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The Mail Box is an integral part of the iHub experience.   This feature increases the effectiveness and response time of communication between members, by providing a private messaging mechanism along with a snapshot of public messages relevant to you.

The Private Messages section displays all private messages sent to you by other members.  These messages are only viewable by  you.  To view, simply click on the blue link of the message you wish to read.   Once opened, you are presented with two options: Private Reply and Remove.

Clicking Private Reply allows you to respond to the message.  The message is sent only to the member whom you are responding to and placed in their Private Messages section, meaning they are the only ones who see the message.
Clicking Remove will delete the message from your Mail Box.  The message is no longer shows up in your Mail Box, but it stays on our servers indefinitely, and is placed in your archives.

The Public Replies section displays all public replies by other members to messages that have been posted by you.  By clicking on the link, you are taken directly to the publicly-viewable message.  Once the message has been read, it is automatically cleared from your Mail Box. 

The Kept Messages section displays all the messages you have clicked "Keep" on. They will remain in your mailbox until you click "unkeep."

The Archive links display a list of the most recently sent (outbox) or received (inbox) messages.

The Clear All links clear out, completely, either all of your public unread messages or your private messages. Use it with caution.

FAQ > General | Menu | Posting Features | Tools | Mail Box
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