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FYI just saw this Personas Social Inc. 03/22/2021 03:51:47 PM
We should break $4.00/share within 2 weeks as NetList Inc. 03/20/2021 12:57:17 PM
Political influence at play NetList Inc. 03/18/2021 09:27:24 AM
Some good sized sales hitting now. NetList Inc. 03/15/2021 01:24:24 PM
Yes it qualifies, already talked with Bergman and Assoc. NetList Inc. 03/15/2021 08:01:56 AM
Shareholders can also do a class action against NetList Inc. 03/13/2021 02:51:22 PM
This will start moving so don't get caught NetList Inc. 03/12/2021 12:41:29 PM
Nice, settlement is very near , NetList Inc. 03/12/2021 12:36:59 PM
and that came from a Google lawyer NetList Inc. 03/12/2021 08:21:55 AM
$12.00 by July , keep adding shares , NetList Inc. 03/11/2021 10:00:21 PM
Because this is a Cancer stock this could AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 03/11/2021 07:56:10 AM
This will be a $30-40 stock in no AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 03/11/2021 07:54:51 AM
It will not be for long, $500 Million AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 03/11/2021 07:53:28 AM
500 m in revenue will be hear soon AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 03/10/2021 06:49:23 PM
Hope so but not without an update from Friday NetList Inc. 03/10/2021 06:12:50 PM
Do I get a cut AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 03/10/2021 06:11:26 PM
BAM. now you can AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 03/10/2021 03:34:13 PM
seeking alfa posted FDA approval, if this AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 03/10/2021 03:33:26 PM
The clowns that dumped around these levels will NetList Inc. 03/10/2021 01:02:48 PM
Odd? I know 2 folks that work there ? AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 03/09/2021 08:17:08 AM
Weird, mike from IR acted like he knew NetList Inc. 03/08/2021 02:02:24 PM
or a stock dividend NetList Inc. 03/02/2021 07:40:49 PM
Hong likes Russian hookers NetList Inc. 03/02/2021 07:40:01 PM
Where we gonna close on Friday? $3? NetList Inc. 03/02/2021 07:25:56 PM
To Mars and beyond NetList Inc. 03/01/2021 08:29:16 AM
This company has 7 valuable compounds in the AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 02/25/2021 08:48:30 AM
Its been quiet since this stock just doubled Personas Social Inc. 02/25/2021 08:46:47 AM
Somehow the sale happened seconds after it closed NetList Inc. 02/25/2021 08:44:31 AM
Someone was dumping franticly near yesterdays close. The NetList Inc. 02/25/2021 08:31:47 AM
If audited financials show in a few weeks Personas Social Inc. 02/22/2021 06:13:48 PM
crazy day, I am sure we will some Personas Social Inc. 02/22/2021 06:12:43 PM
$23.00 will be here soon then he will AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 02/21/2021 09:30:51 AM
Maybe a good buyout candidate Personas Social Inc. 02/20/2021 09:31:02 AM
Taking bitcoin - PRSNF a zoom like ap Alphabet Inc 02/20/2021 09:29:53 AM
If they come in with a .04 cent Personas Social Inc. 02/20/2021 09:15:42 AM
Income statements are next and they could show Personas Social Inc. 02/19/2021 07:43:05 PM
We may blow past $1.50 today? NetList Inc. 02/18/2021 07:52:14 AM
It was in a interview so it is NetList Inc. 02/18/2021 07:51:26 AM
This is now on the SEC watch list AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 02/16/2021 10:36:37 AM
I expect as we get closer to a NetList Inc. 02/14/2021 08:45:48 AM