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Posts by heartofachildBoardDate/Time
Mobile dental unit could not have been in American Mobile Dental (AMBD) 06/01/2020 05:44:22 PM
I still have a substantial holding in DEEL Deal a Day Group Corp. (DEEL) 05/28/2020 12:22:21 PM
So everyone isn't wondering I had to sell Deal a Day Group Corp. (DEEL) 05/28/2020 12:17:04 PM
DEEL Looks like NVSOS updated name to SHONGHOYA Deal a Day Group Corp. (DEEL) 05/27/2020 12:29:30 PM
Picked some up thank you ORIONS Money Stocks 05/04/2020 09:47:32 AM
Any special gold stocks you have your eye on ORIONS Money Stocks 05/04/2020 09:08:30 AM
Thank you for exposing/reconnecting the Titanium Bulls earlier nonsense. Holloman Energy Corp (HENC) 04/30/2020 01:11:44 PM
Thank you Inspyr Therapeutics Inc. (NSPX) 04/29/2020 12:33:46 PM
Hey Lakota, looks like we're 2 for 2. CloudCommerce Inc. (CLWD) 04/27/2020 05:23:37 PM
Nice to see you back Trend Trader Inspyr Therapeutics Inc. (NSPX) 04/02/2020 12:19:36 PM
Actually, dismissed with prejudice means they Can Not Green Energy Enterprises Inc. (GYOG) 02/08/2020 04:55:57 PM
Can't go wrong here, Trade Station is one QuantGate Systems Inc. (QGSI) 01/11/2020 10:05:36 AM
Grab it low when you can. Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. (TSOI) 01/10/2020 04:34:22 PM
I am willing to send one person a LGBTQ Loyalty Holdings Inc. (LFAP) 12/10/2019 02:05:40 PM
I apologize to each and every one of LGBTQ Loyalty Holdings Inc. (LFAP) 12/10/2019 01:54:16 PM
yes, that's the apostle BB's Stock Haven 10/07/2019 02:01:34 PM
Here with you guys early. few hundred thousand shares VDO PH Intl (VDPH) 10/01/2019 12:41:57 PM
it's gonna' go. Eventually it will be bought out. Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. (TSOI) 09/30/2019 11:52:32 AM
I appreciate your insight as well, keep it PCT Ltd. (PCTL) 09/30/2019 10:12:32 AM
Your a gem, enjoy your weekend. J Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 09/13/2019 04:42:01 PM
good advise PCT Ltd. (PCTL) 09/11/2019 10:23:07 AM
Thoth, it is appreciated unfortunately too many PCT Ltd. (PCTL) 08/25/2019 09:42:50 AM
Centsability4me - Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. (TSOI) 08/19/2019 10:44:28 AM
I agree - we are make milestones breakthroughs Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. (TSOI) 08/19/2019 10:20:55 AM
Just Hold on it's going to hit. GH Cap Inc (GHHC) 04/26/2019 03:23:12 PM
I got mine today as well - THANK YOU Ironclad Encryption Corp. (IRNC) 04/18/2019 10:53:17 AM
statement, thank you for pointing out my incorrect Cytodyn Inc. (CYDY) 03/18/2019 09:14:07 AM
They have applied to fast track the approval Cytodyn Inc. (CYDY) 03/18/2019 12:37:19 AM
Thanks Luke my orders kept getting rejected. Hopefully Verb Technology Company Inc. (VERB) 03/15/2019 09:50:54 AM
McMilla, I am down more than 3k GH Cap Inc (GHHC) 03/06/2019 11:17:51 PM
Ithuf stock is better, one of the best iAnthus Capital Holdings Inc (ITHUF) 03/04/2019 10:31:34 AM
Frank, then wait for the financials in March Future Farm Technologies Inc. (FFRMF) 02/23/2019 01:19:10 AM
I would expect a reverse merger. Another company CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 02/18/2019 03:37:22 AM
GHHC has obtained a new line of credit GH Cap Inc (GHHC) 02/18/2019 02:09:49 AM
Thanks for this, I've been watching and holding Galectin Therapeutics Inc. (GALT) 02/14/2019 12:32:24 AM
Here's something: Jacksonville, FL, Jan. 08, 2019 (GLOBE mCig Inc. (MCIG) 02/12/2019 01:17:20 AM
I would give it a few more days, mCig Inc. (MCIG) 02/12/2019 01:08:36 AM
TXHD CEO To Announce Facebook $FB Chief Executive Resonate Blends Inc. (KOAN) 02/10/2019 10:48:26 PM
Artillery, A pull back is when a InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IMLFF) 02/10/2019 12:26:24 AM
perhaps without facebook, one could only hope. lol Resonate Blends Inc. (KOAN) 01/30/2019 12:05:31 AM