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IFUS  Impact Fusion International Inc0.00240.00.00%   11/04/2015
My IFUS Pitch: "100% scam from day one. IFUS is the evil offspring of a previous scam, RRLB. After 1:2500 reverse split this scam began gobbling up investor's money. Headed by a serial scammer, Marc Walther, it has never filed even an OTC report and keeps the TA gagged."
CAGR  California Grapes International, Inc0.00010.00.00%   07/16/2012
My CAGR Pitch: "Once Frank sold 5 Billion shares he reverse split the pig, changed the name & started the dilution over again. He has sold another nearly 1 1/2 Billion shares in 6 months.

Its 100% scam. A typical sub-penny, Pink Piggy, paper hanging scam. reverse split coming again in Spring of next year.
  Spongetech Delivery Systems, Inc. (fka SPNGQ)  10/13/2010
My Pitch: "Another great story to follow. Hard to believe so many were fooled by this blatant scam. Mgmt indicted & everything is in BK. But the story line of cult followers continues. DOJ looks to be serious on this one. Wonder just how deep the corruption went, and will they go after the board pumpbots?"
  CMKM Diamonds Inc. (fka CMKX)  10/13/2010
BANI  Banneker Inc.0.00010.00.00%   10/13/2010
My BANI Pitch: "Strange little stock. Recent reverse split. Some say they still cannot sell because TA has not produced new certs to replace old ones at broker. Others certed shares earlier in order to get a special bonus of 1mm shares. Never got their million and can't sell their original shares. Just weird stuff."
PFSD  Pacific Sands Inc0.00010.00.00%   10/12/2010
My PFSD Pitch: "Interesting stock. It actually has a business, makes money, does not issue fluff PRs, is fully reporting and has 43 Million in the OS with an AS of 50 Million!! It has a good chance. It is not an instant 10 bagger. On the other hand, investors will not be blind sided by an RS or rampant dilution["
BMCS  BioTech Medics Inc0.00230.00029.52%   10/11/2010
My BMCS Pitch: "BMCS is the product of a reverse merger with a spinoff of a company that has long since been revoked. BMCS has had 2 reverse splits and the TA remains gagged. OTC flags it with a RED STOP SIGN warning to investors"
GHGH  GuanHua Corp.0.0060.00.00%   10/11/2010
My GHGH Pitch: "AGHD is likely the single WORST stock of them all. A total of 8 reverse splits over the last few years combining to equal 1 to 7,700,000,000,000,000,000 (7.7 Quintillion!!)"
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