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Yes it is. Have you watched this

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bartermania   Saturday, 11/04/06 10:49:54 AM
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Yes it is. Have you watched this last part of this excellent JFK assassination series? It's outstanding IMSO:

Sewer Shot in JFK Assassination (also...the sewer shot is discussed here: The Men Who Killed Kennedy Part 6
seems very accurate...Oswald was a good man (though apparently a double agent/spy) and innocent...it appears the CIA killed Kennedy and Oswald was the patsy. Our country is run by criminals. -bartermania/kdp-)

Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 00:55:11 -0400
From John Judge
To: treefrog

I missed the earlier part of this exchange but have always believed the fatal shot came from the storm sewer on Elm Street to the right front of the motorcade. This was not from speculation or photo angling. The letter from Ed T, whoever that is, hits the nail on the head. I used to crawl down in the sewer with Penn Jones in 60s and it is quite different today. For one thing, the bottom has been filled in (note the flattening of the pipe opening at the bottom) and the opening that used to come up to my armpits now only reaches my waist. Oliver Stone repaved the street for his film and considerably reduced the size of the opening onto the street. It was more than ample and wide for the head shot. And Penn Jones, Jim Garrison and other critics placed the shot there from reports by witnesses and the physical evidence. It was Mark Lane in the late 60's who tried to move everyone up to the Grassy Knoll.

Earwitnesses heard a completely different sound from the last shot fired, one saying it echoed as if in a sewer.

Connally and others in the motorcade smelled gunpowder during the events. Smoke rose upwards from the fence area atop the Grassy Knoll, and would not have reached them. However, the passing of the first car in the motorcade would suck air and smoke out of the sewer hole and along the route of the motorcade.

A shot from the Grassy Knoll would have reached JFK's head at a downward angle, exiting from the base of his skull, and driving him down into the seat as it sent him backwards. A close examination of his reaction in both Zapruder and Nix films shows that he rises up from the seat as he is thrown back at over 100 mph. The fatal shot blew out the upper right portion of his skull. Both are consistent with a shot from below.

Brain matter and skull fragments explode upwards and travel back and to the left with great velocity at the moment of impact. Jackie later revealed that she picked up a portion of skull on the left rear of the car behind her seat, before being pushed back in by Clint Hill. A portion of skull was found near the curb on the south side of Elm, nearly 30 feet behind the position of the car at the point of the fatal shot and across the street.

Officer Billy Hargis was riding his motorcycle to the left rear of JFK's limousine and witnessed the head shot. He was quoted in the Warren Commission testimony saying that he was hit so hard with a skull fragment through his leather jacket that he thought he had been hit by a bullet. He looked down to see he was covered with blood, stopped and got off his motorcycle, and said "Am I hit?" He later parked the motorcycle over the opening of the sewer and ran up the Grassy Knoll with other witnesses. Quoted in the Dallas Morning News on the 30th anniversary of the assassination, Hargis recalled the event and said the brain and blood matter arced up and came down on him. Again, all this is more consistent with a shot from below and to the front.

The storm sewer is a good hidden location, one that a military sniper would choose. Penn Jones crawled through the pipes and discovered that going west along Elm leads to the vertical pipe that opens behind the Grassy Knoll fence near the overpass, and going across Elm and to the east leads to a grate in the basement of the Dallas jail. He yelled out when he got there, but no one responded.

The sewer shot was rarely mentioned by researchers or the public after Lane focused on the Grassy Knoll, but a few of us kept seeking the evidence. Subsequent "tell all" books by alleged participants usually repeat the standard locations, the TSBD window or the Grassy Knoll, for verisimilitude. A book published in the 1990's, long after it would have been fashionable to lie about the sewer location, titled Treason is My Daily Bread, by Mikhail Ledbedev, reveals his role in a plot involving Nazi intelligent agent Reinhard Gehlen to kill Kennedy in Dallas, and mentions that he was sent to shoot from the storm sewer. He may be covering for the real assassin in this, but by picking the sewer location he adds credibility to his account in my view. There are many other indications that Gehlen and his cold war spy network that formed our CIA were part of the JFK assassination conspiracy.
In the end though, it does not matter exactly where the shots came from or who fired them, even. None of that leads us back to the plotters, but the patsy Oswald does. Focusing endlessly on Dealey Plaza will never solve the crime. The bullets came from the Pentagon, no matter what direction they took.

John Judge


Also, just so this sinks into the folks who follow and read this board...the sinking of the Titanic looks planned as well...check the results...who died and who benefitted. -bartermania/kdp-

This Titanic conspiracy was mentioned in this video (Video: Who Controls The World? Illuminati, Jesuits, Bilderberg, Church, Skull, Religion
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3891535120990840079&q=the+skulls&hl=en ). It was the first time I've ever heard of it. It makes a lot of sense to me. What do others think?

by Doug Yurchey

The above title does not read: What sunk the Titanic? It says: Who? The information below appeared inside my Outlook Express e-mailbox. The following is stunning and inspired me to write. When we think of great mysteries, controversies, conspiracies or historical questions...many come to mind:

* Who really murdered JFK?
* Who was really behind 9-11?
* Did a greater conspiracy surround the Oklahoma Bombing?
* Was Marilyn Monroe killed?
* Did aliens crash at Roswell?

Another historical mystery or puzzle is: What was the real story behind the sinking of the Titanic? The book 'The Secret Terrorists' printed by Truth Triumphant Ministries and reprinted by Tree of Life Resources places blame squarely on the Roman Catholic Order known as the Jesuits. 'The greatest tragedies in the last 200 years can be traced to the Jesuits.'

Founded in 1540, the Society of Jesus grew rapidly within the Catholic Church. They were confessors to the ruling families of Europe. They defend the Pope and Catholicism around the world in nearly every country. In 1773, Clement XIV suppressed the Jesuits. In 1814, Pope Pius VII responded to pressure and restored the Society. There are Jesuit colleges and ministries today. They are a very influential organization. Jesuits are dedicated to furthering Catholicism and the power of the Pope. Yet...there is a secret, negative side to this organization called 'the Society of Jesus.' For hundreds of years they carried out religious killings. They were the men in dark cloaks who carried daggers. (Were they the religious CIA for their time?)

In 1910, seven men met on Jekyll Island just off the coast of Georgia to plan the Federal Reserve Bank. Nelson Aldrich and Frank Valderclip represented the Rockefeller financial empire. Henry Davidson, Charles Norton and Benjamin Strong represented J.P. Morgan. Paul Warberg represented the Rothschilds Banking dynasty of Europe. The Rothschilds were the banking agents for the Jesuits and hold 'the key to the wealth of the Roman Catholic Church.'

The Morgan gang, the Rothschilds gang and the Rockefeller gang were fierce competitors yet entered joint ventures. They established the national banking cartel called the Federal Reserve System....according to G. Edward Griffin in 'The Creature From Jekyll Island (American Opinion Publishing P. 209). A review of this book stated: 'It tells a story of how bankers have lured politicians with easy money and end up in control of most of the world.'

[This writer travelled to Jekyll Island in 1970 with his college tennis team. I had such a beautiful moment there one night: I was alone and drawn to a lighthouse. There stood deer in the darkness drinking from a pond. In the moonlight, it was a sight I'd never forget. Little did I realize that this wonderful, winter-resort for the rich had an evil history. Jekyll Island was properly named].

The Rothschilds, Morgans and Rockefellers are controlled by the Jesuit Order. The most powerful of families 'do whatever is necessary to destroy constitutional liberty in America and bring the Pope to world domination.' Construction of the Titanic began in 1909; at a shipyard in Belfast, Ireland. Belfast was Protestant and hated by the Jesuits. Morgan took control of the White Star Lines. The Jesuits ordered J.P. Morgan to build the Titanic. From the very beginning of the luxury liner, the Titanic was destined for doom.

There were a number of powerful men who were NOT in favor of the Federal Reserve System. Benjamin Guggenheim, Isa Strauss and John Jacob Astor opposed the formation of a F.R.S. These men were arguably the richest men in the world and stood in the way of the Jesuits' plan. 'These three men were coaxed and encouraged to board the floating palace.' Not only were these enemies of the Jesuits against a Federal Reserve Bank, but they would have used their wealth and influence to oppose World War I.

This was the 'maiden' voyage of the greatest ship ever built. The 'unsinkable' campaign assured passengers of comfortable safety. Many Irish, French and Italian Catholics were on board. Protestants from Belfast were also encouraged to immigrate to the United States on the Titanic. These were 'expendable' people; for the most part. But, the real reason for the ship's destruction was a game between the super rich whereby Guggenheim-Strauss-Astor could be eliminated. 'They had to be destroyed by a means so preposterous that no one would suspect they were murdered, and no one would suspect the Jesuits.'

The Captain of the Titanic was Edward Smith. He was a Jesuit and worked for J.P. Morgan. Anyone could be a Jesuit and their identity not be known. >From National Geographic 'The Secrets of the Titanic,' (1986):

When the ship departed southern England, on board was Francis Browne. He was the most powerful Jesuit in all of Ireland and the 'Jesuit Master of Edward Smith.' 'Here is Jesuit treachery at its finest. The provincial Father Francis Browne boards the Titanic, photographs the victims, most assuredly briefs the Captain concerning his oath as a Jesuit, and the following morning bids him farewell...' Eric J. Phelps, Vatican Assassins Halcon Unified Services. P. 247.

Captain Smith believed this high-ranking 'Jesuit General' was God. Browne instructed him on what to do in the North Atlantic waters. 'Edward Smith was given orders to sink the Titanic and that's exactly what he did.' According to Jesuit secret philosophy: The innocent can be massacred for the greater good; the ends justifies the means.

Captain Smith had been traveling the North Atlantic for 26 years. He was the 'world's most experienced master' in these cold waters. The Captain knew all along that his ship was built for the enemies of the Jesuits. Its purpose was always to be a 'deathship' and sink on its first voyage. Captain Smith also knew exactly where the icebergs were. Under secret orders, he propelled the Titanic full speed at 22 knots on a moonless night and through a huge ice field 80 square miles in area! He had been 'given orders from his God in the Vatican, and nothing would turn him from his course.'

Captain Smith's actions in his last hours were not those of a strong leader. He seemed as if he was wrestling with his conscience. Should he be the brave sea captain or obey his master and sink the ship?

There were purposely not enough lifeboats. Many of the lifeboats only had a few passengers of women and children during the emergency. White distress flares were jettisoned. Passing ships thought those aboard the Titanic were having a party. The distress flares should have been red. These examples were not because of an arrogant crew who believed the Titanic was unsinkable. These shortcomings were planned.

Those richest of men, who opposed the Federal Reserve System, were killed along with the middle and lower classes. John Jacob Astor's wife was rescued. Molly Brown was also saved. The sinking of the Titanic was possibly the greatest disaster of the 20th Century outside of the World Wars. According to 'The Secret Terrorists,' the cause of this tragedy was the Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Church.

'The unsinkable ship, the floating palace was created to be a tomb for the wealthy, who opposed the Federal Reserve System. On April 14th (the same date in history as the assassination of Abraham Lincoln) of 1912, the Titanic struck an iceberg and all opposition to the Federal Reserve was eliminated. In December of 1913, the Federal Reserve System came into being in the United States. Eight months later, the Jesuits had sufficient funding through the Federal Reserve Bank to begin World War I.' Notice the F.R.S. was established soon after the disaster of the Titanic.

The rich have always created unnecessary wars where the poor have to fight and die. The pages of 'The Secret Terrorists' do not specifically name the Templars, Freemasons or Illuminati. But these Secret Societies are related and do control: The banks; the money system; the oil companies; corporations; governments; the politicians; the military; the police; the law and judicial system; the churches; the schools; the media, etc., etc...

The rich and powerful have always ruled the world. The elite make the news; they create the great, international events. William Randolph Hearst invented the news and printed his propaganda in his paper.

It was the rich that purposely crashed the Stock Market in 1929 and caused the suffering of the Great Depression. The super rich had a highly-profitable, financial day during the Crash. It was the lesser-rich, want-to-be investors who lost everything.


Doug Yurchey


Titanic - The Complete Story
(from amazon.com)

DVD (eBay)


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