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Posts by keekeeBoardDate/Time
Haahaaahaaa! I battled the AXIS OF EVIL NASDAQ, Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 12/01/2020 09:21:33 AM
I've given you CRIMINALS time to repent and Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL) 11/30/2020 08:48:14 AM
CRIMINAL MARKET MAKERS stealing our data, remember that Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL) 11/30/2020 08:44:09 AM
Market Specialists from ARCA, BATS, NSDQ and EDGX Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 11/11/2020 01:42:07 PM
Yes. Unbelievable what happens in this business. It Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 11/10/2020 03:56:33 PM
Market Makers: I must confess that I didn't Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 11/10/2020 11:31:36 AM
So the CRIMINALS making market here seatnon the Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 11/06/2020 04:27:15 PM
These CRIMINAL market Makers are still following me Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL) 11/06/2020 02:40:41 PM
Nice to watch these CRIMINAL market Makers lose Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL) 11/06/2020 02:35:57 PM
This has been soooooo much fun from $0.139 Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL) 11/06/2020 10:04:46 AM
I am suing for peace again...no more Red Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 11/04/2020 10:24:27 AM
Cracking up all day here as I watched Medley Management Inc. (MDLM) 11/03/2020 03:30:32 PM
That P&D trade might have been complicated by Sio Gene Therapies Inc (SIOX) 11/03/2020 08:55:05 AM
APPLAUD ME!!! Imagine how smart you gotta to Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL) 11/03/2020 08:50:02 AM
LMFAOO....played a little game with CRIMINALS covering their Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL) 11/03/2020 08:33:43 AM
Funny, I still have a bid at Atlas Financial Holdings Inc. (AFHIF) 11/02/2020 03:54:00 PM
Back in the days, I'd start buying and Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL) 10/30/2020 11:49:26 AM
LMFAOO...the CRIMINALS making market are trading against me...how Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL) 10/30/2020 11:36:24 AM
I tried buying more from the serial Securities Atlas Financial Holdings Inc. (AFHIF) 10/29/2020 12:54:54 PM
Do these fools do anything else except collectively Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 10/29/2020 09:59:08 AM
It's only 140k shares from serial Securities bad Atlas Financial Holdings Inc. (AFHIF) 10/28/2020 07:18:40 PM
Trying to give the IDIOTS at Citadel opportunity Atlas Financial Holdings Inc. (AFHIF) 10/28/2020 10:10:19 AM
Because these exchanges make tons of money from Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 10/27/2020 11:23:25 AM
Although Congress outlawed the practice in 2010, what Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 10/27/2020 11:01:58 AM
See the kinds of criminal enterprises NASDAQ uses Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 10/27/2020 10:53:57 AM
Why are we posting these information: Because we Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 10/21/2020 12:19:23 PM
Some Nasdaq market makers have also worked improperly Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 10/21/2020 12:16:49 PM
" The following taped conversation illustrates this Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL) 10/21/2020 12:10:59 PM
Citadel, the bad boy of the securities industry, Atlas Financial Holdings Inc. (AFHIF) 10/21/2020 11:56:38 AM
SIMPLE SUMMARY FOR THE SEC AND SROs, AND Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 10/21/2020 11:53:59 AM
You know, some of market makers here were Can-Fite BioPharma (CANF) 10/21/2020 11:51:07 AM
I have invited the SEC to look at Can-Fite BioPharma (CANF) 10/21/2020 09:58:04 AM
"Improper co-ordination of trades by market makers creating Can-Fite BioPharma (CANF) 10/21/2020 09:56:47 AM
THE SEC further found: Read and see the Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 10/21/2020 09:48:38 AM
PER THE SEC: Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 10/21/2020 09:36:14 AM
"Vigorous inter-dealer competition was seen as assuring Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 10/21/2020 09:30:30 AM
"Vigorous inter-dealer competition was seen as assuring Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL) 10/21/2020 09:26:47 AM
"The investigation revealed that the Nasdaq market has not Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL) 10/21/2020 09:21:32 AM
Maybe it's beginning to be apparent to everyone Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 10/19/2020 10:53:20 AM
With limited thinking faculty and brains debased by Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL) 10/14/2020 10:35:41 AM

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