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GMND Green Mountain Development Corp 5,393    33 minutes ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
UGAZ Velocityshares 3X Long Natural Gas Etn 23,860    37 minutes ago   Alternative Energy
IFLM Independent Film Development Corp. 13,791    37 minutes ago   Internet - Information/Portals
TVIX VelocityShares Daily 2x VIX ST ETN 38,473    41 minutes ago   ETFs
CLF Cleveland Cliffs Inc. 5,493    11 hours ago   Basic Materials
ALGT Allegiant Travel Company 17    11 hours ago   Automotive and Transportation
ENTI Encounter Development Technologies Inc. 168,687    13 hours ago   Miscellaneous
NIOBF Niocorp Developments Ltd. 61,289    13 hours ago   Mining/Resources
PTVL Pro Travel Network, Inc. 204    18 hours ago   Miscellaneous
NUUU Rejuvel Bio-Sciences Inc. 9,257    18 hours ago   Miscellaneous
S&P 500 price levels to trade 294    19 hours ago   All Trading - Technical
Gravity Analytica - State Transitions and novel to   19 hours ago   All Fundamentals
DVLP Golden Developing Solutions Inc. 9,512    20 hours ago   Miscellaneous
PRDL Profitable Developments, Inc. 105,623    23 hours ago   Real Estate
VLXC Veltex 17,804    24 hours ago   Retail - Wholesale Distributors
UDFI United Development Funding IV 745    1 day ago   Real Estate
OEDVQ Osage Exploration and Development, Inc. 755    2 days ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
LVLV Level Vision Electronics, Ltd. 295    3 days ago   Banking and Finance
USLV VelocitySharesTM 3x Long Silver 6,785    3 days ago   Mining/Resources
SBDG Small Business Development Group Inc. 22,190    4 days ago   Medical - Drugs
CLVLY Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals 726    5 days ago   Biotechs
MRVL Marvell Technology 22,049    5 days ago   Computers - Semiconductors
CDEV Centennial Resource Development, Inc. 103    7 days ago   Banking and Finance
DGAZ Velocityshares 3X Inverse Natural Gas Etn 18,959    7 days ago   ETFs
GSDC Goldsands Development Company 2,093    8 days ago   Mining/Resources
CLEV Concrete Leveling Systems Inc. 341    8 days ago   Miscellaneous
Novelion Therapeutics Inc. (fka NVLNF) 587    10 days ago   Delisted
ARWD Arrow Resources Development, Inc. 1,070    10 days ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
PDIV Premier Development and Investment Inc 1,582    10 days ago   Mining/Resources
RDVT Red Velvet 10    14 days ago   Computers - Software
IH/ADVFN Streamer & Level II Q&A Board 4,728    16 days ago   Welcome to InvestorsHub
CBLI Cleveland BioLabs, Inc. 1,026    17 days ago   Biotechs
UWT Citi VelocityShares 3x Long Crude Oil S&P ETN 933    17 days ago   ETFs
DREM Dream Homes & Development Corporation 165    21 days ago   Real Estate
ELA Envela Corp 15    24 days ago   Retail - Chains
TA TravelCenters of America LLC 91    28 days ago   Retail - Chains
DemiCash level 2 & chart reads and opinions of the 136    1 month ago   Penny Fundamentals
UWTIF VelocityShares Credit Suisse 3X Long Crude ETN 41,155    1 month ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
NSTM NovelStem International Corp. 432    1 month ago   Miscellaneous
BCND Beacon Redevelopment Industrial Corporation 45,518    1 month ago   Real Estate
LVBX LevelBlox Inc. 39    1 month ago   Computers - Software
DSLV VelocityShares 3x Inverse Silver ETN 161    1 month ago   ETFs
AWAY ETFMG Travel Tech ETF 22    2 months ago   ETFs
DWTI VelocityShares 3x Inverse Crude ETN   2 months ago   ETFs
VelocitySharesTM 3x Long Gold (UGLD) 133    2 months ago   Metals
DWT VelocityShares 3x Inverse Crude Oil ETN 6,438    2 months ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
ZMWYF ZMWYF Zoomaway Travel Inc 421    2 months ago   Alternative Energy
Travel tips & suggestions 2,307    2 months ago   Other
GSBD Goldman Sachs Business Development 19    3 months ago   Banking and Finance
TRV The Travelers Companies, Inc. 33    3 months ago   Insurance
IDVL International Development Corp 396    3 months ago   Biotechs
DGDM Digital Development Partners 339    3 months ago   Internet - E-Commerce
CYDVF Cypress Development Corp. 83    4 months ago   Mining/Resources
OSSPF Osprey Gold Development   4 months ago   Mining/Resources
CD.VN Cantex Mine Development Corp.   4 months ago   Mining/Resources
PMDP Plateau Mineral Development, Inc. 37,971    4 months ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
Peyto Exploration and Development Corp (TSX:PEY)   5 months ago   Energy
CTVZ China Travel Resort Holdings, Inc. 647    5 months ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
DemiCash''s Premium level 2 read   5 months ago   Technical Analysis
DGNG Diguang International Development Company Ltd. 75    5 months ago   Electronics and components
IDVC Infrastructure Developments Corp 15,946    5 months ago   Miscellaneous
MBDE Morris Business Development Co. 98    6 months ago   Miscellaneous
VCYE Velocity Energy Inc. 198    7 months ago   Miscellaneous
EDUC Educational Development Corporation 107    8 months ago   Miscellaneous
NDEV Novus Acquisition and Development Corp 3,262    8 months ago   Miscellaneous
OXFCF Velocys 46    8 months ago   Alternative Energy
TSX:PCY Prophecy Development Corp.   9 months ago   Mining/Resources
PCY Prophecy Development   9 months ago   Mining/Resources
Level 2 education 325    9 months ago   Education
LTGJ Xiamen Lutong International Travel Agency Co., Ltd 192    9 months ago   Computers - Networks
LEVB Level Brands, Inc.   9 months ago   Food - Processing and Agriculture
Velatel Global Comm. (fka VELA) 9,345    10 months ago   Delisted
SDAD S.H. Resources & Development Corp. 1,428    12 months ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
LBTD Lotus Bio-Technology Development Corp. 1,249    1 year ago   Miscellaneous
TZOO TravelZoo Inc. 155    1 year ago   Internet - Online Services
Green World Development Inc. (fka GREW) 923    1 year ago   Delisted
Development Capital Group Inc. (fka DLPM) 459    1 year ago   Delisted
CLAD China Liaoning Dingxu Ecological Agriculture Devel 996    1 year ago   Food - Processing and Agriculture
GDVM Global Developments, Inc. 1,022    1 year ago   Banking and Finance
CRVL CorVel Corporation   1 year ago   Media - Conglomerates
TVIZ Velocityshares Daily 2X Vix Medium Term 4,668    1 year ago   ETFs
Energy Development Corp. (fka EGDCY)   1 year ago   Delisted
CGDI China Growth Development, Inc. 783    2 years ago   Miscellaneous
Evelo Biosciences (EVLO)   2 years ago   Health and Sciences
GFDV General Finance & Development, Inc 130    2 years ago   Banking and Finance
DGLD VelocityShares 3x Inverse Gold ETN 60    2 years ago   ETFs
MBDC Massachusetts Business Development Corp   2 years ago   Banking and Finance
VELTF Velti Plc 751    2 years ago   Computers - Software
GVDI Golden Valley Development, Inc. 10,158    2 years ago   Miscellaneous
XIV VelocityShares Daily Inverse VIX Short Term ETN 1,474    2 years ago   ETFs
XREDUSD X Real Estate Development   2 years ago   Coins
VLTUSD Veltor   2 years ago   Coins
TRVUSD Travel Coin   2 years ago   Coins
MARVUSD Marvelous   2 years ago   Coins
DDFUSD Digital Developers Fund   2 years ago   Coins
ZIV VelocityShares Daily Inverse VIX Medium Term ETN 15    2 years ago   ETFs
YERR Yangtze River Development Ltd. 235    2 years ago   Miscellaneous
TSXV:VLA Vela Minerals Ltd   2 years ago   Mining/Resources
ARCUF Arcus Development Group   3 years ago   Mining/Resources
CDVM Carson Development Corporation 790    3 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
DWTIF VelocityShares 3x Inverse Crude Oil ETN   3 years ago   ETFs
LVLT LEVEL 3 3,930    3 years ago   Telecommunications Networks
BSND Boston Sand and Gravel   3 years ago   Basic Materials
HGVLY Evraz Highveld Steel & Vanadium. Ltd.   3 years ago   Mining/Resources
VIIX VelocityShares VIX ST ETN (VIIX)   3 years ago   ETFs
MTRO Metro One Development, Inc 9,349    3 years ago   Computers - Hardware
AEDC American Energy Development Corp. 1,000    3 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
Universal Travel Group (fka UTRA) 213    4 years ago   Delisted
VELXF Canadian Overseas Petroleum Limited   4 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
Travel Adventure's (TA) 165    4 years ago   People
Harbor Island Development Corp. (fka HIDC) 6,841    4 years ago   Delisted
TSXV:ASX Elysee Development Corp. (ASXSF) 172    4 years ago   Mining/Resources
Superior Development Group Inc. (fka SDVG)   4 years ago   Delisted
MRD Memorial Resource Development Corp.   4 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
TSX:GBB Gold Bullion Development Corp   4 years ago   Mining/Resources
Interactive Brand Development (fka IBDI) 110    4 years ago   Delisted
JMI JAVELIN Mortgage Investment Corp   4 years ago   Real Estate
CHLN China Housing and Land Development, Inc. 150    5 years ago   Real Estate
ASX:CUV Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. Closed. Successor   5 years ago   Foreign Stock Markets
Africa - Developing Market   5 years ago   Market Trends and Strategies
DZK Direxion Daily Developed Markets Bull 3x Shares   5 years ago   ETFs
ZVLO zvelo, Inc.   5 years ago   Computers - Software
TSXV:VEL Vanoil Energy Limited   5 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
TSYHY TravelSky Technology Ltd.   5 years ago   Internet - E-Commerce
EC Development, Inc. (fka ECDI) 131    5 years ago   Delisted
IamKaveli 25    5 years ago   User's Groups
Asura Development Group, Inc.(fka IAGI) 2,328    5 years ago   Delisted
RALY Rally Software Development Corp.   5 years ago   Computers - Software
UPDV Universal Property Development Corporation 10,403    5 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
Blue Sky Development Corp.(fka BSKS) 536    5 years ago   Delisted
Italian-Thai Development Public Co., Ltd.(fka ITHU   6 years ago   Delisted
ADEC Alternative Energy Development Corp. 151    6 years ago   Alternative Energy
VPGI Velocity Portfolio Group, Inc   6 years ago   Banking and Finance
Travelstar (fka TVLS) 3,170    6 years ago   Delisted
China Digital Animation Development, Inc. (fka CHD 1,981    6 years ago   Delisted
International Development and Environmental Holdin 477    6 years ago   Delisted
ARSD Arabian American Development Co. 2,360    6 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
Software developers forum 11    6 years ago   Market Trends and Strategies
REDEQ RedEnvelope, Inc. 21    6 years ago   Miscellaneous
ERD Erdene Resources Development Corp.   6 years ago   Mining/Resources
WPS Ishares S&P Developed Ex-US Property   6 years ago   Real Estate
Velocity Express Corp.(fka VEXPQ) 41    6 years ago   Delisted
MVL Marvel Entertainment, Inc. 54    6 years ago   Media - Newspapers/Print
American Asset Development, Inc. (fka AADI) 838    6 years ago   Delisted
Marlborough Software Development (fka MBGH) 27    6 years ago   Delisted
Business Development Solutions Inc(fka BDEV) 125    7 years ago   Delisted
EquityFeed & Level 2 827    7 years ago   User's Groups
Low Level Board   7 years ago   Miscellaneous
Level$ Lemmings 480    7 years ago   User's Groups
Falcon Ridge Development Inc.(fka FCNR) 193    7 years ago   Delisted
Global Realty Development Corp (fka GRLY) 18    8 years ago   Delisted
PDVN Premier Development & Investment Inc 27    8 years ago   Food - Beverages
Level 2 Playas 17    8 years ago   User's Groups
LPLT Velocityshares 2X Long Patinu   8 years ago   Mining/Resources
NHVP Northeast Development Corporation Inc. 51    8 years ago   Real Estate
IFAS iShares FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Developed Asia Index Fund   8 years ago   Mutual Funds
New Bastion Development Inc. (fka NWBA)   8 years ago   Delisted
UOIL Velocityshares 3X Long Brent   8 years ago   Alternative Energy
PETD Petroleum Development Corp 114    8 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
TSX:GPD Golden Predator Royalty & Development Corp. 13    8 years ago   Mining/Resources
CTDC China Development Group Corp. 72    8 years ago   Computers - Software
Advantage Capital Development Corp.(fka AVCP) 70    8 years ago   Delisted
TSX:NPD North American Potash Developments Inc.   8 years ago   Mining/Resources
Crystal Intl Travel Group Inc. (fka CINT) 7,502    8 years ago   Delisted
VRMD Vision Real Estate Management & Development 54    8 years ago   Miscellaneous
American Enterprise Development Corp (fka AEND) 101    9 years ago   Delisted
Bottom Fisher(Vel) 54    9 years ago   User's Groups
800 Travel Systems, Inc. (fka IFLYQ) 42    9 years ago   Delisted
TSX:MIX Micrex Development Corp   9 years ago   Mining/Resources
American Asset Development, Inc. (AADI) 16  Closed. Successor   10 years ago   Real Estate
ANO.U Anatolia Minerals Development Limited 42    10 years ago   Mining/Resources
TSX:TRV Trivello Energy Corp. 49    10 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
JAV Javelin Pharmaceuticals Inc 1,467    10 years ago   Biotechs
ASDV Asian Star Development, Inc.   10 years ago   Basic Materials
TSX:WHD West Hawk Development Corp. 462    10 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
NOVL Novell, Inc. 26    10 years ago   Computers - Networks
x2Up''s Stock Shovel 13    10 years ago   User's Groups
Embryo Development (fka EMBR) 95    10 years ago   Delisted
TSX:SNO SNOWFIELD DEVELOPMENT (V.SNO) 50    10 years ago   Mining/Resources
UTVL Universal Travel Group Inc. 264    11 years ago   Miscellaneous
PDGI PharmaNet Development Group, Inc.   11 years ago   Medical - Healthcare
TSX:MDV MegaStar Development 51    11 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
MFCD MFC Development Corp 33    11 years ago   Retail - Wholesale Distributors
HYSNY Hysan Development Co., Ltd.   12 years ago   Real Estate
PDVG Pride Business Development Holdings, Inc.   12 years ago   Homeland Security
SXPT SINO EXPRESS TRAVEL 111    12 years ago   Automotive and Transportation
WYN DEVELOPMENTS (WYDPF) 16    12 years ago   User's Groups
Tackler's travel notes 69    12 years ago   Hobbies
Shareholder Development Group LLC 24    12 years ago   User's Groups
JVI Velocity Asset Management Incorporated   12 years ago   Banking and Finance
AVPJ Andros Isle Development Corp. 20    12 years ago   Real Estate
Stock Velocity Investment Group (SVIG)   12 years ago   User's Groups
AMCD American Community Development Inc.   12 years ago   Computers - Software
OLKT Onelink4travel, Inc. 119    12 years ago   Internet - Online Services
BRTV Best Rate Travel   13 years ago   Miscellaneous
YTBL Your Travel Business (YTBL) 121    13 years ago   Internet - E-Commerce
Attractively Valued Small-Cap-Growth Stocks 11    13 years ago   User's Groups
LVEL Level 8   14 years ago   Computers - Networks
ABDE Atlantis Business Development Corp. 45    14 years ago   Miscellaneous
TTVL Teda Travel Group, Inc. 50    14 years ago   Internet - Online Services

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