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Speaking of "CEO" Yazbeck...Where's he hiding? Should be MyDx Inc. (MYDX) 04/15/2021 09:35:03 PM
AtaScama...The gift that keeps on taking. Atacama Resources International, Inc. (ACRL) 04/15/2021 09:32:22 PM
MDCN...Long running Fraud. Medican Enterprises Inc. (MDCN) 04/15/2021 08:19:37 PM
CEO can blame Nigerian Naked-Shorting off-shore institutional hedge International Consolidated Companies, Inc (INCC) 04/15/2021 03:44:41 PM
ZERO Shorts. "No Records Found" at FINRA's latest International Consolidated Companies, Inc (INCC) 04/15/2021 03:26:16 PM
Only 20,593 short. That Click-Bait site intentionally misrepresents CACHE Inc. (CACH) 04/15/2021 07:00:16 AM
Pump-N-Dump Stinky-Pinky sector. Andiamo Corp. (ANDI) 04/14/2021 11:34:31 PM
How's Dalton-Fraud doing? Fresh company Lies recently? Univec Inc. (UNVC) 04/14/2021 11:29:17 PM
LOLOL...Every crap ticker Pump-N-Dump blames "shorts" when the 88 Energy Ltd (EEENF) 04/14/2021 11:02:30 PM
LOLOL...Penny-Scam complaining about scams...ooookkkkaaaayyyyy. Asia Broadband, Inc. (AABB) 04/14/2021 05:08:53 PM
Penny-Scams like AABB are common in Stinky-Pinkyland. Asia Broadband, Inc. (AABB) 04/14/2021 09:56:04 AM
Psssst....The AABB officers. Asia Broadband, Inc. (AABB) 04/14/2021 09:22:10 AM
Agreed. These Stinky-Pinkies can be amusing with their "stories". New World Gold Corporation (NWGC) 04/14/2021 07:49:54 AM
They're both garbage tickers....Does it matter what "news" New World Gold Corporation (NWGC) 04/13/2021 08:45:33 PM
That's meaningless intra-day order processing "volume". Just MMs Enzolytics Inc. (ENZC) 04/13/2021 10:46:48 AM
And the "Fat Lady" about to sing. Enzolytics Inc. (ENZC) 04/13/2021 07:52:50 AM
Them Click-Bait sites love interwebz traffic, to pump HUMBL Inc. (HMBL) 04/12/2021 10:15:52 PM
Next year hemp, then electric scooters, then air purifiers..... Enzolytics Inc. (ENZC) 04/12/2021 10:13:56 PM
Which part is wrong? https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/ENZC/profile Enzolytics Inc. (ENZC) 04/12/2021 10:10:09 PM
Scam changing hands...Same difference. Access-Power & Co., Inc. (ACCR) 04/12/2021 09:50:52 PM
Long Running SCAM...Stop sign's Appropriate. Amazonas Florestal Ltd. (AZFL) 04/12/2021 09:47:50 PM
LOLOL...40 Years?....COMPANY NOTES....Formerly=Eco-Petroleum Solutions, Inc. until 3-2018 Enzolytics Inc. (ENZC) 04/12/2021 08:44:31 PM
40 years?..Really?..."40 Years of Drug Development Excellence"....For Example? Enzolytics Inc. (ENZC) 04/12/2021 07:51:34 PM
15 billion shares !?!? Innerscope Hearing Technologies Inc. (INND) 04/12/2021 01:15:36 PM
Shocking....Pump-N-Dump Stinky-Pinky acts like Pump-N-Dump Stinky-Pinky. Data443 Risk Mitigation Inc. (ATDS) 04/11/2021 11:32:22 PM
These Garbage-Tickers thrive on misdirection, pumped assumptions, misinformation Lifeline Biotechnologies, Inc. (LLBO) 04/11/2021 10:30:23 PM
Tommy-Boy...Where are you ? Bravatek Solutions Inc. (BVTK) 04/11/2021 07:55:40 PM
Many more people never go home after getting Cancer 04/11/2021 07:14:43 PM
Stinky-Pinky insiders aren't known for honesty. Sunshine Biopharma Inc. (SBFM) 04/11/2021 09:31:53 AM
Changing OTCM tiers <> "uplist". Uplist refers to Poverty Dignified, Inc (PVDG) 04/10/2021 10:15:12 PM
This was a radio "oops"....Well not really an oops.... Spelling, Grammar and Other OOPS! 04/10/2021 09:49:54 PM
So many choices ! Spelling, Grammar and Other OOPS! 04/10/2021 09:47:25 PM
You're welcome. Happy to help. No shortage of Asia Broadband, Inc. (AABB) 04/10/2021 09:46:26 PM
That Click-Bait site intentionally misrepresents meaningless intra-day order Grillit, Inc. (GRLT) 04/10/2021 06:18:53 PM
He needs a mask to record a video? Cytodyn Inc. (CYDY) 04/10/2021 03:31:54 PM
I like snacks ! Spelling, Grammar and Other OOPS! 04/10/2021 01:33:45 PM
Risk-Reward sucks shorting pennies. Margin requirements, fees, interest GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 04/10/2021 12:55:46 PM
Someone should contact FINRA and let them know GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 04/10/2021 12:17:33 PM
FINRA is b.s.? They are the source of GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 04/10/2021 12:13:39 PM
Daily "short Volume"s meaningless intra-day order processing. Just Asia Broadband, Inc. (AABB) 04/10/2021 09:07:54 AM

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