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gdog  visit me at Bottom swing plays if you want good solid swing plays...

Posts by gdogBoardDate/Time
.32 AgriSolar Solutions, Inc. (AGSO) 09/15/2021 03:42:23 PM
.32 $Rig's Platinum Penny Picks 09/15/2021 03:42:08 PM
.27x.3150 $Rig's Platinum Penny Picks 09/15/2021 03:28:36 PM
new hoy .3150 AgriSolar Solutions, Inc. (AGSO) 09/15/2021 03:27:36 PM
were getting close congrats for holding my friend. AgriSolar Solutions, Inc. (AGSO) 09/15/2021 03:26:14 PM
AGSO new hoy .2940 b/a .29x.34 $Rig's Platinum Penny Picks 09/15/2021 03:25:35 PM
last buy .2940 there's our new high of year. AgriSolar Solutions, Inc. (AGSO) 09/15/2021 03:21:15 PM
I agree .20 sound good Electromedical Technologies Inc. (EMED) 09/15/2021 02:55:29 PM
added .084 $Rig's Platinum Penny Picks 09/15/2021 02:51:49 PM
I'm loaded at .0455 let it Electromedical Technologies Inc. (EMED) 09/15/2021 02:38:39 PM
.10x.11 lets close .14 :+) Electromedical Technologies Inc. (EMED) 09/15/2021 02:34:54 PM
.10 x .11 $Rig's Platinum Penny Picks 09/15/2021 02:30:01 PM
.0878 $Rig's Platinum Penny Picks 09/15/2021 02:20:12 PM
.0850 $Rig's Platinum Penny Picks 09/15/2021 02:18:21 PM
was .069 now .08 $Rig's Platinum Penny Picks 09/15/2021 02:18:08 PM
no Idea but we still cannot buy. I Safetek International Inc. (SFIN) 09/15/2021 02:16:54 PM
this is the first day prices are at AgriSolar Solutions, Inc. (AGSO) 09/15/2021 02:13:43 PM
emed a couple contracts in the last week $Rig's Platinum Penny Picks 09/15/2021 01:48:59 PM
guess we bought a little early sheesh. People $Rig's Platinum Penny Picks 09/15/2021 01:46:29 PM
sounds great, when current things and price should AgriSolar Solutions, Inc. (AGSO) 09/15/2021 11:51:39 AM
I cannot open that? NetList Inc. (NLST) 09/15/2021 11:49:40 AM
Float must be getting awful tight, bid .2391 AgriSolar Solutions, Inc. (AGSO) 09/15/2021 11:33:13 AM
Well lets hope you are right. NetList Inc. (NLST) 09/15/2021 11:31:58 AM
yes but it has increased from 1035600 to 1169000, NetList Inc. (NLST) 09/15/2021 10:53:12 AM
they have to cover some time, they are NetList Inc. (NLST) 09/15/2021 10:19:45 AM
NETLIST INC NetList Inc. (NLST) 09/15/2021 10:19:02 AM
thxs for the heads up i bought $Rig's Platinum Penny Picks 09/15/2021 09:38:01 AM
wtg I just added .1025 $Rig's Platinum Penny Picks 09/14/2021 01:29:57 PM
Sweet things moving forward. maybe current AgriSolar Solutions, Inc. (AGSO) 09/14/2021 01:25:03 PM
.055 wow congrats to those able to buy $Rig's Platinum Penny Picks 09/14/2021 12:19:01 PM
I tried to switch my schwab account to $Rig's Platinum Penny Picks 09/14/2021 10:50:24 AM
cannot buy thru schwab or ameritrade. $Rig's Platinum Penny Picks 09/14/2021 10:46:13 AM
I gave you the attorneys names, start the Safetek International Inc. (SFIN) 09/14/2021 10:28:55 AM
Nice moving forward everyday. AgriSolar Solutions, Inc. (AGSO) 09/14/2021 09:46:05 AM
Thursday, September 09 2021 8:01 AM, EST OPTEC Optec International Inc (OPTI) 09/14/2021 06:56:21 AM
people don't understand how to make $ Solar Energy Initiatives Inc. (SNRY) 09/13/2021 03:38:14 PM
agso has a fifteen million share float, when AgriSolar Solutions, Inc. (AGSO) 09/13/2021 02:55:16 PM
FUNff starting another run. $Rig's Platinum Penny Picks 09/13/2021 02:53:25 PM
I truly am amazed that people don't understand AgriSolar Solutions, Inc. (AGSO) 09/13/2021 02:51:35 PM
I like your opinion :+) NetList Inc. (NLST) 09/13/2021 02:05:43 PM

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