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Ticker  Board News Price Change Chg%   Added
  Axiom Corp. (fka AXMM)  08/17/2016
  Coates International Ltd. (fka COTE)  08/04/2016
My Pitch: "Go COTE. Go to The Pennies"
  Boreal Water Collection Inc. (fka BRWC)  04/29/2015
  Rex Energy Corp. (fka REXXQ)  09/09/2014
ACRX  AcelRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.1.05990.03993.91%   12/16/2013
AMBS  Amarantus Bioscience Holdings Inc.0.0101-0.00155-13.30%   12/27/2012
BRBL  Brewbilt Brewing Co.0.016905-0.000445-2.56%   01/12/2021
My BRBL Pitch: "Sleeping giant

BYOC  Beyond Commerce Inc0.00110.00.00%   07/27/2020
My BYOC Pitch: "Wake up sleeping giant

Pennies + soon

BYSD  Bayside Corp.0.228-0.081-26.21%   10/20/2015
CDMO  Avid Bioservices Inc.   08/30/2012
My CDMO Pitch: "$25 price target in 12 months possible here GO PPHM."
CGRA  CGrowth Capital, Inc.0.0154-0.001-6.10%   05/01/2015
My CGRA Pitch: "Penny today will be awesome. Go $CGRA"
DPLS  DarkPulse, Inc.0.1170.019.35%   09/01/2020
My DPLS Pitch: "Sleeping giant being awaked

EVIO  EVIO Inc.0.0008-0.0002-20.00%   07/19/2016
My EVIO Pitch: "$0.25 by year end = no brainier ="
GBHL  Global Entertainment Holdings, Inc.0.0030.00013.45%   09/24/2020
My GBHL Pitch: "Go GBHL

HRTX  Heron Therapeutics Inc.12.65-0.09-0.71%   08/14/2013
My HRTX Pitch: "Wake up little monster. Wake up. GO APPA GO APPA"
ICTY  Eyecity.com0.00150.000215.38%   07/09/2020
My ICTY Pitch: "Pennies all over"
LLBO  Lifeline Biotechnologies, Inc.0.0017-0.00065-27.66%   04/29/2015
NTEK  NanoTech Entertainment, Inc.0.00070.00.00%   12/16/2013
ONCI  On4 Communications, Inc.0.0008-0.0001-11.11%   06/06/2016
RGBP  Regen BioPharma Inc.0.036-0.00663-15.55%   09/06/2014
RIVU  Rivulet Media Inc.0.2450.03516.67%   09/09/2014
My RIVU Pitch: "GO BMSN"
SGNL  Signal Genetics Inc  10/14/2015
My SGNL Pitch: "Wake up little monster. Wake up. Go SGNL"
SQQQ  ProShares ETF - UltraPro Short QQQ7.63-0.04-0.52%   03/26/2020
My SQQQ Pitch: "Go SQQQ"
TTCM  Tautachrome Inc.0.0063-0.0001-1.56%   05/01/2015
My TTCM Pitch: "This is hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Go $RDSH"
VITX  VITANA-X Inc.0.00950.00022.15%   09/17/2020
My VITX Pitch: "Boooooooooooooooooooooooom
Pennies coming"
WLAN  Wialan Technologies Inc.0.0040.00.00%   12/16/2013
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