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Posts by Rocky_2BoardDate/Time
Wizetrad green all the way, closed at 4.00 Crude Oil Tar Sand Companies 10/16/2006 04:12:07 PM
NYBob go to canwest pet web page and Oilsands Quest Inc (fka OBQI) 08/24/2006 12:50:28 PM
NYBOB if you would like wizetrade you have Eurasia Gold Corp. (EAGCF) 08/24/2006 11:11:37 AM
On wizetrade northgate all green a good buy NORTHGATE MINERALS CORP (NGX:TSX) (TSX:NGX) 08/21/2006 08:05:03 PM
On wizetrade san gold all green good time San Gold Corporation (TSX:SGR) 08/21/2006 02:06:51 PM
Wizetrade has all green today good time to buy Oilsands Quest Inc (fka OBQI) 08/21/2006 01:56:31 PM
NYBob thank you for the very good map GOLD (Au) PRODUCERS 08/11/2006 02:50:20 PM
Very will put---- all basher are puppets and Franklin Mining, Inc. (FMNJ) 08/11/2006 02:23:46 PM
nybob i see Eurasia up 0.21 in short Franklin Mining, Inc. (FMNJ) 07/27/2006 03:57:14 PM
if that is what it so be it Franklin Mining, Inc. (FMNJ) 07/27/2006 03:46:16 PM
good one Franklin Mining, Inc. (FMNJ) 07/27/2006 03:43:58 PM
fmnj good buy for seniors Franklin Mining, Inc. (FMNJ) 07/27/2006 03:22:21 PM
ranching farming to much work for me Franklin Mining, Inc. (FMNJ) 07/27/2006 02:06:47 PM
americano i did not know senior was 55, Franklin Mining, Inc. (FMNJ) 07/27/2006 01:23:13 PM
good to see silver on the move Franklin Mining, Inc. (FMNJ) 07/27/2006 01:19:09 AM
Yes the gtl could get the stock moving Franklin Mining, Inc. (FMNJ) 07/26/2006 02:03:11 AM
cwpc on the move today up .70 Crude Oil Tar Sand Companies 07/25/2006 03:38:52 PM
YES I DO'NT PUT ALL MY EGGS IN Franklin Mining, Inc. (FMNJ) 07/25/2006 02:34:34 PM
MY PICK AND SHOVEL ARE MY PAST DAYS Franklin Mining, Inc. (FMNJ) 07/25/2006 02:05:26 PM
IS THAT WAY FMNJ IS GOING UP BECAUSE Franklin Mining, Inc. (FMNJ) 07/25/2006 01:04:49 PM
Gold is good buy now Franklin Mining, Inc. (FMNJ) 07/24/2006 10:33:54 PM
GOOD TOO SEE GOLD ON THE MOVE AGAIN Franklin Mining, Inc. (FMNJ) 07/24/2006 03:58:38 PM
I SEE GOLD IS STARTING TO COME UP AGAIN Franklin Mining, Inc. (FMNJ) 07/24/2006 02:28:40 PM
AMERICANO you are right I think NYBOB is Franklin Mining, Inc. (FMNJ) 07/16/2006 12:28:44 PM
Yes we are not all lucky like some Franklin Mining, Inc. (FMNJ) 07/13/2006 02:45:36 PM
NYBob thank you for great info. Franklin Mining, Inc. (FMNJ) 07/11/2006 07:07:35 PM