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Posts by bikaverBoardDate/Time
$CBDL triple bottom in. CBDL has tried to CBD Life Sciences Inc. (CBDL) 07/04/2020 05:40:32 AM
$TPTW Weekly chart....Six out of the past seven TPT Global Tech Inc. (TPTW) 07/02/2020 08:04:10 PM
Scooped up some $PVDG 0005's today. https://www.barchart.com/stocks/quotes/PVDG Poverty Dignified, Inc (PVDG) 06/23/2020 04:25:49 PM
$TPTW Weekly chart....https://www.barchart.com/stocks/quotes/TPTW/technical-chart?plot=CANDLE&vo TPT Global Tech Inc. (TPTW) 06/21/2020 06:03:07 AM
TPTW weekly chart. Five green weeks in a TPT Global Tech Inc. (TPTW) 06/20/2020 06:37:17 AM
Bought STWC today @ 0004 ...... https://www.barchart.com/stocks/quotes/STWC/tech STWC Holdings Inc. (STWC) 06/16/2020 07:30:46 PM
TPTW should continue north next week. Beautiful weekly TPT Global Tech Inc. (TPTW) 06/12/2020 08:27:31 PM
CBDL breakout is here soon imo. All technical CBD Life Sciences Inc. (CBDL) 06/12/2020 08:21:51 PM
HPMM nice to be back in the black, Hemp Naturals Inc. (HPMMD) 06/12/2020 08:16:11 PM
HPMM very nice cup and handle formation on Hemp Naturals Inc. (HPMMD) 06/11/2020 05:10:04 AM
Added CBDL 0007's. Will sit on the sixes CBD Life Sciences Inc. (CBDL) 06/09/2020 04:17:51 PM
TPTW price hammered up nicely today! Should see TPT Global Tech Inc. (TPTW) 06/04/2020 04:02:34 PM
One more TPTW resistance level to tangle with TPT Global Tech Inc. (TPTW) 06/02/2020 05:42:07 PM
I would never tell anyone when to buy TPT Global Tech Inc. (TPTW) 06/02/2020 05:38:02 PM
Yesterday I posted TPTW resistant points that when TPT Global Tech Inc. (TPTW) 06/01/2020 07:58:08 PM
TPTW three key resistant points to break on TPT Global Tech Inc. (TPTW) 05/31/2020 02:26:38 PM
CBDL Bollinger bands tightening up. Breakout within a CBD Life Sciences Inc. (CBDL) 05/31/2020 11:26:55 AM
TPTW weekly chart. I spy 20 cents!! All TPT Global Tech Inc. (TPTW) 05/31/2020 08:40:55 AM
TPTW technical indicators all pointing up on the TPT Global Tech Inc. (TPTW) 05/31/2020 08:34:01 AM
TPTW chart forecasts 3 1/2 cents + within TPT Global Tech Inc. (TPTW) 05/30/2020 07:02:27 PM
Nice paint job today!!! Must of used a TPT Global Tech Inc. (TPTW) 05/28/2020 06:12:00 PM
Brought my HPMM average down to .0175 this Hemp Naturals Inc. (HPMMD) 05/22/2020 04:13:22 PM
TPTW gonna catch the upper bollie band soon, TPT Global Tech Inc. (TPTW) 05/22/2020 03:10:55 PM
CBDL nice accumulation last week. Ready to roll! CBD Life Sciences Inc. (CBDL) 05/17/2020 02:59:34 PM
It certainly does look like bottom was put TPT Global Tech Inc. (TPTW) 05/17/2020 02:55:44 PM
Completely out of HENC this week with a Holloman Energy Corp (HENC) 05/15/2020 08:14:08 PM
Added TPTW 003's. Bottom looks like it's in. TPT Global Tech Inc. (TPTW) 05/14/2020 04:17:46 PM
Picked up CBDL 0008's and 0009's the past CBD Life Sciences Inc. (CBDL) 05/07/2020 06:10:08 PM
In TRNX @ .19 ..... https://www.barchart.com/stocks/quotes/TRNX/technical-chart? Taronis Technologies Inc. (TRNX) 04/30/2020 05:14:38 PM
Opened an HPMM position @ 0023 today....https://www.barchart.com/stocks/quotes/H Hemp Naturals Inc. (HPMMD) 04/28/2020 06:54:09 PM
Picked up TPTW today @ 0037...https://www.barchart.com/stocks/quotes/TPTW/techni TPT Global Tech Inc. (TPTW) 04/27/2020 05:36:44 PM
Sold ENRT for nearly 100%. Took a while, Enertopia Inc. (ENRT) 04/27/2020 05:33:00 PM
Added HENC 055's today Holloman Energy Corp (HENC) 03/09/2020 04:00:12 PM
Sold all my HDII today for 110% gain!!! Hypertension Diagnostics, Inc. (HDII) 03/06/2020 04:04:52 PM
DIGAF...Thanks for the 10% loss. I'm completely out Digatrade Financial Corp. (DIGAF) 03/06/2020 04:02:06 PM
In HDII today! Avg. price 0093 https://www.barchart.com/stocks/quotes/HDII/technical-chart?plot=CAND Hypertension Diagnostics, Inc. (HDII) 03/04/2020 04:04:18 PM
Added HENC 063's. Holloman Energy Corp (HENC) 02/28/2020 04:23:40 PM
Picked up HENC 088's today! https://www.barchart.com/stocks/quotes/HENC/techni Holloman Energy Corp (HENC) 02/27/2020 04:06:14 PM
Extremely pleased with IBIO 150% gain! I'm out. GLTA iBio, Inc. (IBIO) 02/27/2020 04:03:00 PM
DIGAF really does look ready to pop! https://www.barchart.com/stocks/quotes/DIGA Digatrade Financial Corp. (DIGAF) 02/25/2020 08:27:32 PM