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I think the SPAC strategy is a solid Patient Access Solutions Inc. 07/21/2020 10:35:07 PM
Seems like Sykes is just butthurt that he AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc. 07/21/2020 01:01:14 PM
I use the 200EMA rather than the SMA. Cleanspark Inc. 07/21/2020 10:31:09 AM
200ma on the 1 month is at 4.45. Cleanspark Inc. 07/21/2020 10:10:03 AM
I’m interested to see new bookings and what Surna Inc. 07/20/2020 08:09:44 PM
That’s great of true. Either way 50mil shares Cleanspark Inc. 07/20/2020 04:48:26 PM
Only 50 million A/S is nothing compared to Cleanspark Inc. 07/20/2020 04:23:04 PM
Nothing relevant. Cleanspark Inc. 07/18/2020 07:18:27 PM
Well, JGs name is on this so I’m Patient Access Solutions Inc. 07/17/2020 05:01:06 PM
Yeah Joey is trash on social media, looks Patient Access Solutions Inc. 07/17/2020 12:39:16 PM
I see the main reason they’re using PASO Patient Access Solutions Inc. 07/15/2020 02:24:48 PM
I agree. However, PASO could have other things Patient Access Solutions Inc. 07/14/2020 11:12:32 AM
Some interesting things to point out from the Surna Inc. 06/26/2020 08:27:22 AM
Unrelated to mind med and this industry, but Mind Medicine (MindMed) Inc 06/24/2020 11:54:33 AM
These recent filings of share exchanges looks very sketchy. Akerna Corp. 06/22/2020 12:20:50 PM
Why would they restate last reports? Surna Inc. 06/19/2020 10:07:24 AM
Why? Surna Inc. 06/19/2020 09:01:34 AM
Before the end of the month is the Surna Inc. 06/08/2020 05:42:22 PM
Yeah the amount of nonsense that comes from Surna Inc. 06/05/2020 05:44:41 PM
It could also be to prevent insiders with Surna Inc. 05/13/2020 02:10:09 PM
It’s confusing, unless their is a strategy here. Their Surna Inc. 05/13/2020 12:48:41 PM
Only explanation I can think of for the Surna Inc. 05/13/2020 10:01:06 AM
Earnings should be out this week Surna Inc. 05/11/2020 10:18:18 AM
I agree. I’ve been watching this chart these Surna Inc. 05/04/2020 08:47:23 AM
Sounds like they need all hands on deck Surna Inc. 04/27/2020 08:32:37 AM
I believe it can be forgiven if they Surna Inc. 04/25/2020 04:20:20 PM
Cup and handle formation very clear. Playing the Mind Medicine (MindMed) Inc 04/07/2020 09:50:43 AM
Lots of buy volume today. Surna Inc. 04/03/2020 02:52:02 PM
Interesting. Sounds like the same situation a lot Surna Inc. 04/01/2020 09:44:18 PM
So the question is, if it is a Surna Inc. 04/01/2020 06:37:11 PM
Who’s going to fire him? He now has Surna Inc. 04/01/2020 03:55:24 PM
I'm seeing an interesting divergence happening. Check it Surna Inc. 03/30/2020 12:06:47 PM
We’re at an interesting point in Surna’s history. Surna Inc. 03/27/2020 09:19:43 AM
Wow. Let’s see what happens now. Surna Inc. 03/27/2020 08:14:45 AM
I just emailed IR this morning to get Surna Inc. 03/26/2020 09:36:05 AM
I think option A could be viable, as Surna Inc. 03/24/2020 11:20:15 AM
You make good points. I feel we should Surna Inc. 03/24/2020 11:18:14 AM
I agree. I think the 10k is the Surna Inc. 03/24/2020 11:05:06 AM
Would you want them to be realistic about Surna Inc. 03/24/2020 10:39:52 AM
A good strategy when you’re investing in a Surna Inc. 03/03/2020 01:45:25 PM