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bobl17211  Commodit Floor trader/BrokerChicago

Posts by bobl17211BoardDate/Time
I agree .50's in play.... Sears Holdings Corp. (SHLDQ) 03/04/2019 11:10:34 AM
I sold @ .90 yesterday took my loss....good Sears Holdings Corp. (SHLDQ) 03/01/2019 10:47:01 AM
Im on E*Trade, and it is still on.... Sears Holdings Corp. (SHLDQ) 02/20/2019 03:23:22 PM
Agreed..... Sears Holdings Corp. (SHLDQ) 01/01/2019 11:36:34 AM
I reload yesterday....now waiting for the New Year's Sears Holdings Corp. (SHLDQ) 12/29/2018 11:16:18 AM
Yes is on late night news right now... Sears Holdings Corp. (SHLDQ) 12/28/2018 11:01:25 PM
Shldq is a buy at these prices....am in Sears Holdings Corp. (SHLDQ) 12/07/2018 12:24:30 PM
Good idea....I need purchase more around here.....good luck Sears Holdings Corp. (SHLDQ) 11/28/2018 05:39:19 PM
I just got out....good luck to all still in.. Sears Holdings Corp. (SHLDQ) 11/26/2018 11:58:06 AM
Saw that.....why?? Sears Holdings Corp. (SHLDQ) 11/20/2018 11:03:44 AM
Agreed..... Sears Holdings Corp. (SHLDQ) 11/14/2018 09:21:43 AM
Thanks Mac.... Sears Holdings Corp. (SHLDQ) 11/08/2018 09:03:13 PM
See ya at $1 Sears Holdings Corp. (SHLDQ) 11/08/2018 10:12:21 AM
Your right Lion, see ya at $1.... Sears Holdings Corp. (SHLDQ) 11/07/2018 11:57:36 AM
Agreed Sears Holdings Corp. (SHLDQ) 11/06/2018 01:09:49 PM
Im excited....lets go SHLDQ!! Sears Holdings Corp. (SHLDQ) 11/05/2018 02:33:21 PM
Agreed Sears Holdings Corp. (SHLDQ) 10/31/2018 09:54:48 AM
Getting close.... Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 10/09/2018 10:49:39 AM
Your right Klabnon.....something wrong here... Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 10/05/2018 01:15:52 PM
Hope we see $2.00+ soon... Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 10/01/2018 08:20:42 PM
Agreed Xenetic Biosciences Inc. (XBIO) 09/26/2018 04:07:33 PM
Agreed Xenetic Biosciences Inc. (XBIO) 09/24/2018 09:22:28 AM
Wish they would give a concrete date....uugghh Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 08/30/2018 05:42:40 PM
Agreed Xenetic Biosciences Inc. (XBIO) 08/20/2018 09:45:00 AM
Sure hope so...we need it Xenetic Biosciences Inc. (XBIO) 08/19/2018 09:49:28 PM
Short covering? Xenetic Biosciences Inc. (XBIO) 08/15/2018 12:14:06 PM
Everyone quiet here, eh? Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 08/06/2018 11:56:55 AM
Doesnt look too good imo....this going soon into Pedevco Corp. (PED) 08/01/2018 10:24:16 AM
Hope we see positive news in this issue...im Pedevco Corp. (PED) 07/28/2018 10:08:20 PM
Agreed Pedevco Corp. (PED) 07/25/2018 04:59:00 PM
Agreed Pedevco Corp. (PED) 07/18/2018 11:02:12 AM
I agree....it will be there very soon Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 06/22/2018 10:23:51 PM
1 mill volume today ....good. Not bad close, Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 06/15/2018 11:22:43 PM
Correct....is true... Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 06/15/2018 09:22:54 AM
Keep an eye on Tops.... Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 06/14/2018 05:06:34 PM
Nope... Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 06/14/2018 01:30:31 PM
Not today, imo....waiting NK results.. Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 06/11/2018 11:24:56 AM
Agreed... Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 06/10/2018 11:05:52 AM
Agreed.... Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 06/08/2018 12:58:17 PM
Lower..... Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 06/08/2018 09:03:23 AM