haunting you every sxingle moment.

Even after stealing tens of millions of dollars from these shareholders and doing it all right in their faces... the very worst crimes you have committed are the ones you are still perpetrating to this very day. You are still leading shareholders down a path of untruths for what you think is of personal benefit to you. One day soon you know you will stand before a Federal Judge. Federal Judges have gotten to be Federal Judges because they are very smart and have learned from years of experience to see right through

the lies and directly to the truth. I can only imagine that you continue to tell people lies of the trillions of dollars waiting for them in some unseen fund because you believe that you will have hundreds of shareholders standing before that Federal

sentencing judge on your day of reckoning to sing your praises. I ultimately believe that this will be your final undoing, and that the judge will instead see though to the facts that after you committed these horrendous crimes of stealing millions of dollars from these shareholders, you continued to use them for your own benefit without any consciousness as to what you are doing to them and their families.

Urban, I believe that there is only one way you will get sympathy from the judge, and that will be to step up to the plate like a man right now and tell these shareholders the truth and ask for their forgiveness. If not, I sincerely hope that the federal sentencing judge will have this mp3 played for him at your sentencing and knows that you have been given every last chance to come clean with these people and help them turn their lives around and face the truth.

Lastly, I would like to address the shareholder base as a whole:

For years now I have believed that a unified shareholder base of a group this large could make the impossible happen. We have not ever had a chance to witness any of these miracles because the shareholder base has never been fully unified. If we could reach out to our officials in a credible and unified way, we just may be able to start making our story heard at higher levels… but it HAS to be CREDIBLE and UNIFIED! As it stands right now, the shareholders are not only fighting amongst themselves but several groups are even fighting against management. Unless things change, shareholders are going to be their own worst enemy and will never accomplish anything. This division is playing right into the hands of anyone that does not want to see this Company continue. You have people posing right now as fellow shareholders that are your friends, but they are only here for one thing: they are here to cause division and the ultimate failure of this Company. Others are only here to enlarge their own egos, some in the face of the truth and some actually believing the lies they continue to spread. If you are one that is against the Company management right now, please take a moment an honestly ask yourself this: do you really believe that current management would do anything morally or even legally wrong to cause further damage to innocent shareholders with 50,000 shareholders, the SEC, Department of Treasury, DOJ, FBI, FINRA and only God knows who else looking over our shoulders? I mean seriously… think about it! Would you?

Mark is giving you 100% by attempting to unite our shareholder base into a front that is so strong that our voices will have to be heard. He cannot do this if he is having to be defensive to shareholders and he cannot do this if you will not come together as a whole. People with nefarious intentions know this basic rule and they have used it for hundreds of years to control the masses. How about the CMKM shareholders become the first large group to band together as a whole, as a “We the People” and take our case public and before the nation to be heard? We all want the same thing, we want justice! We also want a return on our investments… But we have to get justice first while our very capable and determined legal counsel, Bill Frizzell, continues to put the Company in position to recover enough assets that we can bring in the professional people needed to build a real business and find a way to put viably tradable securities back into the hands of shareholders. What about that for a plan!!??

Thank you for taking the time to listen…please do yourselves, your families and your fellow shareholders a favor and take time to just stop, look and listen. If you are brutally honest with yourself, you will see that the Company is being 100% truthful with you and that we are desperately trying to turn this thing around for your benefit. You can rest assured that after this has been read, the noise level will further increase as to the evilness that management is doing to the shareholders… This will be your clue that what I am telling you is the absolute truth. Those bringing the most noise are the ones that you need to take the closest look at.

God Bless all of you,


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