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Posts by harpdogBoardDate/Time
So what is driving this price movement to Taronis Fuels Inc. (TRNF) 06/10/2021 09:29:52 PM
Anyone know what's going on with the proxy vote? Taronis Technologies Inc. (TRNX) 03/28/2021 05:59:59 PM
What will Santilli's resignation mean for this stock? TARONIS TECHNOLOGIES INC COM (TRNX) 07/25/2019 08:25:42 AM
What are the true ramifications if they do TARONIS TECHNOLOGIES INC COM (TRNX) 05/13/2019 12:45:51 PM
There's no argument- i asked a question which TARONIS TECHNOLOGIES INC COM (TRNX) 03/07/2019 01:12:45 PM
how is a company responsible for a gas TARONIS TECHNOLOGIES INC COM (TRNX) 03/04/2019 06:28:28 PM
So a quick scan of my trading account TARONIS TECHNOLOGIES INC COM (TRNX) 02/26/2019 10:42:12 AM
can someone explain why any company is allowed Taronis Technologies Inc. (TRNX) 02/09/2019 01:21:27 PM
where's the signature page to tell us who Taronis Technologies Inc. (TRNX) 08/31/2018 04:40:33 PM
if DSCR can actually prove they have mining Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 01/11/2018 12:07:42 PM
name change- Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 01/11/2018 12:03:31 PM
well, 3.4 billion total...... Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 01/11/2018 11:32:32 AM
boom. 'bout time.... Taronis Technologies Inc. (TRNX) 08/18/2017 09:28:15 AM
could someone tell me when the next scheduled Taronis Technologies Inc. (TRNX) 08/11/2017 12:23:04 AM
i don't get the dramatic drop. everyone knew Taronis Technologies Inc. (TRNX) 07/24/2017 05:22:38 PM
WTF is HAPPENING???? Taronis Technologies Inc. (TRNX) 07/24/2017 04:34:39 PM
what happened?? Ocean Power Technologies (OPTT) 07/21/2017 01:47:12 PM
does anyone know how the stock options and Taronis Technologies Inc. (TRNX) 07/19/2017 12:26:56 AM
didn't wanna pay 3, but there just weren't Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 07/13/2017 03:34:00 PM
me, too! thank you!! Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 07/13/2017 10:15:45 AM
so i got too many inquiries to answer Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 07/13/2017 09:57:29 AM
Paper read 68124 Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 07/13/2017 12:28:14 AM
i can't here...email me and we can trade Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 07/12/2017 05:30:19 PM
so Russ IS alive and well! he couldn't Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 07/12/2017 04:27:56 PM
over 80m shares traded today at or over .0003 Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 07/12/2017 03:07:45 PM
28 m bid at 3 78m Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 07/12/2017 02:43:07 PM
i'm guessing whoever the buyers were at it's Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 07/11/2017 02:54:49 PM
the Domain is for sale, interesting... Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 07/10/2017 03:21:06 PM
i'm expecting a run to .0005 today, then Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 07/10/2017 09:07:54 AM
almost all 3's have been bought. bid's at Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 07/07/2017 03:35:34 PM
nevermind...i see investors hub has a "small cap Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 07/07/2017 03:02:40 PM
all the 3's are gone, (30m bidding at Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 07/07/2017 02:57:04 PM
there's no level 2 available with sub-penny stocks....if Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 07/07/2017 02:54:23 PM
there isn't one; only Russ' email, that i Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 07/07/2017 10:53:24 AM
hope to have something soon.... 1000 sold at Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 07/06/2017 04:04:06 PM
i'll ask Russ- haven't spoken to him in Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 07/06/2017 03:48:59 PM
is anyone selling or promoting the Spill be Hemp, Inc. (HEMP) 05/26/2017 10:42:52 AM
NEW YORK, May 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Purcell Ocean Power Technologies (OPTT) 05/22/2017 12:34:58 PM
SO what does this investigation mean to the Ocean Power Technologies (OPTT) 05/22/2017 12:33:52 PM
just so you know, if you check DSCR Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 05/14/2017 01:28:53 PM

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