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They're already on the TSXV. CloudMD Software and Services Inc. (DOCRF) 10/19/2020 05:30:28 PM
Uplisting? CloudMD Software and Services Inc. (DOCRF) 10/19/2020 02:09:51 PM
Well I will be sitting and waiting with Exro technologies EXROF (EXROF) 10/08/2020 04:02:12 PM
Yea this October should be some good news Exro technologies EXROF (EXROF) 10/08/2020 03:54:59 PM
Damn that one proof of concept for the Exro technologies EXROF (EXROF) 10/08/2020 02:12:24 PM
Means lazar bailed? Encompass Holdings (ECMH) 07/02/2020 07:42:16 AM
My .0001s are starting to look pretty nice Encompass Holdings (ECMH) 07/01/2020 10:25:56 AM
How far do these things usually run? .01? Encompass Holdings (ECMH) 06/19/2020 06:35:15 PM
I've been sitting on .0001s for a year Encompass Holdings (ECMH) 06/19/2020 10:49:50 AM
How well do these lazar custodianships usually go? Encompass Holdings (ECMH) 06/11/2020 08:52:56 PM
I'll hold my 500$ worth 0.0001s until this Encompass Holdings (ECMH) 06/10/2020 05:51:32 PM
Cool I've been buying shares of this at Encompass Holdings (ECMH) 06/09/2020 03:03:44 PM
Hopefully once the target is revealed the media Tattoed Chef, Inc (TTCF) 05/18/2020 03:35:38 PM
I think it'll run higher. Slow and steady Tattoed Chef, Inc (TTCF) 05/17/2020 09:59:09 AM
Bought a position with the warrants on Friday. That Tattoed Chef, Inc (TTCF) 05/17/2020 09:48:37 AM
I'm here for some SPAC gambling Tattoed Chef, Inc (TTCF) 05/15/2020 11:18:47 AM
It can only go up from here lolol Encompass Holdings (ECMH) 04/18/2020 06:25:27 PM
Pretty quiet board here lol. Emerald Organic Products, Inc. (EMOR) 04/03/2020 12:05:41 AM
What's up with the silence from the company Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 11/10/2019 05:54:42 AM
Yea things settled out so I rebought. Hoping Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 10/21/2019 09:31:57 AM
When was this 8k suppose to come out? Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 10/21/2019 09:28:50 AM
Average down and wait for the next pump. Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 09/23/2019 06:50:04 PM
I sold around .23 Throwing a gamble on the Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 09/13/2019 09:13:32 PM
Yowch. Quick rise and dump from that JC news. Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 09/13/2019 09:37:22 AM
Haha I'm expecting monday morning they will pop Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 09/12/2019 09:18:40 AM
Super 8k should be coming september 14th. Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 09/12/2019 08:54:32 AM
Oof 115M market cap. Slept all day woke up Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 09/11/2019 04:16:36 PM
If they throw in a reverse split with Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 09/10/2019 06:00:16 PM
I think the company is atleast worth 100M. From Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 09/10/2019 05:41:59 PM
The market cap right now is 70M Right now Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 09/10/2019 04:43:48 PM
Last time we had this much volume was March. Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 09/10/2019 04:10:21 PM
People trying to scab in lower just gave Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 09/10/2019 04:08:08 PM
Looking for a good pop come next week. Cant Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 09/09/2019 09:30:37 AM
Less than 2 weeks till we see the Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 09/06/2019 06:59:23 PM
Yea this is lots of good updates for Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 08/22/2019 10:51:43 PM
https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/IGNG/news/Imaging3-IncGrapefruit-OTCQBIGNG-Anno Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 08/22/2019 10:51:12 PM
Damn, increasing the honey oil production by threefold. So Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 08/19/2019 09:22:22 AM
Look at that volume. Most we had in Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 08/16/2019 04:26:21 PM
That 10Q was for the quarter up to Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 08/15/2019 05:22:20 AM
With the new share structure the market cap Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 08/12/2019 11:26:02 AM

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