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probably selling related to some sort of equity Growers Direct Coffee Co. Inc. (fka GWDCQ) 05/15/2008 05:31:30 AM
good find. Growers Direct Coffee Co. Inc. (fka GWDCQ) 05/13/2008 01:41:27 AM
re: "...where is management during all this? sipping Growers Direct Coffee Co. Inc. (fka GWDCQ) 05/12/2008 04:32:20 PM
This thing is like one of those paintings Mesa Offshore Trust 05/11/2008 10:51:22 AM
nat gas price chart Mesa Offshore Trust 05/11/2008 10:27:00 AM
re: "put stocks on the call only list Deep Down, Inc. 05/09/2008 03:33:19 AM
re: "We are working on putting together a Growers Direct Coffee Co. Inc. (fka GWDCQ) 05/08/2008 08:18:19 AM
re: "In other words, she's on our side..." Mesa Offshore Trust 04/07/2008 02:36:45 PM
That's naked fiber. You can't field deploy that Deep Down, Inc. 04/05/2008 11:17:18 PM
re: "i wonder if this spool is fiber Deep Down, Inc. 04/05/2008 07:30:31 PM
re:"Afterall, our trust was spared of the $20 Mesa Offshore Trust 04/05/2008 06:37:17 PM
re: "Given what we know, i don't know Mesa Offshore Trust 04/05/2008 07:51:38 AM
Initially I thought that jpm did a lot Mesa Offshore Trust 04/04/2008 09:35:27 AM
re:"You know what would be really weird? If Mesa Offshore Trust 04/03/2008 05:38:47 PM
100/70 = 1.4285 Mesa Offshore Trust 04/02/2008 07:56:04 AM
btw - my opinion on "oversold" would have Mesa Offshore Trust 04/02/2008 02:12:52 AM
btw. I'm sorry about my whining before. It Mesa Offshore Trust 04/02/2008 02:06:15 AM
yeah, that talk of stops earlier got me Mesa Offshore Trust 04/02/2008 01:58:42 AM
I have to admit that my mental figure Mesa Offshore Trust 04/02/2008 01:43:51 AM
Another weird thing... Mesa Offshore Trust 04/02/2008 12:53:03 AM
re:stops Just curious. What retail broker allows stops on OTC/Pinks? Mesa Offshore Trust 04/02/2008 12:41:09 AM
A lot of traders don't like to hold Deep Down, Inc. 03/31/2008 04:09:13 PM
Well, to those of us who don't follow Mesa Offshore Trust 03/28/2008 01:57:45 PM
There will be oil (imho).. FalkLand Oil and Gas (fka FLKOF) 03/27/2008 12:19:35 AM
Rigzone Article on Value of GOM Blocks Mesa Offshore Trust 03/25/2008 10:47:08 PM
There is no MOST, Mesa Offshore Trust 03/19/2008 08:41:58 AM
Did you happen to notice any indication of Mesa Offshore Trust 03/18/2008 09:26:45 PM
Admittedly this is more of counting chickens before Mesa Offshore Trust 03/18/2008 09:18:53 PM
I just had another thought re: JPM. Mesa Offshore Trust 03/15/2008 09:32:00 AM
re: "A "Docket control order" is the order Mesa Offshore Trust 03/15/2008 08:59:44 AM
What is it that they have to agree Mesa Offshore Trust 03/14/2008 05:48:05 PM
NaturalGas(Nymex)(J8) 10.214 -0.016 -0.16% 06:26:00 Mesa Offshore Trust 03/14/2008 08:55:05 AM
The 60,800 units (realtively small amt) shown as Mesa Offshore Trust 03/13/2008 09:50:18 PM
your wager was with dragon man so I Mesa Offshore Trust 03/13/2008 09:32:44 PM
NaturalGas(Nymex)(J8) 9.99 -0.01 -0.10% 06:39:07 Mesa Offshore Trust 03/12/2008 09:35:43 AM
There's a thought. Receiving property in leiu of Mesa Offshore Trust 03/10/2008 04:39:57 PM
yeah, so much for correlating with the price Strata Power Corp. 03/10/2008 04:26:48 PM
I use USO (US Oil Fund) to track Strata Power Corp. 03/10/2008 11:45:07 AM
"In accordance with the COGE Handbook, Discovered Resources Strata Power Corp. 03/09/2008 08:21:07 AM
SOIGF vs. BQI which is better? Strata Power Corp. 03/08/2008 09:26:08 AM