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Revised-and-Updated JCDS DD…VERIFIED…happening NOW…below...

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Revised-and-Updated JCDS DD…VERIFIED…happening NOW…below...

In 2009, CEO Cary Allen filed the requisite SEC Form to enable the then-
"Current" JCDS to enter into a "Cone of Silence" (my term). That was
an SEC Form 15: Notice of Suspension of Duty to File Reports Under
Sections 13 and 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

To qualify for such a "Cone of Silence," a Corporation MUST BE (at time
of Filing) "CURRENT." And JCDS was. Here’s the Link to that Filing:

JCDS is NOW emerging in 2015 with astonishing, highly exciting NEWS
and initiatives!$
…Marketing, Sales, and Promotional activities and events
are re-doubled and greatly ramped-up to include full-sized booths at Industry
Conventions and Trade Shows…vital, regular Corporate Blog entries…and
beefed-up Online presence through Client- and Industry-targeted Advertising.
Here’s just one example:
the April 01, 2015 Blog entry on http://www.oilgaspaymanager.com/blog/

Another such example features an Advertisement for JCDS appearing on an
Industry-focused Promotional and Networking Website:
This ad is 384 x 388 pixels (a near-square) located at the upper-center of the
Home Page of ProductionBrokers; it rotates (shares the same space) with
several other businesses. JCDS pays $1,200.00 monthly for this key, highly
visible, and highly welcomed promotion.

CEO Cary Allen has been releasing more frequent PRs/News Announcements
of a highly-positive and tantalizing nature -- and Shareholders are now Updated
and JOLTED into Investing while eagerly awaiting further News!

Please read the PRs/News Releases dated:
--- January 26, 2015
http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&article=65235579 …and
--- June 30, 2014.http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&article=62749540

Several Shareholders/Posters have spoken with Mr. Allen repeatedly,
on a total of 20+ occasions (some with Administrative Manager and
IR Judy Smith as well). They both have been highly accessible, candid (within
the expected boundaries and limitations), congenial, bright, and knowledgeable.

In their conversations, Shareholders/Posters have gleaned POSITIVE DD and
consistently-favorable facts, strengths, and Fundamentals about JCDS.

First, be sure to check-out and review the JCDS Website here: http://www.jcdata.com
Be sure to Click the drop-down “Products” menu / Oil & Gas which, in turn will take
you to: http://www.oilgaspaymanager.com
AND be sure to visit and read ALL the current JCDS Blog Entries at:

** On July 09, 2014, JCDS/Cary Allen’s newly-created Company, JC Data Escrow Co., Inc.,
Filed with the Texas Franchise (Tax) Board, where that new Company’s Filing Status is listed
Its File Number is 0802023544.
The Registered Agent on File for this new Company is Cary Allen. The Address is 1800
Norwood Drive, Ste. 100, Hurst, Texas 76054-3000 – as is the Company’s Corporate Office.
The January 26, 2015 News Release discusses and describes this and other JCDS activities:
In the Jan. 26, 2015 Release above, Cary Allen stated (regarding JC Data Escrow),
"In our ongoing effort of delivering the best security for these transactions, JCDS has
formed a new Company in June 2014, JC Data Escrow Co., to act as Fiduciary between
JC Data Solutions and their Payment Manager™ Clients.

ALSO, JCDS is Partnered 50%--50% with :

1) Claims Expeditors, LLC,
Incorporated on 11/29/2012, whose Appeal Manager™ Product
(unique to the Healthcare Market) is designed to collect on denied or partially-paid Claims. Claims
Expeditors, LLC. is listed with the Texas Secretary of State (etc.); its Eligibility and Active Status,
and associated information, has recently been Refreshed as-of April 14, 2015 (URL below).
Also, a sample Letter-of-Intent for Appeal Manager™ is seen at:

2) Aeris Solutions, LLC, Incorporated on 12/07/2012, whose Payment Manager™
Product is completed, thoroughly tested, and being Marketed/Sold/Installed. Aeris
Solutions, LLC. Is listed with the Texas Secretary of State (etc.); its Eligibility and Active Status,
and associated information, has recently been Refreshed as-of April 14, 2015 (URL below).
Another Aeris Solutions URL: http://www.bizapedia.com/tx/AERIS-SOLUTIONS-LLC.html
This product, a variation of the existing Payment Manager™ system, is designed to
support State and Federal Land-Lease Bids for the Oil and Gas Industry. It works hand-in-glove
with http://www.oilgaspaymanager.com

Promotion, Marketing, Sales, and Installation of the above Software Platforms/Services
already is underway, and Revenues are being generated.

JCDS also has recently added Electronic Healthcare Medical Records (Light) and
EMR (Light) solutions-and-services
designed for any healthcare facility - Hospitals,
Clinics, and Ambulatory Service Centers. Low-cost HIPAA compliant solutions that
can be custom-installed and can perform/provide any one (or all) of the following:
WebDocs™, Form Generator, Requisition Tracker (Workflow), EOB Tracker, Medical
Schedule Generator, Accounts Payable Processor, and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Processor for exchange of EDI transactions with payers or providers. This includes
retail drug…dental claims…professional and instructional claims…payment and
remittance advice…health claim status…plan enrollment…plan premium payments…
and referral certification. WOW! Here’s the Link – see for yourself! –

ERISA Appeals Expeditors’ “Appeal Manager™ Program
works with hospital Billing
staff and outsourced Billing companies to retrieve the money Legally owed to
hospitals and their patients…and it’s all done with 100% HIPPA Compliance.

FURTHER, There is a 25% Claim Recovery Charge per claim. Hospitals can
expect to receive 75% payment on submitted claims. So, for every $100,000.00,
a Hospital/Physician/Clinic can expect to receive $75,000.00. JCDS and its
50%-Owned Partner/Sub EACH receive $12,500.00 (…x 2 = $25,000.00).

AND, as JCDS Shareholder/Poster kzivann writes: "Looking ahead...
This 50%-Owned new Sub -- just started signing Clients (so probably little
if any income right now)... If successful and JCDS only signs up 1,000 Clinics
(there are several hundred-thousand at least around the Country), each
Clinic could Appeal in a year $100k. JCDS would get 12.5% or $12,500.00
per Clinic -- TIMES-1,000 Clinics! That is $25,000.00, divided 50-50 with
the 50%-Owned Partner/Sub, = $12,500.00 to JCDS (minus the usual
business costs), leaving JCDS with a HIGH Net Profit Margin. If this is
successful, we can see far more than 1,000 Clinics signing-up for this service."

So, what DO we know about JCDS?
Here below are the facts and strengths concerning JCDS:

--- The existing Share Structure:
--------- Authorized Shares: 500,000,000 as of March 10, 2015.
--------- Shares Outstanding: 457, 789,307 as of March 10, 2015.
--------- Float: 208,301,000 as of March 10, 2015.
--------- ZERO DILUTION in YEARS -- since 2008!

--- Transfer Agent:
Corporate Stock Transfer,
3200 Cherry Creek Drive South,
Suite 430,
Denver, CO 80209

Telephone: 303-282-4800
Fax: 303-282-5800


--- Essential Company information:
JC Data Solutions, Inc.
1800 Norwood Drive,
Suite 100
Hurst, Texas 76054-3000

Telephone: 682-429-0523
Fax: 866-281-8533



Mr. Allen graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in 1979 with a
Bachelor of Science in Business and Military Science. He spent the next seven years
working for a financial institution (CPA). During that time he observed what software
solutions were beginning to provide for customers and recognized the potential of more.
He consequently moved into software development. He started a business in Brookfield,
WI, providing contract services for accounting and software development but was
called-up by the Army Reserves to serve in Desert Shield and Desert Storm in late 1990.
In 1991, Mr. Allen had the opportunity to move to Dallas Texas and work for a software
company contracted by GTE. After five years of serving as VP of Sales, he accepted a
position with a large Midwest forms company as their Director of Electronic Forms Systems.
Recognizing the great potential for software use in the Data management arena, he joined
JC Data Solutions. With JCDS, Mr. Allen sold direct turnkey data systems for Financial,
Medical, Government, Manufacturing, and Transportation markets. As CEO, he has
developed an infrastructure that provides a wide range of data management services to
JCDS Corporate Clients in the Oil&Gas Industry, Healthcare Claims, and Insurance.

One CAN ask for CEO Cary Allen himself; he HAS been contacted many times!
Please be easy-going, polite, and business-like (not frantic or accusatory).

--- Investor Relations Contact at JC Data Solutions:
Judy Smith


Ms. Smith joined JC Data Solutions in December 2006 as Director of Marketing.
Her previous 25 years of experience in the Helicopter Industry included such positions
as Director of Sales and Marketing, Director of Marketing Services and Contracts,
and Delivery Manager. In this highly technical and varied customer industry, she
not only dealt with the marketing, promotions, and sales of products and services,
but also the configuration management and pricing, program management, and
customer liaison for contracting and delivery of specific-mission helicopters to
include US Government Agencies, State, County, and City Law Enforcement Agencies,
Air Ambulance, Corporate, and Utility operators throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Corporate Websites:

Corporate Headquarters:

Website for JCDS's Payment Manager™: http://oilgaspaymanager.com

Website for JCDS’s Payment Manager™ Blog: http://oilgaspaymanager.com/blog/

Website for JCDS's Claims Expeditor™: http://www.claimsexpeditors.com/

Sales outreach for JCDS's Appeals Manager sub (scroll-down)

Website for JCDS's FaceBook Account:
That's JCDS CEO Cary Allen standing on the left in the photo Posted
November 6, 2013 (ya have to scroll-down), with the CEO of Avatar Systems
(with whom JCDS formerly Partnered). This photo was taken at the 2012
Avatar Round-Up






JCDS Clients, Partners, and Associates:

--- http://www.legacylp.com/home/ ...Legacy Holdings, LP (LGCY)

--- http:// http://www.usenergydevcorp.com/ …U.S. Energy Development Corp.

--- http://grandenergy.com/

--- http://panteraenergy.com/index.php?page=client-vendor

--- http://www.crownexploration.com/

--- http://www.breitlingoilandgas.com/ --
……..The Link to JCDS’s Breitling Login Page: http://www.jcds-breitlingoilandgasadmin.com/login.aspx
Friends! This needs further investigation; please take note: Effective immediately,
Crude Energy LLC. will take over administration and daily management of the
Investments of all of Breitling's former Clients. Breitling's former Clients wishing
to contact Crude may do so at the following address:
Crude Energy, LLC
1910 Pacific Avenue, 7th Floor
Dallas, Texas 75201
Phone (214) 716-2200
SOURCE Breitling Oil and Gas Corporation, December 09, 2013

--- http://preservationofwealth.net/ ...Preservation of Wealth (POW)

--- http://denaliassociates.com/

PROOF that JCDS provides Services to its Clients, Partners, and Associates:
Just Click on the Links that follow, and enjoy what you see…GO JCDS!$

http://www.jcds-crudeadmin.com ... -- http://www.miesendocs.com


http://www.breitlingoilandgasdocs.com … -- http://www.grandenergydocs.com

http://www.jcds-grandenergyadmin.com … -- http://www.jcds-breitlingoilandgasadmin.com

http://www.claimsexpeditors.com ... -- http://www.usedclogin.com

http://www.panteradocs.com ... -- http://www.jcds-panteraadmin.com


The Company's Contracting-with, and Servicing-of, the above businesses
(and additional client-businesses shown in the Links below) HAS BEEN VERIFIED
by considerable DD and Website scrutiny as well as through personal
telephone communication with directly-involved Parties.

--- Gross Annual Revenues are strongly believed to be several Million Dollars.

--- There are at least 20+ Clients of JCDS.

--- We already know there are at least 5 employees and Contractors.

--- NEEDED: Financials -- Unaudited at first, then followed by Audited and
prepared to GAAP standards, with Attorney Letter.

--- Along with the above, an UPLISTING would help.

--- THIS Post by iHubber cjstocksup (from the JCDS Board) gives Links and
access to additional extensive and thoroughly detailed Due Diligence:

--- The reasonable conclusion and belief is that JCDS SHOULD be --
and COULD be -- priced at $0.05 - $0.25 per Share,
following release of
News/PRs and resumption of Financial/SEC Reporting accompanied by
Attorney Letter and Letter of Disclosure, to facilitate attainment of
"Current" status. (Share-Price could be HIGHER if Buyout/Merger!)

This should come, with TIME. Yes, that annoying, frustrating concept -- PATIENCE!

The reward in this instance is SO VAST as to make the wait HIGHLY worthwhile!


For MORE excellent DD and Historical perspective from JCDS
Poster/Shareholder reaper247, please CLICK the three Links below.
They go to three additional Posts that have further exciting JCDS information:

By reaper247:




Just being real here, Friends. ------> JCDS is FOR REAL!$

All the Best to Everyone and JCDS!$ smile

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