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Fox's Synopsis of CATALYSTS coming: VERSION 2.0

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Fox's Synopsis of CATALYSTS coming: VERSION 2.0 10-24-17

Since the last news was released, I realized I needed to update this so there will be some additional information for new investors just getting to know MMEG.

We have quite a few catalysts coming to add to Momentous's growth and expansion. Keep in mind Momentous's acquisition strategy has been about acquiring companies primarily for their platforms and then enhancing and building out these platforms for rapid growth and expansion.

So far we've had 3 acquisitions close in just under 7 months, with the fourth one to close at any time.

Momentous's plan has been to seek out and acquire these companies so that they can be utilized for their existing platforms rather than starting from scratch by building companies from the ground up. This is proving to be a great strategy, as they are building a conglomeration of companies that are designed to work together in terms of relaying revenues from one asset to another. You will see this in the future as the Poolworks's expansion comes to fruition in early 2018.

Presently Momentous is working on expanding and building out three of their acquisitions: Poolworks, Chimera Games, and Backfox. We now have eight catalysts coming in terms of what Momentous is working on.

The first catalyst is the Neurofuse acquisition, which is the fourth acquisition, which hasn't closed yet so that is news to look forward to at some point. Although Neurofuse has been delayed for some reason, we have no reason to believe it won't close. The three first acquisitions were Poolworks, Chimera Games, and Blackfox Mobile Advertising.

As Momentous's fourth acquisition, Neurofuse will be the first acquisition in their newly formed Ecommerce division, Online Technologies, Inc., which Momentous recently formed a C corporation for:

"On March 10, 2017, the Company formed Online Technologies, Inc., a C corporation in the state of Wyoming for the ecommerce consumer products and services division."

Noted in the 10Q here:

Here is the PR about the Neurofuse LOI:

Second, we've now got Blackfox's growth plans updates coming. Some of these updates include adding sales staff, expanding Blackfox's portfolio, enhancing the Blackfox Technology Platform, and procuring "exclusive" private label e-commerce products. With these growth plans, I expect we will soon be hearing about one or more of these strategies. Note the detailed plans here and in the PR below this:

1) Increasing the number of Blackfox advertisers and publishers who regularly use the Blackfox platform.

Management plans to review and evaluate our current advertiser and affiliate/publisher sign-up results and orient our focus towards quickly closing new and larger advertiser and affiliate/publisher clients. Management will be adding additional sales staff while also working to identify the "super affiliates" in the market and attempt to bring them into the Blackfox affiliate/publisher network. With success in this area, Blackfox could significantly expand its worldwide affiliate/publisher coverage and exponentially increase its online advertising traffic hits for all its products and customers.

2) Momentous plans to expand the portfolio of Blackfox offered services to generate more on-going and recurring revenues on a per customer basis.

Momentous will scale-up revenues with new and existing customers by offering new SEO and other online marketing services for a competitively priced, bundled rate to spur increases in on-going monthly recurring revenues. These services could include: Search Engine Optimization, online market and traffic targeting assistance, digital analytics and marketing campaign design and deployment. Management plans to work to identify the top services that would be most valuable and quickly introduce these services to our Blackfox customer base.

3) Momentous plans to enhance the Blackfox technology platform by offering video ad services to increase revenue opportunities.

Management believes that a large opportunity exists to increase Blackfox revenues with the addition of video advertising technology to the Blackfox platform. Management is currently evaluating multiple video ad solutions and development approaches to bringing this new capability to market. Our goal is to get to market as quickly as possible with a new video ad engine that can surpass the competitors on the market while continuing to utilize Blackfox's market leading "payment only for performance" business model.

4) Momentous is in the planning stages of procuring "exclusive" private label e-commerce products that will allow MMEG to retain more of the product selling margins while using our Blackfox ad network platform to aggressively drive sales of the products.
E-commerce products that have already been identified and targeted for inclusion into the Blackfox business fall into these categories:

Music and audio CD's,
Proprietary health and well-being supplements,
Skin care product lines, online digital income training courses,
Online digital marketing courses,
High end business creation and growth courseware and seminars,
Downloadable digital books and novels.

Momentous Music's own CD, The Greatest Story Ever Sung Blackfox campaign has already launched (

Check out these reviews of Blackfox:

Blackfox is also in the top Mobile Affiliate Networks for 2017:

Third, we've got more acquisitions coming as part of Momentous's "roll up" strategy. According to Kurt, these acquisitions will continue through the remainder of 2017 and into early 2018.

Along with the acquisitions, MMEG has a great plan to integrate these acquisitions into one revenue-generating multiple profit center conglomeration that will generate even more revenues when the products and services are relayed to one another because of Momentous's design to synergistically integrate these companies.

The companies will also generate revenues on their own, so we've got quite a few profit centers building into a nice package here.

Look for Veyo Partners and/or Vert Capital to be involved in these future acquisitions as Vert was involved in the Poolworks acquisition and Veyo was involved with the Chimera and Blackfox acquisitions. Read the PR about Veyo Partners assisting Momentous here:

Read about Vert Capital and Veyo Partners here on their company websites:

Revenues from only ONE of Momentous's acquisitions, Blackfox, already generates 2 million a year. Read this from the PR linked after it. is a leading mobile advertising network with a strong worldwide affiliate network with historical revenues over the past four years having topped $2.5 million annually. Blackfox experienced explosive growth in 2016 with over a dozen premium and big-budget advertising customers such as Symantec (owner of Lifelock), Tiger Media Inc, Cliq Digital (all three companies are publically listed with revenues over $300M). These and other direct Blackfox customers have used the Blackfox platform to run major mobile ad sales campaigns for such companies as Walmart, Nutri-Systems, Old Navy, LivingSocial, Amazon, GoDaddy, Macy's, LendingTree and others.

Fourth, we've got the rebuilding of Poolworks's social media networks which is scheduled to be completed in early 2018 which isn't really that far off. This is stated in the most recent PR with the link below the paragraph:

The completion of the new Poolworks social network platform is anticipated for early next year. Momentous and Poolworks expect to launch the new platform with a new user interface and enhanced features, including mobile functionality. Along with the new platform, refreshing the brand identity, potentially with a new name and logo is also being considered.

Fifth, Momentous is building an OTT Streaming Platform. As part of the agreement between Poolworks and Momentous when the acquisition closed, Momentous will be offering OTT streaming to MeinVZ and StudiVZ in Germany. Momentous also recently formed a new C corporation for the OTT streaming media content and distribution. From the 10Q below the following paragraph:

On March 10, 2017, the Company formed Momentous Films, Inc., a C corporation in the state of Wyoming for the over-the-top streaming media content creation and distribution division.

Read this also from the March 9, 2017 Audio Investor's Update:

Kurt Question: What types of streaming media will be broadcasted over Poolworks Germany Ltd?

Dave Response: The types of OTT streaming media content we’ll bring to Poolworks initially will be focused on specific genre segments but then will grow over time to include a wide array of content types and more categories. At initial launch the types of OTT content were hoping to make available are in the areas of of extreme sports, old time movies, music & concerts videos, live poker tournaments and more. As a 2nd phase implementation we’ll be
expanding by offering a wider array of content such as current and recent Hollywood movies, TV programs and series, documentaries and more. AND our goal is to provide as much of this content as possible in a German language format.

According to Momentous, the plan is to first launch the OTT streaming onto the Poolworks's social media networks then onto other social media networks worldwide. Read these paragraphs from the article linked below them.

"From the terms of the agreement, Momentus Entertainment will provide film and TV content to Poolworks 10+ million subscribers on a revenue-shared basis“.

Poolworks has two social media sites StudiVZ and MeinVZ to which Momentus will provide entertainment content.

“Both companies will share in the spoils from the advertising sales, transactional Video on Demand (VOD) along with subscription fees from Poolworks’ members who choose to sign up for the Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) service. Multiple revenue streams from an established entity with 10+ million subscribers should be music to the ears for Momentus shareholders.”

“According to Momentous President and CEO, Kurt Neubauer, "This binding agreement enables the Company to create substantive and recurring revenue in addition to our aggressive acquisition program. Once this system is installed and operational, Momentous Entertainment will offer the service worldwide to other social media and similar platforms."

Sixth, we've got updates coming at some point in the future about the two Reality TV shows Momentous is producing--Chasing A Legacy with Bobby Dale Earnhardt and Dennis Gile's Quarterback Academy. Both shows have talent agreements in place, which are contracts, and have done preliminary shooting.

Keep in mind talent agreements have been signed and these are binding contracts which outline the terms expected of the talent and their compensation.

Bobby Dale Earnhardt will be entitled to 12% of the net profits from the show, Chasing A Legacy.

In terms of Dennis Gile's Quarterback Academy, Dennis will receive a weekly fee of $1,500 to $3000 during production of the show. He may also become eligible to receive 8 to 12% of the profits of the show. Also, On February 7, 2017, the Company issued 1,000 shares of the Company’s Preferred Series B stock to Dennis Gile for $1,000 in services.

New sponsorship news should be coming for the Bobby Dale Earnhardt reality show, Chasing A Legacy, because the original sponsor for Bobby Dale, the MAKO Group, defaulted on their contract and thus Earnhardt Racing severed the relationship and the sponsorship deal.

The sponsorship agreement included the reality show so stay tuned for an update in the future on a new sponsorship agreement for the Chasing A Legacy Reality TV show starring Bobby Dale Earnhardt, grandson of the famous NASCAR legend Dale Sr. Bobby Dale raced this past weekend in his second NASCAR's Xfinity race and placed 31th so he's on his way! Stay tuned!

As the TV Reality show is a work in progress, please note the IMDb page and also Bobby Dale's Facebook page.

In addition to the sponsorship information update, we will also be hearing in the future what network/channel the show will air on. The show could also be streamed on platforms like Amazon or Netflix, so stay tuned for updates about the Bobby Dale Earnhardt show!

And links to Dennis Gile's Quarterback Academy and IMDb page:

Seventh, Momentous's Chimera Games Division is also growing and launching onto more social media networks. Their games are currently on their own website as well as on Facebook, and is has huge international exposure now on Vkontakte and Poolworks.

Momentous's Chimera Games Division recently launched their most popular game, MOB--Rise of the Don, in the German language onto Poolworks's social media networks MeinVZ and StudiVZ to their 11 million subscribers, and in the Russian language onto the second largest social media network in the world, VKontakte, which has 420 million subscribers in Russian speaking countries.

Look for Chimera Games division to launch their most popular game on other international social media networks in other languages as that is also part of Momentous's plan. So far it is in English, German and Russian. This strategy will also generate more revenues. Again, stay tuned for more!

The Chimera Games division will also continue to grow and create more products as they have contracted with Arkham Labs to do so. Read these paragraphs from the PR linked right below them:

The assets are monetized by offering free to play games on social media and web portals with premium currency sold in game. The current primary driver of user traffic comes from Facebook but additional customers play the games directly on the Chimera games website portal at Momentous will be expanding the worldwide usage and revenue generation of these social games by making them available on Momentous' previously acquired Poolworks Ltd (MeinVZ and StudiVZ) social media networks in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Momentous also executed consulting agreements with Arkham Labs, developers of Chimera Games to continue to update and maintain the games currently running as well as expand the growth of the gaming platform by creating new games for the Facebook, Poolworks Ltd and web based platforms. Prioritizing of development efforts will be towards games with the highest ROI and earnings potential. These game enhancements and any new games created will be fully owned by Momentous Entertainment Group.

Momentous also signed a support services agreement with Arkham Labs to provide customer support to Chimera gamers as they enjoy the games on the various platforms.

Momentous CEO Kurt Neubauer stated, "We are very pleased to bring the gaming platform into the family of assets that Momentous continues to grow. As stated in a recently issued company audio update, Momentous is seeking multiple business roll up opportunities that will not only bring assets to the company but also be synergistic between them and allow for the production of additional revenues." Mr. Neubauer also stated, "We are also very excited that Arkham Labs of Fort Worth Texas has agreed to contract with Momentous to enhance the games and assist with integration into our Poolworks Ltd asset and also build and create new products that will bring even more revenue and profits to the Company."

Eigth, Momentous is working on finishing their music album, Crossings which you can read about here from the Audio Investor's Update linked below this paragraph:

Momentous newest album project, “Crossings – From Here to Eternity” made good progress in the fall. Foundations tracks were recorded at Wire Road Studios last on the first 6 songs. We hope to continue the production process sometime after the end of the first quarter of this year and be ready for an end of year release or new year release. Our goal is to put in motion on the album release date a marketing plan that will result in the album becoming both a Neilson 100 chart maker and a Billboard 100 chart maker. We will need to produce approximately 500 unit sales the week we release the new album to qualify for those chart toppers.

We have eight catalysts which is nothing but good news IMO.

As you can see there are many irons in the fire and Momentous is building a multi-faceted multiple profit center company that will generate revenues from several divisions that are all designed to work together to create even more revenues.

It looks to me as if 2018 will be the year for Momentous, with so many catalysts coming and so much growth and expansion, I can foresee revenues rolling in from multiple profit centers. I have always liked this company and see the potential here for steady growth on an ongoing basis.

Please make your own investment/trading decisions and do your own DD. While I do like Momentous Entertainment Group it is up to each individual to decide for themselves how and if they want to be involved in MMEG.

Good luck everyone and as always...



Please do your own DD. The opinions I express are my own and not intended to replace your own thorough research. Everyone is responsible for their own actions.
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