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EXS.TSX.V EXPLOR Resources Inc. 87    5 minutes ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:WEED Canopy Growth Corp. 58,659    28 minutes ago   Cannabis
TSX:CMED CanniMed Therapeutics Inc.   1 hour ago   Cannabis
TSXV:EMC Emblem Cannabis 166    3 hours ago   Cannabis
TSXV:HEMP Hempco Food and Fiber, Inc.   11 hours ago   Cannabis
TSXV:OGI OrganiGram Holdings Inc. 3,463    15 hours ago   Cannabis
TSX:HMMJ Horizons Medical Marijuana Life Sci ETF 89    19 hours ago   Cannabis
TSX:PTG Pivot Technology Solutions 190    19 hours ago   Computers - Software
TSX:APH Aphria Inc 703    1 day ago   Cannabis
TSX:KL Kirkland Lake Gold 258    2 days ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:BTO B2 Gold Corp 180    2 days ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:OSU Orsu Metals 54    5 days ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:FOR Fortune Bay Corp 87    5 days ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:NMX Nemaska Lithium Inc. 57    5 days ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:ICC International Cannabis Corporation 17    5 days ago   Cannabis
TSXV:MTO Metanor Resources Inc. 118    5 days ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:AIX ALIX RESOURCES CORP 102    8 days ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:PG Premier Gold Mines Ltd. 278    8 days ago   Basic Materials
TSX:KDX Klondex Mines Ltd. (KLNDF) 46    11 days ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:ADD Arctic Star Diamond Corp.   12 days ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:NSP Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd. (NSPDF) 138    12 days ago   Medical - Drugs
TSXV:JAX Jaxon Minerals Inc.   12 days ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:KFG KFG Resources Ltd. 72    13 days ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
TSXV:EIL Empire Industries Ltd. 210    14 days ago   Basic Materials
TSXV:NBY NBY   14 days ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:ABR Ashburton Ventures Inc. 224    15 days ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:XBC Xebec Adsorption Inc 117    18 days ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
TSXV:OML Omni Lite Industries 86    18 days ago   Miscellaneous
TSX:KAT Katanga Mining Limited 19    19 days ago   Alternative Energy
TSXV:REW RewardStream Solutions 13    19 days ago   Internet - E-Commerce
TSX:SGF Shore Gold   19 days ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:COV Covalon Technology Limited 261    19 days ago   Medical - Healthcare
TSX:GEN GeneNews Ltd.   21 days ago   Medical - Healthcare
TSXV:CNO California Nanotech 22    21 days ago   Miscellaneous
TSXV:NNO Nano One Materials Corp. 25    26 days ago   Alternative Energy
TSX:LEAF MedReleaf   29 days ago   Cannabis
TSXV:HRH Hillcrest Resources   29 days ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
TSXV:PAT Patriot One Technologies 36    1 month ago   Miscellaneous
TSXV:DHR Discovery Harbour Resources 35    1 month ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:NRI Nuvo Research Inc. 83    1 month ago   Biotechs
TSXV:NNA New Nadina Explorations Limited   1 month ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:OX Orex Exploration Inc 387    1 month ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:EVG Evolving Gold Corporation (OTCQX:EVOGF) 607    1 month ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:BGL Bandera Gold Ltd. 13,633    1 month ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:AZX Alexandria Minerals 12    1 month ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:GSP Gensource Potash Corp.   2 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:BKD Breaking Data Corp. 461    2 months ago   Internet - Information/Portals
TSX:PST Pistol Bay Mining, Inc. 42    2 months ago   Basic Materials
TSX:USA Americas Silver Corp (USA) 950    2 months ago   Basic Materials
TSX:ME Moneta Porcupine Mines Inc 357    2 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:BBD.B Bombardier Inc., CL. B, Sv 70    2 months ago   Automotive and Transportation
TSXV:FGD First Global Data Corp   2 months ago   Banking and Finance
TSX:MAW Mawson Res Ltd.   2 months ago   Basic Materials
TSXV:TGX True North Gems Inc.   2 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:CBLT Green Swan Capital 51    2 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:MEK Metals Creek Resources Corp. 48    2 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:MKA Mkango Resources Ltd.   2 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:LAD New Carolin Gold Corp   2 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:BCT BriaCell Therapeutics 28    2 months ago   Medical - Drugs
TSX:VG Veris Gold Corp. 210    2 months ago   Basic Materials
MFMLF Marifil Mines Ltd. (TSX: MFM)   2 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:ATC ATAC RESOURCES LTD   3 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:AMY American Manganese Inc 4,413    3 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:IVN Ivanhoe Mines 55    3 months ago   Basic Materials
TSXV:AGD Antioquia Gold Inc.   3 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:EKG CardioComm Solutions Inc. 232    3 months ago   Computers - Software
TSXV:TNC TIO Networks 400    3 months ago   Banking and Finance
TSXV:GGG Graphene 3D Lab Inc. (OTCQB:GPHBF) 607    3 months ago   Electronics and components
TSXV:RVV Revive Therapeutics Ltd 41    3 months ago   Medical - Drugs
TSX:UEX UEX Corp. 23    4 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:DML Denison Mines Corp. 74    4 months ago   Basic Materials
TSX:ROG Roxgold Inc   4 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:CQR Conquest Resources Ltd. 610    4 months ago   Basic Materials
TSXV:ICG Integra Gold Corp. 21    4 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:AGY Atom Energy Inc. 173    4 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:SWY Stornoway Diamond Corp. 45    4 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:LMR Lomiko Metals Inc. 264    4 months ago   Mining/Resources
USAPF Americas Silver Corporation (TSX: USA) 17,225    4 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:EGT Eguana Technologies   4 months ago   Alternative Energy
TSX:ATH Athabasca Oil Sands Corp 13    4 months ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
TSXV:BMK MacDonald Mines Exploration Ltd.   5 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:WLF Wolfden Resources Corp. text   5 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:KAR Karmin Exploration 115    5 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:ELG Elgin Mining Inc. (Gold Ore Resourses) 85    5 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:CCE COMMERCE RESOURCES 300    5 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:XAU Bitgold Inc. 67    5 months ago   Internet - Online Services
TSX:WDOFF Wesdome Gold Mines   5 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:MT Mettrum Health Corp 587    5 months ago   Cannabis
TSX:EXN Excellon Resources Inc. 103    5 months ago   Basic Materials
TSXV:CXB Calibre Mining Corp 27    6 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:CXO COLORADO RESOURCES 17    6 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:BCC Canadian Bioceutical Corp   6 months ago   Cannabis
TSXV:EPO ENCANTO POTASH 130    6 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:BD BULLDOG RESOURCES INC. 104    6 months ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
Rhonda Diamond Corp. (fka TSX:RDM)   6 months ago   Delisted
TSX:ETG Entree Gold 11    6 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:WRG Western Energy Services Corp 26    6 months ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
TSXV:VIT Victoria Gold Corp. 181    6 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:EDV Endeavour Mining Corp 217    6 months ago   Basic Materials
TSXV:SIE Sienna Resources SIE   6 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:DMM Dynasty Metals & Mining Inc 15    6 months ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
TSX:ROI Route 1 11    6 months ago   Computers - Hardware
TSXV:ADK Diagnos Inc 477    6 months ago   Computers - Software
TSX:VRS Verisante Technology, Inc.   6 months ago   Retail - Wholesale Distributors
TSX.V. PLT Pilot Bay Mining   6 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:ALL Almonty Industries Inc.   7 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:SLF Sun Life Financial Inc.   7 months ago   Insurance
TSX:TMD Titan Medical inc.   7 months ago   Medical - Equipment
TSXV:MCC Magor Corp. 121    7 months ago   Computers - Software
TSX:AGC Amarillo Gold Corp.   7 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:WPX WESTERN POTASH CORP. 61    7 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:AR Argonaut Gold Inc 66    8 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:NCU Nevada Copper   8 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:BUS Grande West Transportation Group Inc   8 months ago   Automotive and Transportation
TSXV:CZX Canada Zinc Metals Corp 67    8 months ago   Basic Materials
TSXV:RX Biosyent Inc. 166    9 months ago   Medical - Drugs
VIV (TSXV) Avivagen   9 months ago   Food - Processing and Agriculture
TSXV:CUZ Cruz Capital Corp.   9 months ago   Mining/Resources
tsxv:ML Millennial Lithium Corp   9 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:TFR Terra Firma Resources   9 months ago   Cannabis
TSX:BNC Telesta Therapeutics Inc. 60    9 months ago   Biotechs
MGPHF Mason Graphite Inc. (TSXV:LLG) 30    10 months ago   Mining/Resources
RZ.TSX.V REVOLVER RESOURCES   10 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:BTI BiOasisTechnologies Inc 52    10 months ago   Biotechs
TSX:IMT International Montoro Res. Inc.   10 months ago   Basic Materials
TSX:LAC Lithium Americas Corp 47    10 months ago   Alternative Energy
TSX:WRN WESTERN COPPER 66    10 months ago   Mining/Resources
AGEEF Apogee Opportunities Inc.(TSXV:APE) 302    10 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:FM FIRST QUANTUM MIM   11 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:SRA Stria Lithium (SRCAF) 14    11 months ago   Alternative Energy
TSXV:MYA Maya Gold & Silver Inc.   11 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:SIE Sienna Resources SIE.V   11 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:PTQ Petaquilla Minerals LTD   11 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:LN Loncor Resources Inc. 14    11 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:ECO Ecosynthetix, Inc. 24    11 months ago   Biotechs
TSXV:CMV China Minerals Mining Corp 514    11 months ago   Mining/Resources
SVLC Silvercrest Mines Inc. (TSXV:SVL) 148    11 months ago   Mining/Resources
SILVERCREST MET TSX:SIL   11 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:AWH Arrowhead Gold Corp. 34    11 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:PTU Purepoint Uranium Group   11 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:BML Barker Minerals Ltd ( 25    11 months ago   Basic Materials
TSXV:CGE Corex Gold Corp 15    12 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:BRA BRADES RESOURCE CORP   12 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:ORA Aura Minerals Inc.   12 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:CZN Canadian Zinc Corporation 342    12 months ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:FR First Majestic Resource Corp 25    12 months ago   Basic Materials
TSX:EFL Electrovaya Inc. 29    1 year ago   Alternative Energy
TSXV:ASX Elysee Development Corp. (ASXSF) 172    1 year ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:MSA Mesa Uranium Corp. 70    1 year ago   Basic Materials
TSXV:SVA SERNOVA   1 year ago   Biotechs
TSXV:RL Rockland Minerals Corp   1 year ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:FDR Flinders Resources 73    1 year ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:NMI Newmarket Gold 27    1 year ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:BLU Bellus Healthcare 18    1 year ago   Medical - Healthcare
TSX:TXG Torex Gold Resources 11    1 year ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:SAS ST. ANDREW GOLDFIELDS 383    1 year ago   Basic Materials
TSXV:NPH Vanc Pharmaceuticals Inc. 4,093    1 year ago   Biotechs
TSX:HBM HudBay Minerals 145    1 year ago   Basic Materials
TSX:SAM Starcore International Mines LTD 183    1 year ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:PRK Potash Ridge Corp.   1 year ago   Basic Materials
TSXV:RYU Respect Your Universe Inc 3,006    1 year ago   Retail - Chains
TSXV:CCY Catalyst Copper Ltd. (CCY.V)   1 year ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:ASM AVINO SILVER & GOLD MINE 34    1 year ago   Basic Materials
TSX:APV ARISE Technologies Corp. 16    1 year ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
TSX:OBM Oban Mining Corp 10    1 year ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:RMC Reservoir Minerals   1 year ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:MSV Minco Silver Corp. 52    1 year ago   Basic Materials
TSXV:ULI Ultra Lithium 49    1 year ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:XRC EXETER RESOURCE CORPORATION 10    1 year ago   Basic Materials
TSX:GUY Guyana Goldfields New Com 49    1 year ago   Mining/Resources
Metal Storm Ltd (fka MTSXY) 197    1 year ago   Delisted
TSX:GBB Gold Bullion Development Corp   1 year ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:DBO D-BOX TECHNOLOGIES INC 87    1 year ago   Electronics and components
TSX:CXD Cadan Resources Corp 1,213    1 year ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:NZ New Zealand Energy Corp. 244    1 year ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
TSXV:BBI Blackbird Energy Inc. 50    1 year ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
RRE Reg Technologies, Inc. (TSX Venture Exchange: RRE) 46    1 year ago   Automotive and Transportation
TSX:DEE Delphi Energy Corp.   1 year ago   Alternative Energy
TSXV:FAN Gaming Nation Inc 68    1 year ago   Gaming and Casinos
TSXV:NOT NORONT RESOURCES LTD 143    1 year ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:PX PELANGIO EXPLORATION INC   1 year ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:AIX ALIX RESOURCES CORP 11    1 year ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:IAE ITHACA ENERGY INC 48    1 year ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
TSX:TBE Twin Butte Energy 13    1 year ago   Alternative Energy
TSX:LVN Levon Resources Ltd. 38    1 year ago   Basic Materials
TSXV:DYA dynaCERT Inc.   2 years ago   Electronics and components
TSXV:GEM Pele Mountain Resources Inc. (GOLDF) 160    2 years ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:RNX Royal Nickel Corporation   2 years ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:SBB Sabina Gold & Silver Corp. 20    2 years ago   Basic Materials
TSXV:AUN AURCANA CORP 47    2 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
TSX:AMK American Creek Resources Ltd. 11    2 years ago   Basic Materials
TSXV:GRC Grenville Strategic Royalty Corp.   2 years ago   Banking and Finance
TSXV:NEV Nevada Sunrise Gold   2 years ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:AME Abacus Mining & Exploration   2 years ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:DVN Discovery Ventures Inc.   2 years ago   Mining/Resources
TSXV:LAD New Carolin Gold Corp.   2 years ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:AVO Avigilon   2 years ago   Miscellaneous
TSXV:RMD Richmond Minerals, Inc. 66    2 years ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:CPG Crescent Point Energy   2 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
TSXV:NGE Nevada Exploration 282    2 years ago   Mining/Resources

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