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Spongetech Delivery Systems, Inc. (fka SPNGQ)

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Spongetech (SPNGQ) is dead and defunct. All money is G-O-N-E.

Any requests for refunds must be sent to STEVEN YEHUDA MOSKOWITZ in Flushing, NY.

Steven Yehuda Moskowitz    
13624 71st Rd   
Flushing, NY 11367   718.575.3045

Steven 917-796-4695 steven2010@yahoo.com

Michael Metter wishes to thank all the SPNGQ shareholders for their munny:


Moskowitz and Metter have plenty of money for any potentially life-saving medical procedures. It's all stashed away.

All requests for refunds of shareholder losses must be sent to:

Mindy Moscowitz

13624 71st Rd   
Flushing, NY 11367   718.575.3045

Doug Furth, promoter of SPNG using the alias Soapy Bubbles, has had his home foreclosed on and auctioned by the Sheriff on 2/13/2017. (Note misspelling - his address is Dorset Lane not Dorest)

Crooked Steven Yehuda Moskowitz never changes - always a SCAMSTER.

In a search for a contractor to replace my roof I had 5 estimates provided from 5 different companies. STEVEN MOSKOWITZ of Renovex  LLC  gave me the best price by over a couple thousand dollars. This was too good to pass on, so I hired Renovex to do the job.
Steve immediately demanded 60% of the cost to be paid upfront. I was hesitant so I told him once the material arrives on site I would give him the 60%. He rudely told me "I am not a bank, and I won't lay out that kind of money." We eventually came to an agreement. The following day, 80% of the material arrived and so I paid him in good faith. That was my second mistake. My first mistake was hiring him in the first place. I was initially promised that the entire job would be completed in 3-5 work days. Over the course of 3 weeks I've heard one excuse after the other. It went from bad weather (which never came) to family emergencies, to sick days (6 in a row, with no communication) This company left my roof unprotected which lead to a  semi-major leak in multiple areas of my home. I am currently in the process of filing a claim against his insurance, which I'm beginning to think is fraudulent. I have gotten no where. After over three weeks from the start date they were only competent enough to complete 45% of the job. I had finally had enough of the excuses and contacted Steve. I told him I have no other recourse at this point. I need to hire someone else to complete the job. His response was,  "Why didn't you tell me that my workers haven't been there in over 5 days? You are just trying to steal my materials and I will see you in court!"  As if I'm responsible for managing his labor force. Save yourself the headache, don't use Renovex LLC for ANYTHING! It was a waste of my time and money in the long run. It was the least professional management I've ever dealt with in my entire life. PLEASE DON'T BE TEMPTED BY THE LOW COST, IT IS A FACADE THAT IS WELL WORTH AVOIDING!

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  • https://www.yelp.com/biz/renovex-forest-hills

    STEVEN MOSKOWITZ WAS A DEFENDANT ON - THE PEOPLES COURT -- this morning was being sued by a disabled lady in new York his company was supposed to erect a fence on her property, she posted a $850 dollar bank check as half down payment. She never got her fence and judge Marilyn millan lit him up for BREACH OF CONTRACT he said he was unaware of her check ever being cashed . he crawled away a loser and the judge awarded her $1850 1,000 extra for punitive damages

If you want to know about stale claims from the SPNG scam, contact Jay Booth who is the only one still tilting at the SPNG windmill

Jay P Booth
195 Private LN #4436 Rhome, TX 76078
(940) 627-2128

You can use PACER to retrieve his numerous letters to various judges in various courts and such over the many years, to no avail whatsoever. PACER is free as long as you don't download more than $15 in searches and pages per quarter.

Or just ask Jay, he ought to be able to email them all to you, including his most recent failed FOIA request.

You won't be able to gett any munny of course, butt the reading is worth it for the laffs alone.

Or you can send a refund request to MINDY MOSKOWITZ - the CONtact info is in the iBox. You won't gett any munny there either, butt sometimes just sending a refund demand can make one feel better about the loss.

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#346622   JAY PATRICK BOOTH of Rhome, Texass owes DaBored shajandr 11/17/19 07:45:47 PM
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#346616   I dumped everything when it started crashing the lukechen817 10/11/19 03:50:53 PM
#346615   Seth SHAW will RE-LIST SpongeTech, or TimOTHY SYKES? highlandernew 10/10/19 03:28:08 PM
#346614   lukechen817, only those whose sold before SPNGQ stock flaflyersfan 10/10/19 08:37:31 AM
#346613   i lost a bit of change here a lukechen817 10/09/19 05:41:23 PM
#346611   Jay, have you seen STEVEN YEHUDA MOSKOWITZ's pergola shajandr 09/19/19 04:04:49 PM
#346610   Nay Jay, how's that munny recovery comin' along? shajandr 09/16/19 11:56:34 PM
#346608   And it was a short story - "lies Teflon2Insults 09/10/19 03:36:44 PM
#346607   sound familiar [SMART MONEY] 09/08/19 08:19:42 PM
#346606   Taurus69, the Spongetech story has been over for flaflyersfan 09/03/19 12:21:01 AM
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#346600   STEVEN YEHUDA MOSKOWITZ just said that the SEC shajandr 07/24/19 01:50:24 PM
#346597   Is the 10k out yet? n/t dlewisfl 07/16/19 10:56:54 AM
#346596   Butt fear knott, JAY PATRICK BOOTH has sent shajandr 06/30/19 11:17:57 PM
#346595   For those SPNG shareholder-victims who have lost munny shajandr 06/30/19 10:59:55 PM
#346594   Butt JAY PATRICK BOOTH doesn't care, because he shajandr 06/30/19 10:39:41 PM
#346593   Yes, it was $52 million, jointly and severally. cowtown jay 06/28/19 12:18:53 PM
#346592   Introduction of facts into crazy, imaginary CONspiracy theories shajandr 06/27/19 12:15:03 PM
#346591   Wasn't the SEC judgment against Moskowitz and Metter 236T568 06/27/19 02:33:02 AM
#346590   l;ol [SMART MONEY] 06/26/19 08:14:09 PM
#346589   Steven admitted to stealing $24 million. He cowtown jay 06/20/19 08:31:26 AM
#346588   For Tepfer to want $1mil and ultimately $7mil dalessan 06/19/19 09:36:21 AM
#346587   "Prosecutors say Moskowitz told the FBI in February cowtown jay 06/18/19 06:47:58 PM
#346586   Atty Cops Plea In Extortion Case Tied To Pump-And-Dump dalessan 06/17/19 03:13:19 PM
#346585   If you want to know about stale claims shajandr 06/12/19 02:22:24 PM
#346584   If you want to know about stale claims shajandr 05/16/19 02:57:04 PM
#346581   If you want to know about stale claims shajandr 04/16/19 02:27:17 PM
#346580   I had 50k shares with a broker that retired early 04/13/19 06:44:30 PM
#346579   When will Jay Booth bring the notorious SPNG shajandr 03/31/19 11:52:39 PM
#346564   Was a time back. Can't even remember. That's Arnold25764 03/21/19 01:36:11 AM
#346562   Man, I remember this stock way back in Arnold25764 03/21/19 12:59:28 AM
#346560   STEVEN YEHUDA MOSKOWITZ has a new pergola. Jay shajandr 03/18/19 05:33:19 PM