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The goal of this board like many others is to hopefully help investors/traders make some money by aggregating some of the best picks from across the OTC landscape and by further filtering them down to a diversified list we may document or list by our posters.  Right now though, we are also going to focus on a stock that is getting National Attention, and the product is out to save lives-----ATWT brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Most people invest in pinksheet stocks based on PRs, it's the rare company that turns these PRs into actual business execution, such as ATWT and other stocks that  posters list that have merit to them..

It is recommended that Pinksheet stocks not make up more than 10% of an investors overall portfolio. Of that 10%, it is recommended that 75% be put into stocks such as our diversified Marathon picks listed here. The other 25% could potentially be put into sprint and swing plays.

There is only one rule for posting here and that is respect for your fellow posters. Every opinion will be considered, positive and negative alike. Hopefully this board can strive to be an unbiased place, providing the wealth of experience and knowledge that is available from the IHUB community and its members. Humerous posts are allowed, subject to removal by Mod and assistant mods if they are not funny.  This board is both seriousThis board is for traders and investors alike and is dedicated to 3 investing styles:

1) Sprint
These are (1-3) day plays, quick in and quicker out. These plays are meant for quick gains. If you do plan on holding on to these shares it is advisable to "RFS" - Ride Free Shares. Take out your initial investment and ride your profits. Criteria:

- Strong technicals
- Momentum
- Volume

2) Marathon
These are longer term plays from (1 month-year+). Companies that you can feel good about holding, even in the treacherous waters of the pink and OTCBB seas. These picks are diverse and cover a wide variety of sectors. An equal weighting in each of these stocks should reduce overall volatility. The companies that make this list need to meet atleast 4 in 7 of the following criteria:

- Solid management
- Friendly share structure
- Ungagged TA
- Niche market or product
- No dilution
- No pumpy PR campaigns
- Undervalued relative to their assets

3) Swing
Plays for (3-10 days). Companies that have potential, but need to be watched closely. The companies here need to meet (1) of the following criteria:

- Shell Stocks with increasing volume
- Stocks that have been dormant and the "chatter" is picking up
- Bounce plays

If you think you have picks that qualify, please post them and provide the appropriate DD to support them. State the type of pick (Sprint, Marathon, Swing), current price and the appropriate DD if a Marathon play.

Marathon Picks (in no particular order):

Symbol Price ~OS ~MarketCap Sector PickDate Link

....and as always, let the buyer beware. I'm not a licensed investment professional, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn several weeks ago. Enjoy. Good luck to all.

- Briboy






#1689   TD list of Caveat Emptor: zorbathegeek 05/19/21 09:28:20 AM
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#1687   Sounds good. Yeah pennies are rigged like rbl100 04/03/18 12:49:55 PM
#1686   Great to hear from you Briboy 01/23/18 02:58:13 PM
#1685   Very true ! You too ! rbl100 01/12/18 09:10:50 AM
#1684   It happens it seems with so many. Briboy 12/01/17 10:06:13 AM
#1683   Praise the Lord for His healing bro Briboy 12/01/17 09:59:47 AM
#1682   God did do a miracle in my life VERITAS77 11/29/17 07:12:37 PM
#1681   Wow GBTC...$1500+ Was posting on that board very early. Spotted VERITAS77 11/29/17 07:11:16 PM
#1680   Is good to see you bro Briboy 11/29/17 06:55:00 PM
#1679   Please stay On Topic or I will remove your Briboy 11/29/17 06:44:15 PM
#1678   HAPPY Thanksgiving to you and your family also VERITAS77 11/22/17 01:20:22 PM
#1677   Happy Thanksgiving buddy Briboy 11/22/17 10:46:47 AM
#1676   ICNB....SCAM! NO FINANCES WILL COME!....NO BRAINER...DUH buccaneer1961 05/22/17 01:35:40 PM
#1675   I can't even find EXPU anymore Briboy 01/08/15 12:53:04 PM
#1674   GOL Briboy 01/08/15 12:51:12 PM
#1673   Would love to see the Packers get to Briboy 01/08/15 12:50:26 PM
#1672   gtgp will do well for investors...im always right! buccaneer1961 08/03/13 11:15:21 PM
#1671   hang on...BE PATIENT!!...YES YOU!!!! buccaneer1961 08/01/13 05:19:14 PM
#1670   he usually brings in others when he thinks buccaneer1961 07/21/13 11:56:05 PM
#1669   gtrl, chart looks Like crap, pick is crap, Pecuniam 07/21/13 11:52:43 PM
#1668   its in here...GTRL buccaneer1961 07/21/13 11:49:00 PM
#1667   Hey buccaneer, I cant see his ticker symbol Pecuniam 07/21/13 11:47:13 PM
#1666   is anybody watching this??? droll7 04/18/13 05:50:06 PM
#1665   ok,good find buccaneer1961 03/04/13 01:02:29 AM
#1664   no its not...im waiting for the 2000 meltdown buccaneer1961 03/04/13 12:58:39 AM
#1663   See posts from 1999 on dat company ... Crazy Money 03/04/13 12:57:37 AM
#1659   $URRE .44 Cup & Handle, handle forming imo droll7 01/19/13 10:40:26 PM
#1658   $ACTC .088 droll7 01/19/13 10:35:13 PM
#1657   $MMRF .023 droll7 01/19/13 10:33:45 PM
#1655   $EXPU = MASSIVE SELLING Hits .0008 today! deepman49 01/15/13 04:34:53 PM
#1654   Falcons, Patriots, Packers,Broncos are my picks. Winner gets deepman49 01/11/13 04:20:37 PM
#1653   Why are your posts deleated on ATWT board, deepman49 01/11/13 01:13:57 PM
#1652   CT: glad you liked it. I Briboy 01/10/13 02:44:14 PM
#1651   computerguy: Correction sire: my bad, Briboy 01/10/13 02:40:27 PM
#1650   computerguy: Are you serious bro>? Briboy 01/10/13 01:31:57 PM
#1649   $URRE .5728 squeeze play good if you daytrade droll7 01/10/13 10:10:30 AM
#1648   $ACTC .0787 consolidation bollies are starting to tighten droll7 01/10/13 10:07:36 AM
#1647   Keep an eye on $MMRF .0212 plenty of droll7 01/10/13 10:04:05 AM
#1646   $OMEX UP 3.085 +0.075 (2.49%)today deepman49 01/09/13 04:44:42 PM
#1645   $EXPU pps Now 0.0009 DOWN -18.18% Today on deepman49 01/09/13 04:43:46 PM
#1644   MJNA: Not bad. Both of yours look Briboy 01/08/13 12:00:02 PM
#1643   deepman: OMEX has hung in there well Briboy 01/08/13 11:57:16 AM
#1642   CT How can I forget it--------------I still have Briboy 01/08/13 11:30:20 AM
#1641   Time to get back in OMEX as they deepman49 01/07/13 06:10:33 PM
#1640   I did. I didn't like a couple computerguy101 01/07/13 03:45:05 PM
#1638   ha ha...shut down 6 last year...this year got buccaneer1961 01/05/13 05:27:32 PM
#1637   This board needs some posts thats for sure ZNSTATED 01/05/13 12:05:54 AM
#1636   Hey Z perhaps this can be our New deepman49 01/05/13 12:00:33 AM
#1634   Hey Briboy...remember RSDS ? Russell Industries ? ha ChannelTrader 01/04/13 07:37:16 PM
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