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Posts by bretraBoardDate/Time
Any reason why? High Performance Beverages Comp. (TBEV) 07/11/2019 09:51:51 AM
Good morning CUBV!!! Let’s have a great day!! Cuba Beverage Company (CUBV) 07/05/2019 09:08:32 AM
Got some action today! Banjo and Matilda Inc. (BANJ) 06/17/2019 10:54:58 AM
This stock continues to disappoint and it shouldn’t!! Medtainer Inc. (MDTR) 06/10/2019 11:21:08 AM
What if that was the actual?? Would be nice!! JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) 05/22/2019 02:45:32 AM
You are 100% correct!! Can’t wait, load up Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 05/03/2019 04:54:53 PM
Until the chart dude stops posting videos this Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 05/03/2019 01:39:33 PM
I love Pablo! JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) 04/26/2019 04:04:50 PM
What’s up here? Reverse split?? Newleaf Brands Inc. (NLBIF) 04/26/2019 01:14:58 PM
Just watch where clay posts videos and you’ll Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 04/11/2019 03:43:30 PM
Hope you’re right! In the meantime we have Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 03/26/2019 04:00:11 PM
Probably why this hasn’t moved up the last Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 03/21/2019 10:18:29 AM
Thank you! I’ll be keeping an eye on this!! JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) 03/15/2019 04:49:55 PM
I'm pleasantly surprised to see this moving. Once JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) 03/15/2019 04:40:40 PM
We really should be at .05 with all Medtainer Inc. (MDTR) 03/01/2019 09:53:00 AM
Is that why the website says he’s the CEO?? JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) 02/20/2019 12:53:53 PM
A few trades every day, something finally happening here? FBC Holding Inc. (FBCD) 02/11/2019 09:49:44 AM
Prove it Medtainer Inc. (MDTR) 11/06/2018 01:06:36 PM
It’s amazing what Ol’ Dave can do with Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 10/23/2018 11:52:23 PM
Chart dude showed up so no surprise this Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 10/22/2018 11:16:41 AM
No sign of Chart dude today? Medtainer Inc. (MDTR) 10/08/2018 07:27:55 PM
Exactly, this is heading up, way up! Aleafia Health Inc. (ALEAF) 09/18/2018 10:57:49 PM
I wished he wouldn’t post at all, no Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 09/18/2018 10:56:26 PM
A bit disappointing as we really got some Medtainer Inc. (MDTR) 06/21/2018 01:52:22 PM
Chart dude is amazing at what he does. Choom Holdings Inc. (CHOOF) 06/14/2018 11:22:29 AM
It's disgusting and amazing all at once the Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 06/08/2018 01:05:01 AM
I know us longs think we're Golden, but JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) 05/19/2018 04:54:19 PM
Thanjks Bitcoin! We are so close!! JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) 05/17/2018 03:47:24 PM
I agree, this is so damn close! We JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) 05/17/2018 10:11:13 AM
I agree, Canada is getting close to full legalization! Medtainer Inc. (MDTR) 05/16/2018 10:34:28 PM
I still have a ways to go to Banjo and Matilda Inc. (BANJ) 05/08/2018 11:40:55 PM
Nice to see consolidated fins. We should see Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 05/08/2018 09:31:15 AM
I agree! They will probably be here JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) 04/22/2018 01:49:09 PM
Just a little news and look out! Up HLK Biotech Holding Group, Inc. (AMHD) 04/19/2018 02:16:40 PM
Depressing that a supposed billion dollar company lets JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) 04/16/2018 08:46:11 PM
Ticker, was a typo JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) 04/13/2018 07:09:17 PM
Han didn't even know the ticket. So frustrating. JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) 04/13/2018 04:51:12 PM
Hopefully! I scooped up a few more shares today. HLK Biotech Holding Group, Inc. (AMHD) 04/02/2018 02:30:04 PM
Probably this coming week. My shares have all CanniMed Therapeutics Inc. (TSX:CMED) 03/25/2018 01:03:09 PM
Can't wait for tomorrow, this thing is going Choom Holdings Inc. (CHOOF) 03/25/2018 01:01:38 PM