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Not following because you have to purchase stock Video River Networks, Inc. (NIHK) 04/23/2021 09:31:16 PM
Great close. Next week should be fun GiveMePower (GMPW) 04/23/2021 07:29:02 PM
More short volume? Video River Networks, Inc. (NIHK) 04/23/2021 07:28:31 PM
Your right just seems crazy the amount of Video River Networks, Inc. (NIHK) 04/23/2021 05:41:48 PM
Frank stop diluting Video River Networks, Inc. (NIHK) 04/23/2021 03:48:25 PM
Wtf Video River Networks, Inc. (NIHK) 04/23/2021 03:47:57 PM
There going to fry Video River Networks, Inc. (NIHK) 04/22/2021 09:40:02 PM
Someone has been collecting a shit ton of Video River Networks, Inc. (NIHK) 04/22/2021 10:03:41 AM
Thought you sold buddy Pennexx Foods, Inc. (PNNX) 04/22/2021 10:02:01 AM
Got over 100k shares. Let's riiiiiiiiiide Video River Networks, Inc. (NIHK) 04/21/2021 03:08:26 PM
They want it to stay below .087 Video River Networks, Inc. (NIHK) 04/21/2021 02:49:06 PM
Just smacked the shit out of that ass Video River Networks, Inc. (NIHK) 04/21/2021 02:48:31 PM
Gotta love the line of credit to yourself..... GiveMePower (GMPW) 04/14/2021 08:27:21 PM
10k out GiveMePower (GMPW) 04/14/2021 07:57:52 PM
I'm ready to see this trading in dollars GiveMePower (GMPW) 04/11/2021 12:23:49 PM
Worse than watching paint dry. Let's go Vince!!! Pennexx Foods, Inc. (PNNX) 04/11/2021 12:22:40 PM
Thinking this week? GiveMePower (GMPW) 04/11/2021 09:54:41 AM
It's laughable how much this company has under delivered Pennexx Foods, Inc. (PNNX) 04/09/2021 08:48:36 PM
Yes it is. GiveMePower (GMPW) 04/05/2021 02:53:20 PM
Booom time LFG! GiveMePower (GMPW) 03/15/2021 03:14:56 PM
This will be in the dollars GiveMePower (GMPW) 03/04/2021 03:49:07 PM
Noone is selling. This is about to get GiveMePower (GMPW) 03/01/2021 07:53:17 PM
Both still have the CEs... GiveMePower (GMPW) 02/28/2021 08:32:49 PM
Next week? GiveMePower (GMPW) 02/28/2021 06:08:41 PM
Good luck GiveMePower (GMPW) 02/19/2021 10:00:45 AM
Can only lead to water... Can't make them drink... GiveMePower (GMPW) 02/19/2021 12:16:47 AM
You'll be chasing GiveMePower (GMPW) 02/18/2021 11:53:35 PM
Hope they roll out before then. Exposure is Pennexx Foods, Inc. (PNNX) 02/17/2021 09:05:46 AM
We wish. Common George! GiveMePower (GMPW) 02/17/2021 08:40:29 AM
Volume is strangely high GiveMePower (GMPW) 02/16/2021 01:48:24 PM
Let's see it. It's definitely time. Pennexx Foods, Inc. (PNNX) 02/16/2021 12:26:32 PM
Feels like next week GiveMePower (GMPW) 02/11/2021 06:27:00 PM
Nice 100 share buy haha GiveMePower (GMPW) 02/10/2021 09:51:19 AM
Let's see it bud. We ready GiveMePower (GMPW) 02/10/2021 09:02:54 AM
Something's up and I love it GiveMePower (GMPW) 02/08/2021 01:05:09 PM
Exactly don't cave. Look at that 160k bid GiveMePower (GMPW) 01/28/2021 11:26:10 AM
Please GiveMePower (GMPW) 01/27/2021 08:36:33 PM
Frank has to be screwing something up GiveMePower (GMPW) 01/27/2021 04:07:57 PM
Nope Pennexx Foods, Inc. (PNNX) 01/27/2021 04:07:13 PM
Getting walked down hard GiveMePower (GMPW) 01/27/2021 11:47:22 AM

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