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Veltex Corp vs., Inc. (April, 2017)

United States District Court, Eastern District of Illinois
Case No. 1:17-CV-02700

Summary: This is a discovery only action (as to iHub), seeking to compel iHub to produce user account information. No prior contact had been made with iHub regarding the single post alleged to contain defamatory content. Rather than following the usual and customary procedures of filing a John Doe lawsuit and then issuing a subpoena to the internet intermediary (iHub), the plaintiffs named iHub as a defendant, asking the Court to order iHub to produce the user's information. This bizarre approach in federal court apparently boiled down to being inconvenienced by iHub's Subpoena and Privacy policies and requirements defined by law when issuing state court subpoenas to out-of-state non-parties. Bad idea.

Outcome: On 4/25/2017 the Federal Court dismissed the case due without the need for iHub to respond.

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