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Posts by Book_ArcherBoardDate/Time
Three cheers to that! GASE Energy Inc. (GASE) 09/20/2021 09:29:20 PM
This is just the beginning if the merger Fast Track Solutions Inc. (FTRK) 07/30/2021 07:21:08 PM
On watch for a solid run this week ProTek Capital, Inc. (PRPM) 07/24/2021 06:31:23 PM
Merger news primed for any day now. If Fast Track Solutions Inc. (FTRK) 07/23/2021 10:44:31 AM
Pink current is great. All that’s left is ProConcept Marketing Group, Inc. (PRMK) 07/22/2021 10:47:51 AM
AHFI should go crazy next week after custodianship Absolute Health and Fitness, Inc. (AHFI) 05/29/2021 11:42:35 AM
Once news about merger is dropped at any Majic Wheels Corp. (MJWL) 05/21/2021 11:07:16 AM
Easiest dip I’ve ever added. Majic Wheels Corp. (MJWL) 05/17/2021 10:49:48 AM
It allows Beadswap tokens to be traded with YaSheng Group (HERB) 05/14/2021 01:47:04 PM
4 million in invoices. Renavotio Inc. (RIII) 05/14/2021 11:54:08 AM
Doubled my position today. If revenue of excess Renavotio Inc. (RIII) 05/13/2021 04:50:25 PM
$4120 Road to $5000 continues Applied Blockchain Inc (APLD) 05/10/2021 01:22:26 AM
I see that they filed their annual list Viscount Systems (VSYS) 05/05/2021 04:08:14 PM
Looks like the MM’s walls finally went away. Renavotio Inc. (RIII) 05/05/2021 10:03:57 AM
The company now in CWSS received 7.5 mil Creative Waste Solutions, Inc (CWSS) 05/04/2021 09:24:40 PM
57.2% of the volume yesterday was short according Applied Blockchain Inc (APLD) 05/04/2021 10:45:28 AM
Market cap is still sub 20 million, which Applied Blockchain Inc (APLD) 05/03/2021 01:03:34 PM
According to ZoomInfo it’s 180 million. AVVAA World Health Care Products (AVVH) 05/03/2021 07:32:46 AM
Revenue of Ripple is 180 million.... this could AVVAA World Health Care Products (AVVH) 05/02/2021 11:06:12 PM
Market cap is now roughly one third of Applied Blockchain Inc (APLD) 04/29/2021 12:02:44 PM
The subsidiary manages over 12 billion in assets, Applied Blockchain Inc (APLD) 04/27/2021 09:48:03 PM
Interesting. Market cap is now lower than their Renavotio Inc. (RIII) 04/27/2021 05:42:49 PM
If they can attain anywhere near the 150 Applied Blockchain Inc (APLD) 04/20/2021 06:33:48 PM
They didn’t make it on the board because Applied Blockchain Inc (APLD) 04/16/2021 10:37:52 PM
Market cap is only five million, they received Applied Blockchain Inc (APLD) 04/16/2021 03:06:30 PM
Hmm, looks like you have to be vetted Renavotio Inc. (RIII) 03/24/2021 02:31:41 PM
Already set my limit sell for that way Renavotio Inc. (RIII) 03/12/2021 05:24:20 PM
Good luck on your future ventures then, whatever Renavotio Inc. (RIII) 03/02/2021 10:44:35 AM
Cicero Transact, aka the investment company Kevin Harrington Renavotio Inc. (RIII) 03/02/2021 08:45:21 AM
Alright, thank you for that information. Seems like Applied Blockchain Inc (APLD) 02/28/2021 02:51:45 PM
How long should we expect until the custodian Applied Blockchain Inc (APLD) 02/28/2021 10:20:27 AM
So, we’re opening back up to overseas sales, Renavotio Inc. (RIII) 02/23/2021 11:51:41 AM
Well, here it is. The day their 10-K Renavotio Inc. (RIII) 02/22/2021 09:30:25 AM
Not good. Born Inc. (BRRN) 02/16/2021 02:42:48 PM
Looks like Alkeaon Creators was Alkeon Creators after Born Inc. (BRRN) 02/16/2021 02:31:30 PM
A company generating 26 million revenue a year Born Inc. (BRRN) 02/12/2021 11:34:25 AM
Considering it spoke about Alkeon as a subsidiary, Born Inc. (BRRN) 02/10/2021 07:23:04 PM
It’s a marketplace app? That’s who is merging? Born Inc. (BRRN) 02/10/2021 01:41:28 PM
This just might be who’s reverse merging into Born Inc. (BRRN) 02/08/2021 04:08:06 PM
Good to see this finally receiving the attention Neutra Corp. (NTRR) 02/08/2021 02:49:27 PM

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