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Based on the volume , looks like simple Alto Ingredients Inc 12/01/2015 10:08:30 AM
"In September 2015,the Company entered into securities purchase Surna Inc. 11/29/2015 11:37:01 PM
Why not? We're the orders not fulfilled and Surna Inc. 11/23/2015 05:37:54 PM
I hope there are a lot of questions Surna Inc. 11/23/2015 04:47:17 PM
Sorry, revenues of 98k this quarter, same operating loss. GreenGro Technologies, Inc. 11/23/2015 04:39:31 PM
Company only producing around 65k in revenue per GreenGro Technologies, Inc. 11/23/2015 04:33:15 PM
Source? Boreal Water Collection Inc. (fka BRWC) 11/18/2015 10:50:41 AM
If you look at the 3 month, you Surna Inc. 11/10/2015 03:54:56 PM
I disagree. It has been flat and building Surna Inc. 11/10/2015 03:24:06 PM
Lol MassRoots, Inc. 11/10/2015 01:04:01 PM
SRNA has been very quiet lately since their Surna Inc. 11/10/2015 12:45:48 PM
HUGE decrease in operating expenses, and increased revenue. Unrivaled Brands Inc. 11/09/2015 04:42:34 PM
Care to elaborate? Would have enjoyed that conversation. Surna Inc. 11/06/2015 04:15:37 PM
A reverse split is also a possibility, which MassRoots, Inc. 11/04/2015 10:19:36 AM
Anyone notice the huge spread on the bid/ask? Lovely. Surna Inc. 10/20/2015 08:00:09 PM
I'm finding today's candle to be very intriguing. Surna Inc. 10/19/2015 04:15:58 PM
Did Stephen Keen say a couple Thousand lights Surna Inc. 10/12/2015 09:49:22 PM
Anyone notice the 4mil share offering and 4mil MassRoots, Inc. 10/07/2015 11:53:13 AM
These debt agreements are concerning; however, because it Surna Inc. 10/02/2015 08:27:30 PM
Anyone notice that David Traylor is no longer Surna Inc. 09/30/2015 09:13:55 PM
This is what I see from a technical Surna Inc. 09/22/2015 09:37:13 PM
You're right, wrong choice of words. They're operating GreenGro Technologies, Inc. 09/22/2015 01:12:11 PM
Agreed that they should have an incentive based Surna Inc. 09/21/2015 07:13:05 PM
Also, in addition to the 500k in revenue Surna Inc. 09/21/2015 02:46:52 PM
What a lovely way to start the morning. Surna Inc. 09/16/2015 08:58:43 AM
Found their financials... They have more than 6mil GreenGro Technologies, Inc. 09/12/2015 11:37:44 AM
Anyone have financials for this company? GreenGro Technologies, Inc. 09/11/2015 02:55:02 PM
So far today is showing more consolidation and MassRoots, Inc. 09/10/2015 10:38:15 AM
Why wouldn't GE just acquire a company like Surna? Surna Inc. 09/05/2015 05:56:26 PM
I agree that finally monetizing is great, but MassRoots, Inc. 09/01/2015 08:05:04 PM
"Already" profitable? Please explain. They have significant cash MassRoots, Inc. 09/01/2015 07:20:37 PM
I think it's interesting that SRNA appointed Stephen. Surna Inc. 09/01/2015 02:55:29 PM
One thing to note: a significant portion of Surna Inc. 08/31/2015 02:27:08 PM
Look at the form 4 filed by Tom. Surna Inc. 08/29/2015 09:06:10 PM
Tom Bollich sold over 33million (all) of his Surna Inc. 08/29/2015 03:00:18 PM
Couple things: Tom Bollich still owns 2 million Surna Inc. 08/29/2015 01:10:18 PM
Source please? Surna Inc. 04/16/2015 07:18:45 PM
So the date of filing for the nt Surna Inc. 04/15/2015 10:29:38 PM