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SCI Service Corp. International 16    4 months ago   Miscellaneous
LXRP Lexaria Bioscience Corp. 20,842    1 hour ago   Cannabis
First American Scientific Corp. (fka FASC) 53,626    1 hour ago   Delisted
CVSI CV Sciences Inc. 11,334    2 hours ago   Cannabis
AVXL Anavex Life Sciences Corp 141,540    3 hours ago   Biotechs
NMUS Nemus Bioscience, Inc. 4,463    4 hours ago   Cannabis
CBIS Cannabis Science, Inc. 127,516    4 hours ago   Cannabis
PMBS PuraMed BioScience, Inc. 28,407    6 hours ago   Biotechs
STSC Start Scientific, Inc. 9,309    7 hours ago   Miscellaneous
TAUG Tauriga Sciences, Inc. 44,649    8 hours ago   Biotechs
AMBS Amarantus Bioscience Holdings Inc. 126,982    9 hours ago   Biotechs
CLRB Cellectar Biosciences Inc. 7,281    10 hours ago   Biotechs
APDN Applied DNA Sciences Inc. 50,467    10 hours ago   Biotechs
BMSN Bio-Matrix Scientific Group Inc. 157,066    10 hours ago   Biotechs
ILNS Intellect Neurosciences, Inc. 20,626    11 hours ago   Biotechs
GDGID Redwood Scientific Technologies Inc. 34,319    12 hours ago   Cannabis
APRI Apricus Biosciences, Inc. 27,940    13 hours ago   Medical - Drugs
VGLS VG Life Sciences Inc. 3,366    14 hours ago   Medical - Healthcare
AKER Akers Biosciences Inc. 1,043    16 hours ago   Medical - Equipment
LXGTF Lexington Biosciences, Inc. 9,659    18 hours ago   Medical - Equipment
CVM Cel-Sci 12,791    21 hours ago   Biotechs
ECEZ Ecosciences Inc. 2,221    1 day ago   Media - Conglomerates
ASFX American Scientific Resources 56,575    1 day ago   Medical - Equipment
IVOB INVO Bioscience, Inc. 944    1 day ago   Medical - Equipment
LHSIF Liberty Health Sciences Inc. 233    1 day ago   Cannabis
YTEN Yield 10 Bioscience 379    1 day ago   Biotechs
MHTX Manhattan Scientifics, Inc. 6,182    1 day ago   Medical - Healthcare
DROP Fuse Science, Inc. 88,124    1 day ago   Miscellaneous
GBLX GB Sciences, Inc. 4,758    2 days ago   Cannabis
SCIE SpectraSCIENCE, Inc. 24,262    2 days ago   Medical - Equipment
APHB Ampliphi Biosciences Corporation 1,132    2 days ago   Biotechs
KNSC Kenergy Scientific Inc. 62,247    2 days ago   Real Estate
CXBS Corix Bioscience Inc. 1,612    2 days ago   Miscellaneous
ARFXF ProMIS Neurosciences Inc. 152    2 days ago   Biotechs
ETST Earth Science Tech Inc. 5,376    2 days ago   Cannabis
CBSC CB Scientific Inc. 282    2 days ago   Miscellaneous
PBIO Pressure BioSciences Inc. 814    2 days ago   Medical - Equipment
ZIVO Zivo Bioscience Inc. 5,593    3 days ago   Biotechs
LSCGD Lighting Science Group Corp. 274    3 days ago   Electronics and components
SCIENCE SPIN-OFFS 10,087    4 days ago   Health and Sciences
PURE Pure Bioscience, Inc. 1,142    4 days ago   Chemicals
UBR ProShares Ultra MSCI Brazil Capped   4 days ago   ETFs
PACB Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc. 953    4 days ago   Biotechs
APTO Aptose Biosciences, Inc. 97    6 days ago   Biotechs
OVAS OvaScience, Inc. 56    8 days ago   Biotechs
HMLSF Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences Index ETF 47    8 days ago   Cannabis
TSX:HMMJ Horizons Medical Marijuana Life Sci ETF 228    9 days ago   Cannabis
AYTU Aytu BioScience Inc. 152    9 days ago   Biotechs
HESG Health Sciences Group 124,174    9 days ago   Biotechs
FCSC Fibrocell Science, Inc. 6,842    9 days ago   Medical - Drugs
Haber Science Inc.(fka HABE) 355    9 days ago   Delisted
RSLS ReShape Life Sciences 24    10 days ago   Medical - Healthcare
VRCI Verde Science Inc. 9,186    10 days ago   Biotechs
Intellicell Biosciences, Inc. (fka SVFC) 90,991    10 days ago   Delisted
OSCI Osceola Gold Inc. 5,263    10 days ago   Mining/Resources
GILD Gilead Sciences, Inc. 2,738    10 days ago   Medical - Healthcare
NVOS Novo Integrated Sciences Inc. 4,651    10 days ago   Automotive and Transportation
GBSN Great Basin Scientific Inc. 37,222    10 days ago   Medical - Healthcare
TRPX Therapix Biosciences Ltd. 70    10 days ago   Biotechs
OIL iPath S&P GSCI Crude Oil Ttl Ret Idx ETN 210    10 days ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
ALIM Alimera Sciences 905    11 days ago   Biotechs
CALA Calithera Biosciences, Inc. 178    11 days ago   Biotechs
NUUU Rejuvel Bio-Sciences Inc. 5,102    11 days ago   Miscellaneous
GNCA Genocea Biosciences, Inc 252    11 days ago   Biotechs
PTSC Patriot Scientific 22,441    11 days ago   Electronics and components
SSKN STRATA Skin Sciences   11 days ago   Medical - Healthcare
SAIC Science Applications Int'l Corp 61    12 days ago   Automotive and Transportation
BFNH BioForce NanoSciences 33    18 days ago   Biotechs
GTGR Amersin Life Science Corporation 66    19 days ago   Medical - Drugs
BME BLACKROCK HEALTH SCIENCES TR   20 days ago   Medical - Healthcare
SCCYF Scythian Biosciences Corporation   23 days ago   Cannabis
RKDA Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. 22    23 days ago   Biotechs
ACHV Achieve Life Science Inc. 600    24 days ago   Biotechs
SCIA SCI Engineered Materials, Inc. 30    24 days ago   Alternative Energy
SCGY Scientific Energy, Inc   25 days ago   Miscellaneous
ESSE Earth Search Sciences Inc. 342    25 days ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
BSX Boston Scientific 154    26 days ago   Medical - Healthcare
NERV Minerva Neurosciences, Inc. 94    30 days ago   Biotechs
CLBS Caladrius Biosciences, Inc. 2,972    1 month ago   Biotechs
MLSS Milestone Scientific Inc. 171    1 month ago   Medical - Equipment
EXAS Exact Sciences 569    1 month ago   Biotechs
NRXCF Neutrisci Intl Inc   1 month ago   Miscellaneous
RMZFF Nanosphere Health Sciences Inc.   1 month ago   Cannabis
CHRS Coherus Biosciences, Inc. 93    1 month ago   Miscellaneous
ARTL Artelo Biosciences, Inc   1 month ago   Biotechs
TSXV:NU NeutriSci International Inc   1 month ago   Medical - Healthcare
SGMO Sangamo Biosciences Inc. 310    2 months ago   Biotechs
CLTS Earth Life Sciences Inc. 549    2 months ago   Homeland Security
SCIO Scio Diamond Technology 151    2 months ago   Miscellaneous
CBIO Catalyst Biosciences 432    2 months ago   Medical - Healthcare
BUR Burcon Nutrascience Corp   2 months ago   Biotechs
PFSCF ProMetic Life Sciences Inc. 22    2 months ago   Biotechs
NULF NuLife Sciences Inc. 111    2 months ago   Cannabis
PRGBQ Protea Biosciences Group Inc. 12    3 months ago   Biotechs
ESIO Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.   3 months ago   Computers - Semiconductors
VICP Vicapsys Life Sciences Inc. 156    3 months ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
BLGTY BioLight Life Sciences Ltd. ADR 48    3 months ago   Medical - Healthcare
NBIX Neurocrine Biosciences 151    3 months ago   Biotechs
ROKA Roka Bioscience, Inc. 140    3 months ago   Electronics and components
BDSI BioDelivery Sciences International Inc. 382    3 months ago   Biotechs
Photonics - General Science 96    3 months ago   Industry Specific
XBIO Xenetic Biosciences Inc. 68    4 months ago   Medical - Healthcare
VIVO Meridian Bioscience 12    4 months ago   Medical - Drugs
VISI Volt Information Sciences, Inc. 12    4 months ago   Miscellaneous
SSKN. STRATA SkinSciences Inc.   4 months ago   Medical - Healthcare
ESSI Eco Science Solutions Inc. 8,734    5 months ago   Internet - E-Commerce
ASMB Assembly Biosciences, Inc.   5 months ago   Biotechs
BIMUF Pascal Biosciences Inc.   5 months ago   Biotechs
PLSE Pulse Biosciences, Inc. 15    5 months ago   Medical - Equipment
OLFC Olfactory Biosciences Corp. 29    6 months ago   Medical - Healthcare
IART Integra Life Sciences   6 months ago   Biotechs
Islet Sciences Inc. (fka ISLT) 69    6 months ago   Delisted
SCYB Scythian Biosciences Corp   6 months ago   Cannabis
DTHR Dthera Sciences   7 months ago   Miscellaneous
SGMS Scientific Games Corp. 105    7 months ago   Gaming and Casinos
SciDev Ltd. ADR (fka ICLJY) 43    7 months ago   Delisted
REPCF RepliCel Life Sciences Inc. 56    8 months ago   Biotechs
ASCW ASC Biosciences Inc. 212    8 months ago   Miscellaneous
SCIXF Suny Cellular Communication Ltd.   9 months ago   Miscellaneous
EW Edwards Life Sciences LLC 271    9 months ago   Medical - Equipment
SAI Science Applications International 118    9 months ago   Homeland Security
ACLR Accent Color Sciences, Inc. 19    10 months ago   Computers - Hardware
APLD Applied Science Products, Inc. 147    10 months ago   Chemicals
Visual Management Sciences Inc. (fka VMAN) 1,163    11 months ago   Delisted
~~MACD's Weird Chart and DD ~~sCiEnCe~~ 463    12 months ago   Technical Analysis
KIN Kindred Biosciences Inc 16    1 year ago   Biotechs
DARA DARA BioSciences, Inc. 6,805    1 year ago   Biotechs
DSCI Derma Sciences, Inc 181    1 year ago   Medical - Healthcare
AHSAX Alger Health Sciences A   1 year ago   Mutual Funds
AMAR Amarillo Biosciences, Inc. 511    1 year ago   Biotechs
OCLS Oculus Innovative Sciences, Inc. 524    1 year ago   Biotechs
THXBY Therapix Biosciences Ltd. ADR   1 year ago   Cannabis
SCIL Scientific Learning Corp 10    1 year ago   Alternative Energy
YMI YM BioSciences Inc. 923    1 year ago   Biotechs
SANM Sanmina-Sci Corp 165    1 year ago   Electronics and components
EZA iShares MSCI South Africa   1 year ago   ETFs
EIDO iShares MSCI Indonesia   1 year ago   ETFs
Corporate Data Sciences, Inc.(fka CODS)   1 year ago   Delisted
PRAH PRA Health Sciences, Inc.   1 year ago   Medical - Drugs
BEUT Science To Consumers Inc.   1 year ago   Retail - Wholesale Distributors
AYTUW Aytu BioScience, Inc. OTCQX U.S.   1 year ago   Medical - Drugs
SCLN SciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 122    1 year ago   Biotechs
SMLR Semler Scientific Inc.   2 years ago   Alternative Energy
SFE Safeguard Scientifics Inc. 155    2 years ago   Banking and Finance
ADLS Advanced Life Sciences Holdings Inc. 2,186    2 years ago   Biotechs
RSCF Reflect Scientific, Inc. 20    2 years ago   Medical - Equipment
SVACD SciVac Therapeutics Inc. 242    2 years ago   Biotechs
BZQ ProShares UltraShort MSCI Brazil 14    2 years ago   ETFs
PICK iShares MSCI Global Select Metals & Mining Produce   2 years ago   ETFs
USMV iShares MSCI USA Minimum Volatility   2 years ago   ETFs
RBCL RBC Life Sciences, Inc. 180    2 years ago   Medical - Drugs
BRKR Bruker BioSciences Corp. 104    2 years ago   Biotechs
JPX ProShares UltraShort MSCI Pacific ex-Jpn   2 years ago   ETFs
TNBI Tanke Bio Sciences 328    2 years ago   Biotechs
MELA MELA Sciences, Inc. 719    2 years ago   Medical - Equipment
AMBI Ambit Biosciences Corp. 44    2 years ago   Biotechs
EMSA iPath Short Enhanced MSCI Emerging Markets Index E   2 years ago   ETFs
SCND Scientific Industries Inc. 49    2 years ago   Chemicals
ISC8 Inc. (fka ISCIQ) 156    2 years ago   Delisted
PRLX Parallax Health Sciences Inc. 1,287    2 years ago   Miscellaneous
PRHSX T. Rowe Price Health Sciences   3 years ago   Medical - Healthcare
FENY Fidelity MSCI Energy Index ETF   3 years ago   ETFs
DBEF Deutsche X-Trackers Msci Eafe   3 years ago   ETFs
MCHI iShares MSCI China   3 years ago   ETFs
Boxing - The Sweet Science (BOXING) 294    3 years ago   Sports Talk
ASEI American Science & Engineering Inc. 13    3 years ago   Miscellaneous
CNDO Coronado Biosciences, Inc. 465    3 years ago   Biotechs
INDA iShares MSCI India   3 years ago   ETFs
VSCI Vision Sciences, Inc 37    3 years ago   Medical - Equipment
IRBS IR Biosciences Holdings, Inc. 73    3 years ago   Medical - Drugs
ERGO Entia BioSciences, Inc. 78    3 years ago   Food - Processing and Agriculture
DBBR Deutsche X-Trackers Msci Brazil Hedged Equity Fund   3 years ago   ETFs
EEM iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Index 12    3 years ago   ETFs
ECH iShares MSCI Chile Capped   3 years ago   ETFs
Criterion Bioscience Investor News Blog   3 years ago   Other
EWV Proshares 2X Ultrashort Msci Japan 23    3 years ago   ETFs
ORB Orbital Sciences Corporation 46    3 years ago   Miscellaneous
Bioniche Life Science (BNHLF) 35    3 years ago   Biotechs
EPV ProShares UltraShort MSCI Europe   3 years ago   ETFs
VTUS Ventrus Biosciences Inc. 322    4 years ago   Biotechs
HGSI Human Genome Sciences, Inc 636    4 years ago   Medical - Drugs
HBIO Harvard Bioscience Inc. 20    4 years ago   Medical - Equipment
SCZ iShares MSCI EAFE Small-Cap ETF   4 years ago   Alternative Energy
SCIF India Small-Cap Index ETF 12    4 years ago   ETFs
MacKay Life Sciences, Inc. (fka BZEC) 23    4 years ago   Delisted
Helicos Biosciences Corporation (fka HLCSQ) 684    4 years ago   Delisted
SQI SciQuest, Inc.   4 years ago   Computers - Software
TUR iShares MSCI Turkey Index Fund   4 years ago   ETFs
Media Sciences International, Inc.(fka MSII)   4 years ago   Delisted
LPDX Liposcience, Inc. 45    4 years ago   Medical - Equipment
CVSC CARDIOVASCULAR SCIENCES 2,996    4 years ago   Medical - Healthcare
APVS Applied Visual Sciences, Inc. 228    4 years ago   Miscellaneous
KEQU Kewaunee Scientific Corporation   4 years ago   Basic Materials
EPHE iShares MSCI Philippines   4 years ago   ETFs
EEMV iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Minimum Volatility   4 years ago   ETFs
EMEY iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Energy Capped   4 years ago   ETFs
EEME iShares MSCI Emerging Markets EMEA   4 years ago   ETFs
BKF iShares MSCI BRIC   4 years ago   ETFs
ECNS iShares MSCI China Small-Cap   4 years ago   ETFs

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