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Posts by ilaavuBoardDate/Time
This will go multi pennies, Be patient. One Bemax (BMXC) 05/31/2018 01:03:19 PM
So, try it during office hours... lol Bemax (BMXC) 05/31/2018 11:24:17 AM
The PR wasn't an accident. It is criminal Bemax (BMXC) 05/31/2018 10:54:28 AM
Not everyone is a daytrader flipper like you foo.... Bemax (BMXC) 05/31/2018 10:44:58 AM
There are no honest Abes in the financial Bemax (BMXC) 05/30/2018 02:14:09 PM
It is not about the buyout news, but Bemax (BMXC) 05/30/2018 02:02:58 PM
PR must have been sent by CNN Bemax (BMXC) 05/30/2018 01:35:04 PM
No effect your comment has on this company Bemax (BMXC) 05/30/2018 01:28:26 PM
Exactly! This company is worth more than $5.5 Bemax (BMXC) 05/30/2018 01:24:10 PM
I have no losses Mr. You must be Bemax (BMXC) 05/30/2018 01:19:56 PM
Traderlife, it is YOU who is SAD and Bemax (BMXC) 05/30/2018 01:08:08 PM
The SEC is one of the most incompetent Bemax (BMXC) 05/30/2018 01:06:24 PM
Why is a $5.5 mil buyout so appealing? Bemax (BMXC) 05/30/2018 01:04:02 PM
WTF is this company doing responding to every Bemax (BMXC) 05/30/2018 12:58:18 PM
This must be the most ignorant post here Bemax (BMXC) 05/30/2018 11:25:41 AM
The news hits people even when they're asleep. ZZZZZZZ Bemax (BMXC) 05/30/2018 10:52:41 AM
Enter BMXC in the quotes on main page. Bemax (BMXC) 05/30/2018 09:46:00 AM
@Kosze - Best post thus far... Thanks! Rennova Health Inc. (RNVA) 05/24/2018 03:35:45 PM
Makinezmoney Thanks for the info. :) BioAmber Inc. (fka BIOAQ) 05/08/2018 11:01:13 AM
You must not have a lot of cash. BioAmber Inc. (fka BIOAQ) 05/08/2018 09:54:34 AM
Since your questioned it with a supposed answer, FLASR Inc. (fka FLSR) 03/23/2018 10:25:01 AM
Gonzo, you showed your amateur ways with that post. FLASR Inc. (fka FLSR) 03/21/2018 04:20:23 PM
CHOMP CHOMP - In the opposite direction. Metrospaces Inc. (MSPC) 03/13/2018 10:19:37 AM
With your comment, it doesn't look like it.... lol Halitron Inc. (HAON) 03/12/2018 12:30:16 PM
Trying to make sense = Speculation. It's best Halitron Inc. (HAON) 03/12/2018 09:49:29 AM
Do you personally make trades for the company Halitron Inc. (HAON) 03/12/2018 09:43:30 AM
There are a lot of manipulators on ihub. Halitron Inc. (HAON) 03/08/2018 06:11:47 PM
HAON will deliver. Patience. It's in the 3's. Halitron Inc. (HAON) 03/08/2018 12:22:57 PM
Stallion, most wannabes area afraid to admit they Halitron Inc. (HAON) 03/08/2018 11:29:09 AM
lol. Halitron Inc. (HAON) 03/08/2018 11:10:02 AM
Bucks2Pennies - What you said is an education Halitron Inc. (HAON) 03/08/2018 10:23:03 AM
Again, you make no sense. You're not talking Halitron Inc. (HAON) 03/08/2018 09:44:43 AM
You make no sense at all by suggesting Halitron Inc. (HAON) 03/08/2018 09:33:02 AM
I agree. The entire market is a manipulated mess. Halitron Inc. (HAON) 03/08/2018 09:17:24 AM
What I don't understand is why some people Halitron Inc. (HAON) 03/08/2018 08:43:44 AM
I love it how self anointed 'activists' using Halitron Inc. (HAON) 03/06/2018 02:00:14 PM
Does this NOT look like PR from Halitron Inc. (HAON) 03/05/2018 11:43:05 AM
Can't go wrong at these prices... Halitron Inc. (HAON) 03/05/2018 11:17:28 AM
Bucks2pennies Lol. I agree with that 100%.... :) Halitron Inc. (HAON) 03/05/2018 10:33:31 AM
I mean, who goes on posting opinion as Halitron Inc. (HAON) 03/05/2018 10:19:39 AM

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