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Anyone know why lyft would be buying sfor? LYFT (LYFT) 04/01/2019 01:11:47 PM
Anyone know why lyft would be buying SFOR?? LYFT (LYFT) 04/01/2019 07:40:01 AM
Cvna running Adidas AG (ADDYY) 12/03/2018 09:41:07 AM
jus sold premarket here. $CVNA about to run!! Netflix, Inc. (NFLX) 10/02/2018 08:58:08 AM
jus tsla sold premarket here. $CVNA about to run!! Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) 10/02/2018 08:57:42 AM
Just closed out here. CVNA bouncing to 63 Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) 10/01/2018 12:23:36 PM
Sold here. Now cvna running woo Netflix, Inc. (NFLX) 09/19/2018 11:05:59 AM
Expect a break into low 300s if it Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) 09/16/2018 06:02:11 PM
WFC AND CVNA ABOUT TO SEND OFF! Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC) 08/08/2018 11:31:11 AM
NFLX AND CVNA ABOUT TO SEND OFF Netflix, Inc. (NFLX) 08/08/2018 11:29:04 AM
FB AND CVNA ABOUT TO SEND OFF Facebook Inc. (FB) 08/08/2018 11:20:26 AM
Cvna huge gap up tomorrow after earnings and news CVNA autotech (CVNA) 08/08/2018 11:15:27 AM
Go CVNA they are on a roll! CarMax (KMX) 08/07/2018 06:12:27 PM
Short term target of $90 by april. I Overstock.com (OSTK) 02/28/2018 01:21:30 PM
Looks like the promo kicked off StrikeForce Technologies Inc. (SFOR) 02/06/2018 10:03:14 AM
This junk, promo of ultimate now. So gonna StrikeForce Technologies Inc. (SFOR) 02/06/2018 09:04:15 AM
I wonder what this will be at in Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 01/24/2018 01:42:01 PM
LOCK YOUR SHARE KIDDIES!?? Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 01/16/2018 09:27:47 AM
Naw. Acbff mirrors acb pretty well. Your proly Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 01/16/2018 05:39:26 AM
I wonder what acbff will be at by summer Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 01/15/2018 11:50:40 AM
ACB CANADA LOOKING STRONG KIDS Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 01/15/2018 09:58:30 AM
Locked Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 01/15/2018 07:54:25 AM
So are we expecting a big dip on Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 01/13/2018 07:37:46 PM
I wonder what this stock will be at Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 01/09/2018 11:19:14 AM
Lol this is gonna run all year like Overstock! Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 01/09/2018 08:54:27 AM
My guess is open at 12.90s ?? Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 01/04/2018 07:14:28 AM
Def a long hold. After nontraders are all Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 01/03/2018 07:09:27 PM
I just cashd out at put it to North American Cannabis Holdings Inc. (USMJ) 12/29/2017 09:44:40 AM
Target price of 195 by 2018. Guess we Facebook Inc. (FB) 12/05/2017 08:11:15 AM
In at 7.80 out at 9.23. Sits back Velocityshares 3X Long Natural Gas Etn (UGAZ) 11/28/2017 10:44:19 AM
Yup i told ya. Identical setup to last Velocityshares 3X Long Natural Gas Etn (UGAZ) 11/27/2017 01:50:12 PM
I think shes gona run some. I got Velocityshares 3X Inverse Natural Gas Etn (DGAZ) 11/26/2017 08:45:46 PM
Itll hold, its gonna run. I remember i Velocityshares 3X Long Natural Gas Etn (UGAZ) 11/26/2017 07:31:52 PM
ZENO is being promoted by ultimate on bright Gifa Inc. (GIFX) 10/18/2017 11:26:36 AM
Good news DRNK $$$$ NoHo, Inc. (DRNK) 06/01/2017 01:18:57 PM
Seems like noho drnk shares are the shell NoHo, Inc. (DRNK) 06/01/2017 06:38:05 AM
So... what exactly is imbutek? And what does NoHo, Inc. (DRNK) 06/01/2017 06:17:36 AM
WHY IS TRADERS CHOICE PROMOTING DRNK? First Colombia Gold Corp. (FCGD) 05/31/2017 01:25:19 PM
WHY IS TRADERS CHOICE PROMOTING DRNK? Novation Holdings Inc. (NOHO) 05/31/2017 01:25:00 PM
I dont think thing is ever goin up... NoHo, Inc. (DRNK) 05/30/2017 10:54:45 AM

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