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B BALL GUY  Doing nothing...Retired. lol

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If you had any shares would You be IAHL Corporation (IAHL) 10/05/2021 04:29:47 PM
I assume that Halloween falls on Oct. 31 IAHL Corporation (IAHL) 09/29/2021 11:21:43 AM
I'm not selling. IAHL Corporation (IAHL) 09/10/2021 05:30:10 PM
When the shares are trading in the upper IAHL Corporation (IAHL) 08/27/2021 02:02:45 PM
That is absolutely wonderful news. I know IAHL Corporation (IAHL) 08/26/2021 11:33:48 AM
This is really good news. Just a IAHL Corporation (IAHL) 08/24/2021 10:21:47 AM
What have we got to lose? The Solei Systems Inc. (SOLI) 08/19/2021 04:58:54 PM
I'm still holding but did grit my teeth VITANA-X Inc. (VITX) 08/17/2021 05:26:02 PM
I think they are going to come through IAHL Corporation (IAHL) 08/17/2021 10:25:27 AM
Time will tell, Steve. The money may Premier Products Group Inc. (PMPG) 08/14/2021 10:58:41 AM
I suspect that Corporate is just going to Solei Systems Inc. (SOLI) 08/14/2021 10:54:17 AM
I still have some shares that I bought IAHL Corporation (IAHL) 08/13/2021 06:35:22 PM
I'm hoping that the "rush to exit" is IAHL Corporation (IAHL) 08/12/2021 10:46:36 AM
There is still that sliver of hope. Solei Systems Inc. (SOLI) 08/12/2021 10:24:38 AM
I think they have stuck a fork in Solei Systems Inc. (SOLI) 08/11/2021 04:41:30 PM
I would not be surprised. They have Solei Systems Inc. (SOLI) 08/10/2021 04:19:06 PM
Yep, it's gas. Surgeons going to take IAHL Corporation (IAHL) 08/10/2021 04:13:37 PM
I have this feeling that we are going IAHL Corporation (IAHL) 08/08/2021 11:10:02 AM
$ .29 Ain't that a thing IAHL Corporation (IAHL) 08/06/2021 12:38:18 PM
How many times have we heard that? lol VirExit Technologies Inc. (VXIT) 08/06/2021 11:17:33 AM
Ouch. Hahaha, that had to hurt. VITANA-X Inc. (VITX) 08/06/2021 11:13:28 AM
Just sitting, and waiting here. Solei Systems Inc. (SOLI) 08/06/2021 11:03:02 AM
I start every trading day by asking myself.... WWCJD. VITANA-X Inc. (VITX) 08/05/2021 10:42:02 AM
Hahaha. I've followed you for several years VITANA-X Inc. (VITX) 08/05/2021 10:37:42 AM
So glad that I bought another small chunk VITANA-X Inc. (VITX) 08/05/2021 10:31:47 AM
WOW...What a great commercial. Thanks for sharing, VITANA-X Inc. (VITX) 08/05/2021 10:28:22 AM
Hahaha, then today a 300 share transaction attention IAHL Corporation (IAHL) 07/28/2021 10:49:51 AM
I was also pullin for Jordon but 2nd VITANA-X Inc. (VITX) 07/18/2021 02:50:19 PM
Makes sense. Thanks. IAHL Corporation (IAHL) 07/18/2021 02:48:16 PM
We had a huge storm blow through SW VITANA-X Inc. (VITX) 07/18/2021 11:14:26 AM
Good Morning, CJ. Hope you have a VITANA-X Inc. (VITX) 07/18/2021 11:09:43 AM
I have used Etrade since 1998 and would VITANA-X Inc. (VITX) 07/17/2021 11:58:20 AM
I'm going to chalk it up to MM's IAHL Corporation (IAHL) 07/16/2021 10:42:07 AM
I have been penny trading for 22 years IAHL Corporation (IAHL) 07/16/2021 10:34:00 AM
Sorry. Missed that. Glad you are here, TPT Global Tech Inc. (TPTW) 07/15/2021 10:11:53 AM
Did you tell us you were leaving? lol TPT Global Tech Inc. (TPTW) 07/15/2021 10:05:23 AM
Been here since May 2020 patiently waiting. glta TPT Global Tech Inc. (TPTW) 07/15/2021 10:03:48 AM
I wondered when they would pull it back. IAHL Corporation (IAHL) 07/15/2021 09:47:19 AM
I wish the buys were on ASK, not IAHL Corporation (IAHL) 07/14/2021 09:50:10 AM
Who knows. Forget the fully reporting. IAHL Corporation (IAHL) 07/14/2021 09:48:12 AM

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